FIFA 20: Top 50 Free Agents for Career Mode

 Hiring free agents in FIFA 20 Career Mode is one of the cheapest and most effective tactics. Without spending a lot of money, you can add both veterans and youngsters to your team. They are not the best players in the game, but if you give them a chance, they can become vital pieces.

In this guide, you will find 50 free players of all positions, with a minimum overall rating of 72. In addition, you will find cracks with good potential, in case you dare to keep and develop one of these players. You will notice that there are players who do play for clubs, but their teams are not licensed in FIFA 20For that reason, in this game, they count as free agents.

Without further ado, check out the TOP 50 free agents in FIFA 20At the end of the article, we make a selection of 11 players.

Andrey Lunev7981BY27
Artem Dzyuba7979DC31
Wilmar Barrios7883CDM, CM25
Tony Vilhena7882MC24
Hector Moreno7878CFD31
Daler Kuzyaev7780CM, CDM, DM26
Marcus berg7777DC, SD33
Yordan Osorio7682CFD25
Victor Claesson7677MCO, MI, MC27
Hernan Perez7676MD, MI30
Ivelin Popov7676MCO, D.C.31
Balázs Dzsudzsák7676MI, MD32
Yuri Zhirkov7676LI, MI36
Miha Mevlja7576CFD29
Yuri Gazinskiy7575CDM, CM30
Milan Borján7575BY31
Wilfried Bony7575DC30
Oscar Cardozo7575DC36
Milos Degenek7481CFD, CDM25
Kristoff Olsson7479MC24
Clinton Njie7476DC, IE26
Thulani Hlatshwayo7475CFD, LD29
Trent Sainsbury7475CFD27
Sibusiso Vilakazi7474MCO, SD, MC29
Andrey Semenov7474CFD30
Thulani Serero7474CM, CDM29
Bojan Jokic7474CAI, LI, DFC33
Jacek Goralski7376DCM27
Yaya Banana7375CFD, CDM, RB28
Ahmed El-Shenawy7374BY28
Thembha Zwane7373EI, ED, MCO30
Stephen Pavez7373CM, CDM29
Björn Bergmann Sigurðarson7373DC28
Aron Gunnarson7373CDM, CM30
Serey Die7373CDM, CM3. 4
Fedor Kudryashov7373DFC, IAC32
Ragnar Sigurðsson7373CFD33
Anton Shunin7373BY32
Claudiu Keșerü7373DC32
carlos kameni7373BY35
Ionuț Nedelcearu7280CFD23
Zsolt Kalmar7278CM, CM24
Laszlo Kleinheisler7276CM, DCM25
Magomed Ozdoev7275CM, CDM26
Vine Belec7274BY29
Istvan Kovacs7273MCO, SD27
Pedro Gallese7272BY29
Denes Dibusz7272BY28
Viðar Örn Kjartansson7272DC29
Georgy Milanov7272IM, MD, MCO27

As a clarification, this is the list of all the positions with their respective meanings:

  • BY: goalkeeper.
  • DF: central defender.
  • LI, LD: left or right lateral.
  • CAI, CAD : left / right lane.
  • CDM: defensive midfielder.
  • MC, MI, MD – Midfielder, left or right midfielder.
  • CAM: attacking midfielder.
  • EI, ED: extreme left or right.
  • SD: second striker.
  • DC: a striker.

Our star team of free agents in FIFA 20

For our selection of the best free agents in FIFA 20, we have thought about combining current talent with promising potential. Of course, this does not mean that it is the only option. There are quite a few skilled players on the roster, and they could all be part of different teams with different lineups.

This is the roster of players for a 4-4-2 formation:

Free Player Team - FIFA 20

  • BY: Andrey Lunev
  • CBs : Miloš Degenek and Yordan Osorio
  • LI: Yuriy Zhirkov
  • RB: Thulani Hlatshwayo
  • MC : Tonny Vilhena and Wilmar Barrios
  • LM: Viktor Claesson
  • MD: Daler Kuzyaev
  • SD: Marcus Berg
  • DC: Artem Dzyuba

Keep in mind that they are free agents and, for that reason, it is more than possible that other teams want to draft these players. If you are interested in some of the list, be quick to hireRemember that they are usually cheaper than other players, so many will be looking for the perfect opportunity and time!

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