Fallout 4: 20 Must-Have Mods To Enhance Your Game Experience

 Fallout 4 is a huge game, long and full of possibilities. It is one of the highest quality open-world games you can play today. Many gamers enjoy this adventure and because of this, literally, millions of different mods have been created. With so many out there, you might be wondering which mods you should try.

That's what this article is about! Here we share the 20 most essential mods to start improving your Fallout 4 experience. Once you start, you won't stop looking for more mods and modifying the game in ways you never imagined before. What are you waiting for? Meet the best mods now!

1. Correction of dialogues and complete answers

Dialogues Fallout 4 mod

Download the mod here.

With this mod, you will not only have a more polished translation, but you will finally see your answers in full. In Fallout 4, the choice of responses shows you shortened sentences of what you will actually say, which can result in unexpected reactions from your character. Thanks to the modification, you will know 100% what you are going to say!

In its full version, it also brings changes to the interface but you can choose to keep the old interface. In case you have any doubts, this mod works well both with keyboard and mouse and with a controller.

2. Locate companions

locate companions fallout 4 mod

Download the mod here.

Companions in Fallout 4, also known as companions, are very useful on multiple occasions. The negative point is that many times we lose sight of them and do not know where they are. With the mod that we present here, that's over!

You will be able to keep track of any companion or companions of your choice. Markers will be displayed on both the map and compass as you explore, as part of miscellaneous quests. This way, you'll never lose sight of your favorite Fallout 4 companion. Always together until the end!

3. Infinite ammo for your teammates

Infinite ammo companions mod fallout 4

Download the mod here.

We continue with a second mod that influences your teammates. In this case, the mod is about giving one or all of your Fallout 4 companions infinite ammo. For it to work, said character must have at least one unit of the corresponding ammunition. If so, they will be able to fire endlessly.

4. Improved map

improved map fallout 4 mod

Download the mod here.

If you consider that the Fallout 4 map is very empty, lacking useful details to explore better, you can solve it with this mod. You will clearly see the streets, topography of each region, and the markers with a more pronounced contrast. There are even extra options like numbering the regions or inserting grids on the map.

For any exploration lover, this is a must-have mod.

5. Lightsaber

lightsaber mod fallout 4

Download the mod here.

You read that right: you can survive the regions of Fallout 4 with a lightsaber in hand! It can be red, blue, green or pink. Of course, it also includes the typical sounds of this weapon and they are deadly against all enemies. In short, you will feel like a true Sith or Jedi. In the absence of firearms, lightsabers are good!

6. Darth Vader Armor

darth vader mod fallout 4

Download the mod here.

Since we're adding lightsabers to Fallout 4, a Darth Vader was a must. While it's true that you won't really be that character, it's funny to be able to spread terror in this post-apocalyptic world or bring out the best side of the most famous Sith. See how she cares for the baby!

As an interesting addition, the armor is compatible with Havok physics, so the cape will react to your movements.

7. Use Force powers

Fallout 4 Force

Download the mod here .

To end the trilogy of modifications based on Star Wars, in that link you will find a mod that brings you 5 Force powers. Not only will you be able to fight with lightsabers and be Darth Vader, but you'll be able to push or throw lightning bolts with the Force! The great advantage is that these powers take up grenade slots, so you can use them simultaneously with sabers.

You will need to create the powers as if you were crafting armor or weapon. You must have "Science!" with Rank 1 minimum, but Rank 4 is recommended to be able to use all powers.

8. More vibrant and optimized graphics

Improved and optimized graphics mod fallout 4

Download the mod here.

If you are not familiar with ENBs and ReShades, they are tools that some modders have taken advantage of to improve graphics. With Enhanced Wasteland Preset, you will enjoy a more vibrant and realistic Fallout 4 without consuming as many resources as other similar mods.

With this type of mod, it is convenient to follow the author's instructions well, since several steps must be carried out.

9. Darkest nights

Darkest nights mod fallout 4

Download the mod here.

This mod is self-explanatory with the title. Indeed, the nights of Fallout 4 will be darker thanks to this modification. You can customize the level of darkness they will have to suit your tastes. You can be sure of one thing: you will finally notice that it really is the night when the sun goes down.

10. Intense storms

Intense storms mod fallout 4

Download the mod here.

