Find out how to find the throne on Free Fire maps!

 With the update on 07/14/2020, it is possible to discover a Throne of the Harvest in each game that we play on the Bermuda Free Fire map. We can only find one per game and the place of appearance is random. These thrones can arise both in qualifying or ranked games and in Classic Mode.

The throne looks intimidating and impressive, but it does not heal or protect from enemy attacks. If your goal is to win the Free Fire game, wasting time looking for the throne is not the best strategy. Imagine: you sit down, prepare the photo, take it... and die! Be careful in your quest for the throne!

Know with this guide all the possible places where the throne can appear. In addition, we give you some tips for the event of this Battle Royale.

Harvest Throne Spawn Locations

Bermuda map with the appearance points of the Throne of Harvest - Free Fire

From left to right:

  • Observatory - In the middle of the two large platforms.
  • Graveyard – In the courtyard of the main house in the area.
  • Hangar - In the courtyard between the two small buildings facing the road.
  • Katulistiwa - On the west side, near the fence.
  • Clock Tower - Near the base of the clock tower.
  • Bimasakti Strip: in a courtyard located between two houses.
  • Factory: next to the wall located in the south.
  • Pochinok - In the center, between two houses and an electric pole in front of it.
  • Peak - In the courtyard of the big house.
  • Cape Town: central zone, in the open area.

Below you can see two images as an example and a visual guide so you know what the Harvest Throne looks like:

Location of the Harvest Throne in Bimasakti Strip, Bermuda - Free Fire
Location of the Harvest Throne on Bimasakti Strip, Bermuda

Location of the Harvest Throne in Observatory, Bermuda - Free Fire
Location of the Harvest Throne in Observatory, Bermuda


  • Before you sit on the throne, make sure there are no enemies nearby. Also, check out the minimap!
  • If your goal is just to find the throne, play Classic Mode. Don't even think about risking ranking points for something like that.
  • Use a vehicle to quickly search the different locations.
  • Although thrones offer no real advantage, you can be a king for a few seconds! And if you manage to sit down right after taking out an enemy, you'll be able to give them a very clear hint. I am the king!
  • Searching for the throne will rob you of precious minutes to loot and eliminate enemies. Don't waste too much time sitting!

There may be more throne spawn locations. We will try to update the list as soon as possible so that you do not miss the new opportunities to sit on a throne and declare yourself King of Free Fire.

Know now the best places on the Bermuda map and dominate every corner of the Free Fire Purgatory map. Don't hesitate to take a look at the places with the best loot in the Kalahari either.

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