Follow these 9 tips to win in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a MOBA similar to other well-known ones like League of LegendsDOTA 2, or Heroes of the StormSimilar to all of them in some aspects, this game differs from the rest in other details as well. Therefore, it is necessary to know and understand what is the best way to play.

Follow this guide with nine essential tips and become a true hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

1. Understand your role in the game

Mobile Legends role in the game

As in all MOBAs, we will have a specific function in the game that will depend on the character we play. For this reason, it is useful to know what roles we can choose, to know what Heroes make them up, and to choose the role that best suits your style of play.

  • Tanks: These Heroes take the most damage in Mobile LegendsThey have a lot of life, high defenses, and have abilities that allow you to protect your team. Some of the Heroes focus more on stunning, slowing, or disabling enemies, with abilities that many of us call crowd control or CCs. Some examples of tanks are Tigreal, Johnson, Gatotkaca, Urano, Lolita, and Akai.
  • Fighters: They are specialized in close combat and are versatile, as they can be adapted to the needs of the team. Is another tank required? These can do good physical damage, but with high health and defenses. If not, they can become Heroes that deal lethal damage. Many of the fighters can be used in the jungleSome Heroes of this role are Hilda, Zilong, Roger, Balmond, Thamuz, and Sun.
  • Assassins: They are the ones with deadly abilities but with high recharge times. Its most important function is to eliminate the most dangerous threat on the opposing teamAlthough they are usually very weak in hit points and defenses, several of these Heroes have tremendous mobility, making them difficult to catch. Six famous assassins from the game are Hanzo, Alucard, Saber, Gusion, Karina, and Lancelot.
  • Mages – As the name suggests, they are the main Heroes for dealing magic damageThey attack from a distance and focus on buying items that increase their magical power. They are characters that need to be behind the lines of defense, protected to do their job well. They also tend to consume a lot of mana, so it is necessary to manage the use of skills well. A few wizarding Heroes are Eudora, Gord, Odette, Harley, Cyclops, Alice, and Zhask.
  • Marksmen - They are the biggest representatives of the team's DPS, that is, the damage per second. All of his gameplay is focused on basic attacking from a distance and positioning himself well. Some abilities of these characters help to move faster and escape, while others add explosive damage. Some examples of marksmen are Layla, Miya, Bruno, Hanabi, Irithel, and Lesley.
  • Supports – Lastly, these Heroes heal, shield, and protect their teammates while some also CC enemies. By themselves, they are not a danger, but together with an ally, they become a devastating forceFour of the supporting Heroes are Rafaela, Estes, Diggie, and Angela.

2. Take advantage of the rotation of free Heroes and trial cards

Free Mobile Legends Heroes

Do you know what is the best way to find our favorite Heroes? Try them! In Mobile Legends we have dozens of them to choose from and very few are available when we play for the first time. That is why it is very important to take advantage of the free rotation, which changes every week.

In general, we have eight free Heroes, depending on the month and special events. The rotation is a diverse selection spanning every possible role, making it a perfect opportunity to meet our favorite Heroes and features.

While we test characters, we will accumulate gold coins that will help us to buy the Heroes that we like the most. It is recommended to first try games against the AI ​​and then play a few Classics.

mobile legends test cards

However, this method does not always work well. Want to try a Hero and it's never in the free rotation? Well, you're in luck! Another tool at our disposal is trial cards, which allow us to try out a character for one or three days. We can win them by opening packages and chests. In case of having acquired said character, when using the card they will give us between 30 and 90 gold coins.

As an extra feature, there are skin test cards that change the character's appearance. Skins not only make our Heroes fashionable; they also grant a small buff in the form of hit pointsphysical attacks, or magic power.

3. Focus on a few Heroes

Mobile Legends focus on few Heroes

There is a popular saying that many of us know: who covers a lot, squeezes little. Having an extensive selection of Heroes in Mobile Legends, we can fall into trying to play them all. After trying out characters with the free rotation and trial cards, it's important to focus on a few HeroesAsk yourself the following five questions:

  • Do I want melee or ranged?
  • Do I prefer to damage enemies or protect my allies?
  • Do I feel more comfortable in the jungle or online?
  • Do I like dealing damage over time or burst damage better?
  • Do I deal better with Heroes that don't use mana or am I indifferent?

Based on your answers, you will find out which Heroes are the most suitable for you. To give an example, maybe you prefer to use melee characters, protect allies and stay in lane. In that case, Tigreal fulfills those characteristics, but also Minotauro and Gatotkaca. Another example is that you prefer distance and damage enemies explosively, even at the cost of mana. Eudora and Cyclops fill this role perfectly.

