Find out all the cheats of Age of Mythology

 Age of Mythology is a classic among strategy games. Although the game challenges you to work hard in each game, it also gives you the possibility to do tricks. The codes are quite useful, as they are related to obtaining resources and powers of the game, among other things. Of course, there are also cheats that are purely aesthetic, or crazy fun!

Regarding the codes, there are X aspects to take into account:

  • To activate the cheats, just open the chat by pressing Enter / Enter, type the code and press the key once more.
  • All codes must be written in capital lettersIf you type in lowercase, the trick won't work.
  • See if the code is for the original game, The Titans expansion, or the Extended EditionThere are cheats that don't work in the original version of Age of Mythology.

Find out now what all the Age of Mythology cheats are and get ready to conquer the world of mythology!

Codetrick effect
ATM OF EREBUS+1000 gold
LAY OF THE LANDReveal the entire map
SET ASCENDANTAllows you to control all the animals and creatures on the map
LET'S GO! NOW! (it is necessary to put a double space before NOW)Increase game speed
L33T SUPA H4X0Rfaster builds
MOUNT OLYMPUSmaximum divine favor
DIVINE INTERVENTIONRecovers used divine powers
BAWK BAWK BOOMGives you the power of the Chicken Storm
WRATH OF THE GODSGives you the powers Meteor, Tempest, Earthquake and Tornado
IN DARKEST NIGHTTurn day into night
RED TIDETurn the water color red
GOATUNHEIMGives you a power that transforms all units into goats.
FEAR THE FORAGEGives you a power to summon a walking bush
I WANT THE MONKEYS!!!1!Summon a bunch of monkeys
TINES OF POWERSummons a young man with a trident
OR CANADASummons a bear that shoots lasers
wow wowSummons a flying purple hippo
CHANNEL SURFINGBeat the campaign stage
THRILL OF VICTORYBeat the game automatically
MR. MONDAYGives the Titan's AI 1000% handicap
ENGINEERED GRAINInstantly fatten up herd animals
PANDORAS BOX ("ZENOS PARADOX" for The Titans expansion)random powers
ISIS HEAR MY PLEA ("ATLANTIS REBORN" for The Titans expansion)Summon the heroes from the campaign mode
RESET BUTTON (only for The Titans expansion)remove the buildings
TITANOMAHY (only for The Titans expansion)Summon a Titan
BARKBARKBARKBARKBARK (only for The Titans expansion)Summon a puppy
TINFOIL HAT (only for The Titans expansion)Ownership of all units are changed randomly
NINJACONNOR (Extended Edition only)Grants 100,000 of each resource, increases the population cap to 300, gives you unlimited uses of powers, and multiplies the speed of construction and research by 100
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