Find out how to use the Free Fire glider!

 Free Fire is a frenetic Battle Royale where only the smartest survive, the one who knows how to use all the tools in their favor. In one of the updates of the year 2019, Garena introduced a new item in the game, the glider. It is another means of transport that, if used well, allows you to move from one place to another quickly.

In this guide, we tell you where to find the glider, how to handle it, and then we finish with a few quick tips. Find out now all the important details about the Free Fire glider!

Where to find the glider

Free Fire: find the glider in Bermuda

You can find the glider on both the Bermuda map and Purgatory. If you play in Bermuda and want to use this item, you should know that it usually appears mainly in the Graveyard and Observatory areas. That's where you'll be most successful at finding it. There is also a chance that it will drop as loot in nearby areas, either in Bullseye or Katulistiwa, or even in any other high part of the map, but it is not usual.

As for Purgatorio, the area of ​​interest is Ski LodgeUnfortunately, there will be times when you won't find the glider there, not even in the surrounding locations. We recommend you take a look at the places that are high and where there are buildings but, being a map full of zip lines, the glider is less important.

Glider in Free Fire

To get a glider, you will need to loot it, just like any other item or weapon. In the image, we show you its appearance. Once you pick it up, you won't have to equip it or anything like that, but it will always be available until you throw it away or exchange it for another item. Also, you can use the glider as many times as you want!

How to take out the glider and handle it

One detail to keep in mind is that you cannot use the glider at any time. For this, it is necessary to fulfill an indispensable condition: to be in a high position. Otherwise, you won't be able to take out the glider, as you'll be too low to the ground.

Free Fire: search slope to use the glider

Therefore, whenever you want to use this item, find a place where there is a good slope. The same mountainous area of ​​Observatory is a perfect point for it. You just have to run to the edge, jump and, once in the air, press the jump button againYou will deploy the glider, and you will fly through the air!

Apart from that way, there are two other ways to take out the glider:

  • Jumping from a tall buildingWith getting on any roof or balcony, you can generally use the glider by pressing the jump button, once you are in the air.
  • Propelling you with the tiresYou can find them scattered around the map and they will propel you high enough to deploy the glider.

Glider handling in Free Fire

You are already planning! Now what? One thing you need to know is that you will only be able to turn left or rightYou will be able to turn using the same control with which you move the character. It has simple handling, which is a positive point, but it is more limited compared to the parachute. You will not be able to adjust the incline or anything like that, and you will always go at the same speed with one exception.

The good news is that if you hit the jump button one more time while gliding, you'll be able to get down fasterBe careful then, once you do, you will not be able to return to normal speed! This will be useful if you see that you are going to fly over your destination, because that way you will not pass by, or if you have to descend urgently.

Brief tips on the use of the glider

Tips to better use the glider in Free Fire

We cannot deny that the glider is an attractive item to move to medium and short distances. Even so, there are certain details that you must take into account when using the glider since you can put yourself in unnecessary danger. Just because you have this item, doesn't mean you have to use it all the time!

The glider is useful when:

  • The radioactive storm is coming and you don't have a vehicle nearby.
  • An enemy attacks you by surprise, from afar, and you need to escape quickly.
  • You want to move from one area to another in the first minutes of the game.
  • You must flee from the danger or poison zone.
  • You need to climb tall buildings. Sometimes there is good loot in areas like this, and you will be safer than on land.

Use the glider rapid descent if:

  • You get too close to an enemy that shoots at you.
  • You are about to reach your destination but you fly too high.
  • You approach an area with a lot of lootSure there will be enemies later!
  • You see that you are going to collide with trees. Sometimes the game detects collisions in a strange way and you may die falling if you are too high.

And that's all about the Free Fire glider!

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