In this installment of Fallout, you can experience changes in the weather and get soaked by the rain. However, if you miss heavy storms and thick fog, this mod is essential! Weather changes are more pronounced, and you can also implement gameplay changes like receiving stealth bonuses during storms.

11. Hazmat Uniform for Gunners

Hazmat Gunners mod Fallout 4

Download the mod here.

The Gunners are a very famous group of mercenaries in Fallout 4 . This clothing will add more protection than many other armors, but above all, it protects you better from chemicals. After all, Hazmats come from a biochemical company! The author created other similar mods related to Gunners. If you like this one, feel free to check out the others.

12. Faster animations for Power Armor

Animations Power armor mod fallout 4

Download the mod here.

Power Armors are powerful suits that help you deal with the toughest enemies. Unfortunately, the animation to get in and out of this armor takes a long time. With this mod, you will be able to get in and out of Power Armor more quickly, giving you more room to react.

13. Teleport Power Armor

Teleport gives power armor fallout 4 mod

Download the mod here.

Walking around in Power Armor can be slow, and they take up a lot of space for their weight. Since you obviously won't always need one of these armors, you can keep them in a safe place. With this mod, you will have an item that will call and teleport the last used Power Armor to your location. Better than a postal company!

14. Wearing clothes and armor together

Armor and clothes in set mod fallout 4

Download the mod here.

A detail that bothers many Fallout 4 players is not being able to combine clothes with armor. With this mod, you will be able to have almost any outfit in conjunction with armor on top. You can even wear bandanas, glasses, scarf, and hats! This modification gives many advantages, so many that it would be difficult to name them all here. But trust us, it's worth it!

15. Rusty environments and industrial remains

Fallout 4 Rusty Environments

Download the mod here.

If instead of a more vivid and colorful world you prefer environments that are more similar to a post-apocalyptic world, this mod fulfills this task. You'll see a bunch of rusty pieces throughout each region, and for added immersion, there will be more destroyed buildings, pipes, cars, etc. Let it be noted that the nuclear apocalypse has arrived!

16. Weapons lowered out of combat

Weapons lowered mod fallout 4

Download the mod here.

When you play in the first person, you always have your gun pointed straight ahead. That breaks the immersion a bit for some players. If it irritates you that this happens, with this mod you will have the weapon lowered while you are not exchanging shots with the enemies.

17. Create Ammo

Create ammo fallout 4 mod

Download the mod here.

In Fallout 4 we need to buy or find ammunition to accumulate it in our inventory. This mod allows us to have a somewhat more realistic experience, where we will learn to make ammunition for all kinds of weapons. There are recipes to create 10, 25, 50, and even 100 units of the same ammo.

To take advantage of the full functionality of the mod, you will need to use different types of materials and upgrade some attributes.

18. More options for settlements

Options settlements mod fallout 4

Download the mod here.

Settlements are a nice addition to Fallout 4 . Although the detail is appreciated, the truth is that they have few customization options. After installing this mod, you will have more than 1000 objects at your disposal to make each settlement a unique place.

19. Synth Exterminator of the Future

Synth Terminator mod fallout 4

Download the mod here.

This is more of a cosmetic mod than a practical one, but it's still great. All it does is give Synths a Terminator-like touch. By adding this mod, talking to or meeting a Synth will no longer be the same. Who knows, a Synth might suddenly say "Sayonara, the baby!".

20. New music for radio

radio fallout 4 mod

Download the mod here .

To finish off the list of recommended mods for Fallout 4, it's always nice to have more songs on the radio. This mod brings dozens of hours of content in songs and music, which will improve the gaming experience. After all, after playing a lot of Fallout 4, listening to the same songs over and over again gets pretty tiring!

How to install mods in Fallout 4

Each mod has its own requirements to be installed correctly in the game. Although as a general rule it is enough to download and replace the indicated files on your PC, it is advisable to read the instructions carefully. Each mod can have its own ways to be installed and included in Fallout 4 . A wrong step can spoil the game!

For this reason, before including any mod, make backup copies of your save files and those that you are going to replace with the mod. As all the mods that we have included in this guide are in Nexus Mods, whenever possible we recommend using Vortex or Nexus Mod Manager .

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