FIFA 20: the teams with the most budget for Career Mode

 Having a transfer budget is one of the most important aspects of FIFA 20 Career Mode. Without enough money, it is impossible to get the best players to help you win competitions. For this reason, we bring you an article about the teams that have the most money to hire players.

In this guide, you will find the 20 biggest budget teams in FIFA 20, including such well-known names as Real Madrid, PSG, and Manchester City. Later, we share another list with the 20 Latin American teams with the highest transfer budget. Find out which teams you can succeed in within Career Mode!

EquipmentBudget (€)generalLeague
Real Madrid188.5M86The league
FC Barcelona187.9M86The league
Paris Saint-Germain184.4M85Ligue 1
Man Utd177M81premier league
Manchester City176M86premier league
Liverpool103M84premier league
FC Bayern Munich100M85Bundesliga
Chelsea91M81premier league
Piemonte Calcium (Juventus)90M85Series A TIM
Tottenham Hotspur76M83premier league
Arsenal74M81premier league
Atletico Madrid68.6M83The league
Valencia CF66.3M81The league
beijing guoan62.1M69CSL - Chinese Super League
Borussia Dortmund60M83Bundesliga
Inter de Milan53M81Series A TIM
West Ham United51.5M78premier league
Everton51M79premier league
RB Leipzig50M79Bundesliga
Naples49.3M82Series A TIM

The English Premier League is the largest representative in terms of teams with more money to hire players. Even so, the podium is made up of two Spanish teams (Real Madrid and Barcelona) and a French team (Paris Saint-Germain). These three teams are perfect options if you are looking for success in all possible competitions.

Two other recommended teams are Manchester City and Manchester United, both from the Premier League. They are the money leaders by a huge margin, with Liverpool trailing both by more than 70M. Of course, you can consider being at the head of other leagues like Piemonte Calcio (Juventus) or Bayern Munich, both in the first position in their respective leagues.

If you want an interesting challenge for Career Mode, go for the Chinese Super League team Beijing Guoan. It is in position 14 among the teams with the largest budget, so there are possibilities to recruit real cracks for the starting eleven of the Chinese team.

The 20 Latin American teams with the largest budget

EquipmentBudget (€)generalLeague
Tigers UANL37.6M75MX League
Monterey24.3M74MX League
America club21.4M73MX League
Guadalajara19.2M71MX League
Nunez FC (River Plate)19M77SAF - Argentine Super League
Buenos Aires (Boca Juniors)15 M77SAF - Argentine Super League
Pachuca13.3M72MX League
Blue Cross13.2M73MX League
UNAM11.6M70MX League
Santos Laguna11.5M71MX League
Sports Ñuñoa (University of Chile)10.5M69AFP PlanVital Championship
Lion Club10.4M72MX League
Independent10M75SAF - Argentine Super League
racing club9.5M76SAF - Argentine Super League
National Athletic9M71Dimayor League - Eagle League
Club Tijuana9M71MX League
San Lorenzo8.5M72SAF - Argentine Super League
Catholic University8.5M71AFP PlanVital Championship
Lanus Athletic Club7.5M72SAF - Argentine Super League
Sports Toluca7.4M72MX League

There is no doubt that the Mexican league is the dominant league in terms of the transfer budget. In the first 10 positions, Liga MX occupies 8 positions! For that reason, if you want to prove yourself to a Latin American team, managing a team like Tigres UANL or Club América will be one of your best decisions.

On the other hand, there are other excellent teams that you can manage. Nuñez (River Plate) and Buenos Aires (Boca Juniors) are the most well-known Argentinian duo in the world and, although they don't have much money like other European teams, they are solid and quality teams! Finally, the Liga Águila and the AFP PlanVital Championship have two big names on the list: Atlético Nacional and Deportes Ñuñoa (Universidad de Chile).

Less than 40M may not seem like much money to hire players, but with patience and effort, you will accumulate money without problems. Sooner or later you will have opportunities to recruit renowned cracks in your ranks and take the Latin American league to a new level.

Quick tips on equipment with more budget

  • Don't spend all your money right after starting Career Mode! Spend the first few weeks of the league getting to know your team better, their needs, and what kind of players you should hire.
  • If you decide to buy several cracks, do not hesitate to sell others that you are not going to use. Moreover, you must do it! If you kill a team made up of dozens of players, their salaries will reduce your budget.
  • Even if you have a lot of money, do not accept any first contract proposal. Always seek to spend as little money as possible, as it will give you a greater economic margin for the future.
  • That also means that when you sell players, you should price them as high as you can!
  • Try to save enough money to renew the contract of your best players. Do not get lost because, if a contract ends, the player can leave.
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