FIFA 19: know the rating of the best players by position

 It's time to score the biggest cracks in FIFA 19Each position is important in our team, so we bring you the 5 best goalkeepers, defenders, full-backs, midfielders, midfielders, wingers, and forwards.

After the World Cup, many players stood out and changed positions regarding FIFA 18Soccer players evolve, improve or fall with each passing year. Meet the best FIFA 19 players who will shine on the pitch in every match.

FIFA 19 Neymar


De Gea91Manchester Utd
News90FC Bayern
Courteous90Real Madrid
cloud90Atletico Madrid
Ter Stegen89FC Barcelona

De Gea is the undisputed winner in the goalkeeping elite, surpassing Neuer himself, who was the best during many editions of the franchise. Courtois, who moved to Real Madrid, and Slovenian goalkeeper Oblak are also big stars in goal, scoring 90.

Central defense

Sergio Ramos91Real Madrid
Godín90Atletico Madrid
bumble bees89FC Bayern
Thiago Silva88PSG

Sergio Ramos is the most complete defender in FIFA 19, a true leader capable of stopping an attacker. Godín and Chiellini are two others that no offensive player wants to meet face to face.


Marcelo88Real Madrid
Jordi Alba87FC Barcelona
alex sandro86Juventus
Kimmich85FC Bayern
David Alaba85FC Bayern

Marcelo remains the king of the wings, after so many editions. Quick and efficient when attacking, this player is always a threat against any opponent. Among the top 5 full-backs, we have four who play on the left (Marcelo, Jordi Alba, Alex Sandro, and David Alaba), while only Kimmich plays on the right.

Defensive midfielder

Sergio Busquets89FC Barcelona
casemiro88Real Madrid
Fernandinho86Manchester City
Arturo vidal85FC Barcelona

Midfielders are the essential balance between attack and defense, and there is no better player than Kanté to fulfill this task. He is not only excellent at defending, but he is also a good dribbler and highly effective at starting attacks with his passes.


Modric91Real Madrid
De Bruyne91Manchester City
Toni Kroos90Real Madrid
David Silva89Manchester City

The midfield position is full of cracks and those who stand out most among them with Modric and De Bruyne. Both shone in the recent World Cup and make all the difference to break any defense, no matter how reinforced it is.


Coutinho88FC Barcelona
Bale88Real Madrid

The wingers are very talented, fast players with fantastic dribbling. Neymar is the best winger in FIFA 19 and he has all these very high attributes. Both Salah and Coutinho had excellent seasons and deserve to be featured on this list as well.


Cristiano Ronaldo94Real Madrid
Messi94FC Barcelona
Suarez91FC Barcelona
Lewandowski90FC Bayern

The dispute for the title of the best player in the world is still between Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi. Both players are the best in FIFA 19As a new member of the top 5 strikers, it is worth noting Kane, a Tottenham striker, who has evolved quite a bit in recent times.

Dream Team FIFA 19


  • Goalkeeper: De Gea.
  • Central defender: Sergio Ramos and Godín.
  • Right-back: Kimmich.
  • Left-back: Marcelo.
  • Defensive midfielder: Kanté.
  • Midfielder: Modric and De Bruyne.
  • Right-winger : Messi.
  • Left-winger: Cristiano Ronaldo.
  • Forward: Suarez.

This team is the dream of any coach in the world! Can you imagine what one can achieve with this cast? It is true that there are many other fantastic players, enough to create another 2 or 3 Dream TeamsChoose the players according to your preferences, and go out to dominate the playing field!

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