Find out how to earn credits and CP in Call of Duty Mobile

 Credits and CP or COD Points are the two currencies that you can earn, purchase and use in Call of Duty MobileDepending on your performance in the game matches, you will earn these coins more or less easily. If you want to know what are the ways to earn credits and CP, we have prepared a list with 6 different ways. Discover them!

1. Connect to the game daily

Connect daily to the game CODM

The first way is also the easiest: make sure you log in every day. The initial screen that you will see when entering the game is the same one, as the daily login rewards. All you have to do is press the "Redeem" button. It is common for them to give away battle boxes and credits, although it may be that the developers want to give us another gift.

If for some reason you hit the X earlier or an error occurred while redeeming, you can return to this screen via the Events menu. It is the last "Event" on the list. If you were unable to enter the game one day, you will be able to redeem past rewards for CP. We recommend not doing it, it's a waste of money!

2. Level up your account

Raise account level in CODM

This is another easy way to earn credits in Call of Duty MobileAs you level up your account, you'll receive a host of rewards just for playing, such as new weapons, loadout slots, or camouflages. Whether you earn a lot or a little, the rewards will come sooner or later!

However, to start earning credits this way, you need to first reach level 64Until then, any prizes you get along the way will have nothing to do with these credits. Fortunately, once you reach this level you will get credits every few raises, especially after level 99.

3. Complete event quests

Clear event quests in CODM

Aside from daily login rewards, you can find other quest groups in the Events list. All of them are temporary and will not always give you credits as rewards for completing them. Still, it's well worth the effort to beat the missions, because the rewards are juicy.

Every time a new event opens, try to take a look. From time to time there will be one whose missions give enough credits. For example, "Sniper Only Challenge" was made up of missions that ended up giving you 350 credits in total, plus a frame and 3 battle crates. Nothing bad!

4. Open battle and ad boxes

Open battle and advertising boxes in CODM

Call of Duty Mobile Battle Crates is one of the easiest rewards to get. They are obtained by completing quests, events, leveling up, in many ways! They may seem useless at first, but if you want to earn more credits, they are definitely worth your attention.

To open these boxes, go to the "Weapons" menu. When you're in there, go to the "Inventory" section, where you'll not only see the valuable Weapon XP Cards, but also the crates you've earned. To open them, you must click on the icon of the boxes. In this way, you will earn 20, 50, even 100 credits per box!

Advertising boxes are opened in the same way. To win them, you must hit the yellow button in the upper left side of the main menu:

win advertising box

An advertisement will open that will last from 15 to 30 seconds. Once the advertising ends, you can click the X button in the upper right corner. You will get a notification saying that the reward has been sent to your mailbox. Enter your mailbox, redeem the reward and then you will have to repeat the same process of opening battle boxes.

Of course, keep in mind that there is a limit of 5 advertising boxes each day.

5. Advance in the Battle Pass

Advance in the CODM Battle Pass

The Battle Pass is a great way to earn credits and (finally!) CP. Earning rewards in this pass works similar to Events: you play matches, complete missions, redeem rewards. At every certain level, they will give you a good amount of credits, in addition to many other varied prizes.

Unfortunately, if you want to earn CP this way, you'll need to payYes, we know; it's bad news! It is the only method to get COD Points for "free", in the sense that you must sign up for the Premium Battle Pass.

Of course, if you know that you will play a lot of Call of Duty Mobile, you should know the following. The Premium Pass costs 800 CP; if you level up the Battle Pass to 93, you will have earned 800 CP, so the next pass will be free. You will be able to link Premium Passes over and over again without paying extra!

6. Read your mail

Lastly, take a look at your mailbox from time to time. Developers don't usually give out too many rewards this way, unlike some others, but occasionally they will. You might win a battle box, or you might get a few credits. Sometimes there are prizes for upgrading Call of Duty Mobile too!

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