Find out how to download and install mods in Minecraft

 Mods are additional content created by the community. They increase the gaming experience with new modalities, tools, scenarios, functionalities, etc. In Minecraft, many mods have become popular because they fit perfectly with the style of the game, as well as being very easy to install.

Here we tell you to step by step how to install mods in Minecraft and what are the best sites to download mods. Discover!

1. Install Rift o Forge

The first step to installing mods in Minecraft is to get a Mod Loader. It is a type of program that manages and activates the mods within the game. The most popular are Forge and Rift, without a doubt, since most of the mods ask for these programs as requirements.

It is not absolutely mandatory to download and use these two programs, but we recommend that you do so to ensure that you can play with many mods. One thing to note is that Rift is for Minecraft version 1.13, while Forge is for version 1.14, although you can select the one that corresponds to your game.

Download and install Forge

To get Forge, head over to the program pageYou will see the following information on the screen:

Forge Minecraft

All previous versions of the program appear on the left side of the page. This makes it easy to get Forge for whatever version of Minecraft you currently have.

When you are in the corresponding version, click on any of the two buttons called "Installer". We recommend you select the one on the left, under the name "Download Latest", since it will be the latest version with all the changes and improvements introduced.

Being a ".jar" file, your browser may warn you about the risks of downloading, but don't worry! It is a warning that usually appears with Java files.

When the download is complete, right-click on the file and select the Open As > Java option. If the corresponding option does not appear, select Choose another application and search for the program. Once you make the file work, the installation of the program will be immediate. You will have Forge ready and prepared!

Download and install Rift

To get Rift, click here to enter the program's website. The following page will appear:

Rift Minecraft

Within the page, click on the download button that appears in the "Main File" section, as it corresponds to the latest version of the application created. Once that's done, follow the same steps as with Forge.

Either program is useful for mods, but you should know one thing: Forge and Rift are not compatible with each otherFor that reason, you will not be able to use both at the same time, but you will have to choose according to the needs of the mod. Anyway, one of these programs is enough!

2. Where to download Minecraft mods and how to install them

From here on, the process for downloading, installing, and activating mods is the same for any of the programs mentioned above. To find the mods, a simple Google search is enough, as there are countless pages where you can get these additions.

To facilitate your task, we show you some well-recognized pages:

Follow the instructions of the websites you choose to download the desired mods. All the files are ".jar", so don't worry if you get constant warnings. When downloading these add-ons, you need to put them together in a folder called "mods" inside the Minecraft folder.

To do this, run the game, go to "Initialization Options" and then click the green arrow next to the "Game Directory" option. The corresponding directory will open and there you can create the mods folder.

Initialization Options - Minecraft

Put all the downloaded files in that folder. To activate the mods in Minecraft, go back to Initialization Options > Create New, go to the "Version" option and look for the Rift or Forge application that you have downloaded. This method can be repeated for all the applications you have, including different versions.

Play with mods - Minecraft

Upon completion of that step, return to the main Launcher screen, click the button next to "Play" and choose the program and version you selected in the previous menu. You will finally enter the game, and you will have all the mods installed and ready to use!

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