Find out which are the 5 best expansions for The Sims 4

 It's a tradition for The Sims franchise to expand with countless packs full of items and options to complement the base game. All the expansions and accessory packs are fun, but buying them all can be very expensive. Not everyone has that much money!

For that very reason, we've put together a list of the top 5 expansions for The Sims 4 . Know what they are and venture into them!

5. Shall we meet?

The Sims 4 - Shall We Hang Out?

This pack adds a new world called Windenburg, a kind of European village where you can find old buildings and ruins. However, the strong point of this expansion is the clubs you can attend. There are some dedicated to book lovers, others for those who can't stop cooking, among other options.

In addition, you can not only attend one but also create clubs. They focus on a specific activity that exists in the game, and the members will dress the way you say. Aside from meeting lots of Sims with similar interests, frequenting other venues can sabotage rival clubs. Anything goes for the success of your club!

4. Vampires

The Sims 4 - Vampires

It's true that supernatural packs aren't for everyone, but Vampires are a great expansion if you want to add a little secret life to your Sims. You will be able to create vampires with different customization options and turn your Sims into the most terrifying or seductive characters in the game.

They will also gain new abilities to enter the minds of other Sims or cause hallucinations in your enemies, among other powers. Of course, the life of a vampire is totally different from that of other people. You will have to take into account different needs and change the routine, but all this will make The Sims 4 a more interesting game.

Finally, you can go to Forgotten Hollow to mingle with other Sims and discover a mansion full of mysteries. Maybe there is a secret society?

3. Dogs and Cats

The Sims 4 - Cats and Dogs

Although you can't directly control the animals like in the previous game, this expansion is still very worthwhile. Plus, it's impossible not to love these furry friends! You will be able to create your own dogs and cats, with which you will be able to interact until you have a strong bond.

The Dogs and Cats expansion brings the possibility of managing a veterinary clinic for the care of animals. Added to this, which is already enough, Brindleton Bay will be at our disposal to walk through the parks with our pets. And if you see an abandoned animal, you can adopt it!

2. Dads and Moms

The Sims 4 - Moms and Dads

With the Mums and Dads expansion, both children and parents will receive new attributesYou will have the opportunity to feel what it really means to take care of your children, in addition to influencing their future in a more direct way. Are they misbehaving or rebellious? You can punish them! Do they do a good deed? Encourage her! And so you will see that the next generation will choose one path or another depending on how they have been raised by you.

Another addition that this expansion contains is that of a greater number of family and school activities. There will be more opportunities to strengthen relationships between parents and children, and who knows, maybe the sisters make up after that school project!

And speaking of peace in the house, there is nothing more reassuring than remodeling the rooms or the kitchen with new items. You will be able to give a new look to the home, a perfect opportunity to start from scratch if the tensions between two relatives have gotten out of hand.

1. Urbanites

The Sims 4 - Urbanites

This is one of the most complete expansions you can get for The Sims 4 . One of the great additions in San Myshuno, a city rich in details and opportunities. It contains several districts for all tastes, from one related to fashion to another with karaoke bars. Plus, you'll have your own apartment and you'll be able to work your way up to that coveted penthouse in the tallest skyscraper in the city.

A city is a place full of life, both day and night, and you can take your Sims to cultural festivals of all kinds. Of course, living in a city means being able to pursue other professional careersEach Sim will have a chance to be the next successful politician or become a food or art critic. Come on, living in San Myshuno are nothing but an advantage!

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