Find out who are the 20 fastest players in FIFA 19

 There are several players in FIFA 19 who are so fast that they could be fined for speeding. Do you think we exaggerated? Not even remotely! When they run, we all know that it is difficult to catch up with Mbappé, Leroy Sané, or Douglas Costa. There are quite a few players who are capable of reaching great speeds, and here we show you the 20 fastest in FIFA 19.

In this soccer game, the speed of a soccer player is defined by the attribute rhythmThis attribute is an average between the speed and acceleration of each player. To understand it better:

  • Speed: It is the maximum speed at which a player can reach.
  • Acceleration is the time it takes for the player to reach said speed. The higher, the less it will take.

Having these two values ​​in sync and close to the number 100 will turn the player into a bullet on the grass. Find out who are the fastest players in FIFA 19!

The 20 fastest players

Mbappe969696EDParis SG
Juergen Damm959495MDtigers
Leroy Sane959396NOManchester City
Douglas Costa959793MEJuventus
Gareth Bale949395EDReal Madrid
Manneh949693MEFC St. Gallen
Rashad949394DCBB Erzurumspor
Jonah Aguirre949494MECentral Rosary
Dry949394MDDoncaster Rovers
advincula949594LDVallecano Ray
Bifouma949394MEYeni Malatyaspor
Gelson Martins949594EDAS Monaco
Sadio Mané949593NOLiverpool
Coman949593MEFC Bayern
Fredericks939492LDWest Ham Utd
Iglas Bebou939195MDHannover 96

For clarity on the positions of each player in this table, these are the meanings:

  • LI, LD: left or right lateral.
  • MC, MI, MD – Midfielder, left or right midfielder.
  • EI, ED: extreme left or right.
  • DC: center forward.

Speed ​​is not everything!

Surprisingly, Adama is the fastest player in FIFA 19However, does that make him the better player? It is true that he is very useful to run down the flank and surprise the opposing defense. However, that does not mean that he is good at everything else, as he suffers when it comes to making accurate passes and giving good assists to his teammates.

Try to analyze the rest of the player's attributes. People like Mbappé or Gareth Bale are somewhat slower players, but much more complete. It's important to look for fast guys who are also good at finishing, passing, and crossing. A good player is not only based on speed!

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