It is recommended to focus on only two roles, at most three, with a total of six to eight HeroesIn this way, you will learn to use them better, adapt to different types of situations and bring out the full potential of your favorite characters.

4. Choose the set of emblems and the spell well

Before entering a game of Mobile Legends, there are two ways to boost the characteristics and abilities of our Heroes.

Mobile Legends Emblemas

On the one hand, we have sets of emblems. These grant permanent buffs such as an increased physical attack increased total health or decreased cooldown. They are divided into different roles and three more have been added that are basic: physical, magical, and jungle. Mystic Dust is required to unlock all of these sets.

It is advisable to level up the emblems and adapt them to our favorite characters. For example, for the Hero Balmond, you can go for the physical/combatant set and give him more hit points for more stamina.

You can create a specific page for this purpose and, if you need more pages, you can buy them with bonuses. Keep in mind that each new page you buy will cost more bonuses than the previous one (100, 300, etc).

Mobile Legends Spells

On the other hand, spells are an extra ability that we can have in the game. They are unlocked as we level up our account and can help us chase enemies, survive, clear the jungle or go through obstacles. The choice depends not only on the Hero we use but on our way of playing. A good tip is to try Heroes with different spells.

5. Optimize your equipment

We already know what to do before entering a game, but what do we do during?

Mobile Legends optimize equipment

One option is to prepare a specific set of items in the Equipment section. By default, we have three selected for each character, but it is suggested to look in the Most Used Equipment or Top Players SetlistTake some time to analyze each proposal and find those two or three sets that best suit your Hero.

Already within the game, we have two paths to choose from. The first is to buy one of the two recommended items, whenever you have enough money. They appear in the upper right corner of the screen, while we play. The proposals appear automatically and are part of the set selected by you.

The second way is to enter the item shop and choose for yourself the next item to buy. This is the best way if we want to make changes and adapt our equipment to the game. For example, if you're playing a tank and have a hybrid physical and magical defense set, you'll need to switch if the opponent only has physical damage. You don't want to buy magic defense items!

As an extra tip regarding equipment: read the character guides. Many of them will help you unlock the full potential of your favorite Heroes.

6. Prioritize experience and gold over everything else

One of the common mistakes that we can make in this game is the following: not being close to the minions or minions. Experience and gold are two of the most important things in the game. To gain experience we must be close to the enemy minions when they die, so try not to move away from them.

It is also recommended to last hit minions. Killing these minions is the best way to earn extra moneyIf we try to stay in line and push opponents back, we will have an advantage in experience and gold, which will translate into better skills and items.

Anyway, avoid being too aggressive or you will surely lose a lot of life, so you will have to return to base. Only be aggressive if you know you'll eliminate the opponent or they won't force you back, which brings us to the next tip.

7. Help your peers

If we are honest, many times we want to be the star of the game, the MVP. In a team game like Mobile Legends, our ego has to be put aside. On many occasions, helping a teammate will be our best chance to achieve victory.

A perfect example of this is the following: imagine that you win your line and that your opponent has returned to base. If you see that you can drop the turret, go for it! If not, look at the map. If you notice that a teammate of yours has backed away, a good tactic is to walk into his lane from the side and gank.

For those newer to the MOBA genre, ganking means helping a teammate of yours eliminate or push back an opponent. If you are successful, this leads to gaining more experience and gold, as well as being able to knock down turrets or defeat targets like the Turtle or the Lord.

8. Read the notes of each game update

That's it! Another tip is to simply read these notes. And because?

Mobile Legends patch notes

In every update, the developers of Mobile Legends change the details of the Heroes. More physical damage is added to a character's ability, cooldowns are increased, one Hero gets more mana than another, etc. It is important to read the notes to know if your favorite Heroes have changed or not.

They typically change as few as seven or eight characters per update, though sometimes they make bigger changes. The rest of the cast is not changed until future patches or is limited to minor visual tweaks. If one day they modify your characters, surely you will have to change the set of emblems and equipmentPay attention to the notes!

9. Complete daily quests

Mobile Legends complete daily missions

Finally, this last tip is not directly focused on improving the way you play, but it is useful to know about it. Completing daily missions grants prizes that will allow us to gain experience and earn coins. Also, if we reach a score of 400 and 800, we will get weekly chests.

Each chest can give us money, emblems, and test cards, among other things. We will also get shards to unlock Heroes and skinsMeeting the requirements of these missions will make the process explained in the first four points more bearable.

These are the nine tips that will help you grow and improve in Mobile LegendsYou know what to do now: choose your favorite Heroes, and lead your team to victory!

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