Free Fire: Dominate every corner of the Purgatory map!

 Purgatory is the name of the second Free Fire map, larger and more mountainous than Bermuda. It has clear differences in terms of the appearance of the places and has a few new features that force us to adapt to survive and win. We must use all possible tools to be victorious in this Battle Royale.

If you want to choose the Purgatory map, you must go to the menu in the upper right corner of the screen. There you can select to play on one map or another, and it is possible to enter Purgatory in Solo mode, as well as in Duo or Squad.

At the beginning of any game, falling into a place where there is a high probability of finding good loot will help us in our survival. Know the best places to find the best gear on the Purgatory map! We assure you that you will have a greater advantage over your opponents and that it will be easier for you to achieve that long-awaited " Booyah!" .

Free Fire - Purgatory: map of main places

Purgatorio is a huge area with deep valleys, very high mountains, and a river that divides in two. As usual in this game, the most recommended is to be on high ground and master shots from long distances. There are also several parts where the hills are very steep and difficult to climb. For this reason, we must be careful when moving.


Free Fire - Purgatorio: Quarry

This place is a quarry surrounded by cranes, full of containers, stones, and ramps. You can find a lot of loot both in the containers and in the casemates that are throughout the quarry. At the bottom of the area, there are sometimes weapons and other valuable items but think twice before landing here. Then you will have to go up and they can ambush you on the way!

At the top of the quarry, located on the northwest side of the area, you can almost always take a vehicle to get out of there quickly.

Ski Lodge

Free Fire - Purgatorio: Ski Lodge

Ski Lodge is a ski slope that is in the east of the map, a place full of loot . The building has an entrance with simple divisions and you can find a variety of equipment in the ticket office area. On the track itself you can also take loot that is scattered throughout the snow. It's open country though, so we'll be exposed while we stock up.

Outside the track, on the right side of the track, there is a vehicle that you can use to make a quick escape. One of the main roads is there, so it will be easy for you to get around Purgatory from there.

Trailer Park

Free Fire - Purgatorio: Trailer Park

Trailer Park sits at the top of the map. It is an old caravan area where it is perfect to lootThere's a lake right next to it, behind the caravans and near a few houses, so there's a good chance an enemy will surprise you. It is best to go through the hills that surround this part of the map and, after observing, go down to where the caravans are.

The big house, which sits in the valley on the east side of the park, is worth a look. To the west of the large park, there is a smaller one where we can also find good equipment. Don't forget to take a look there! By the way, there are zip lines nearby and a large vehicle at the entrance.


Free Fire - Purgatorio: Moathouse

It is difficult for this large mansion not to attract attention, being in the middle of a lake. It's quite an attractive point, and if the plane passes by, there will surely be players who decide to start here. Although it's worth it for the weapons and supplies you can find in the Moathouse, be prepared for a bloody fight! If possible, land on the highest part of the mansion. If enemies come, you will have better visibility.

The safest way to escape is to use the zipline. There are also two bridges to move quickly, but you can try to swim, which is not a good idea given how slow it is. The lake is surrounded by high hills, so don't stand still for long. If not, prepare to be a headshot from a distance.


Free Fire - Purgatorio: Central

The small town called Central has a few two-story houses and, as its name suggests, is located in the center of Purgatorio. If you explore each room well, you will find a lot of quality loot. Central is accessible via two zip lines, so it's not important to start here. The road passes very close and it is usual to get a vehicle on it.

Houses offer opportunities both to acquire good weapons and to surprise enemies who are exploring. It is a somewhat famous area, depending on the route of the plane, so pay close attention. Check all the possible roofs, because you will find very pleasant surprises.


Free Fire - Purgatorio: Brasilia

The second Free Fire map has a capital with a quite recognizable name: Brasilia. This region is full of houses and quite famous among players, so proceed carefully if you decide to land here. The loot you will find in Brasilia will be varied, both in large and small homes.

Likewise, the capital is very accessible by different routes, both by zip lines and by road. For that reason, if you stay there and the circle closes with Brasilia in the center, prepare to be surrounded. Get the gun ready!

Use the zip lines!

Free Fire - Purgatory: use the zip lines

In Purgatorio, in addition to driving vehicles, there are also zip lines that we can use to move quickly. They allow us to cross long distances in a short time, passing over houses, trees, and even rivers. It is possible to let go early, but be careful! If you drop high enough, you'll hurt yourself when you fall.

Ziplines are marked on the map with yellow linesIt is one of the best ways to move, as it allows us to explore with peace of mind even if we are outside the safe zone. In a matter of seconds, you can be out of the danger of the storm, crossing half the map with a zip line.

Now that you know the best places to loot on the Purgatory map, get to know the best places on the Bermuda map in Free Fire!

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