Find out how to add friends in Mario Kart Tour

 Mario Kart is a franchise that many enjoy playing with friends, because of how addictive and fun it is. In the case of Mario Kart Tour, many players have wondered how they can do that, or even add their friends to the game. If you are confused, we help you!

How to unlock functionality

We have all noticed that we were unable to add friends at the beginning of the game. That's because the functionality is disabled until you fulfill a requirement. To add your companions, you first need to unlock the ranking or classification. You can do that by entering the third cup of the season. You will get it very quickly, so play it easy!

When you do that, go into the Mario Kart Tour menu and you will see that the "Friends" section has been enabled. By pressing there, the game will take you to another screen where it will show you a fairly empty list of friends. It will only be you! To start adding friends in the game, press the "Add Friends" button.

Add friends in Mario Kart Tour

As you will see in the image, there are two ways to add friends: sharing or entering a friend code and linking your account to social networks.

Method 1: Share Friend Key

The first thing you'll see on the add friends screen is your own friend code. This is your personal code, which is unique throughout the world. You can share it with anyone to add you to their friend's list. When it does, you will get a friend request on the screen, which you must accept.

Of course, you can also ask your friend's password to enter it in the "Search" slot. Once the search is finished, you will be able to add your friend but to finish the process, you will have to wait for them to accept the request.

When you have your friend added, you can return to the main menu, enter "Friends" and see your partner in the list. Now you can compare your scores and fight to be the best!

Method 2: link your account to social networks

The other method to add friends is by using the social networks themselves. In the case of the Mario Kart Tour, you can do it through Facebook or Twitter. In the same "Add Friends" menu, you can link any two accounts and then search for friend suggestions.

To do this, click on the "Link" button. The game will take you to the corresponding social network, where you must connect with your account and accept the conditions. When you complete this step, return to the "Add Friends" screen again. Below everything, you will get friendship suggestions. You just need to click on the profile of the friend you want and hit "Send friend request". You just have to wait!

When requests are accepted, all of your friends will also be listed in the "Friends" section. To compete!

Multiplayer mode is not available

Racing against each other is the best experience you can have in a Mario KartUnfortunately, the Multiplayer mode is not available at the moment, so you won't be able to compete directly against your friends.

In the same Mario Kart Tour menu, you will see that there is a section called "Multiplayer", so Nintendo has plans to include it. Until then, you can only play against bots and try to win more points than all your friends. Take advantage of that to practice because, when the time comes, you can show your friends who is the best!

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