Essential guide to use the Saint Seiya Awakening Cosmos

 The Cosmo mechanic is one of the most interesting and complex things in the Saint Seiya AwakeningWith this tool, you will be able to customize your knights in very specific ways. In this way, the players end up with completely different characters, even if they are the same character.

To get the most out of this mechanic, we tell you all the basics you need to know about Saint Seiya Awakening's Cosmos!

what are cosmos

Cosmos - SSA

The Cosmos in Saint Seiya Awakening work like the rune system that exists in various RPG games. They are a kind of equipment that you can put on before combat to improve your knights in very specific ways.

There are four groups of Cosmos: SolarLunarStar, and LegendaryEach group focuses more on certain attributes, both offensive and defensive. Within each of them, there are many different types of Cosmos, with randomly generated bonuses and combinations.

Mind you, the Cosmo feature is unlocked at level 21When you reach that level, click the "Development" button on the main menu and the "Cosmo" option will become available. In it you will be able to manage which Cosmos will be equipped on your knights, combine, refine and perfect the Cosmos, etc.

Each knight has 12 slots in total to equip different Cosmos. This number increases by 1 for each time the knight is reborn. Therefore, in the end, you can have 14 slots available in total for each of the knights on your squad.

How to get the Cosmos

The best way to get Cosmos is by hunting Titans. These usually give a high number of Cosmos, although the type of Cosmos varies throughout the week. You can also get Cosmos in Training or by buying from the Market.

types of cosmos

As we mentioned in this guide, before, there are four categories of Cosmos in Saint Seiya Awakening: Solar, Lunar, Star, and Legendary. Each group has its own Cosmos that affect specific attributes.

Before reviewing the tables that we present in this article, keep in mind the following aspects:

  • Basic Attributes – These are the attributes that will always be affected by a given Cosmo. For example, Eagle Eye's Cosmo will always give a bonus to Cosmic Attack and Cosmic Damage. Also, the value of these attributes can vary in different ways. It is possible that you have 3 Eagle Eye Cosmos and each one gives you different values.
  • Combined effect: it is the effect that you receive when combining three equal Cosmos. It is one of the ways the game has to make repeated Cosmos useful.

Now yes, let's see the types of Cosmos!


Cosmobasic attributesjoint effect

Piedra C. Cosmo SSA

stone c

cosmic attack

cosmic defense

Cosmic Attack +10%

Eye of the Eagle Cosmo SSA

eagle eye

cosmic attack

cosmic damage

Hit Points +10%

Cosmo SSA Fire Drop

fire drop

Physical attack

Physical Critical Effect

Hit Points +10%

Stone P.Cosmo SSA

stone p

Physical attack

Physical Defense

Physical Attack +10%

Cosmo Lunar

Cosmobasic attributesjoint effect

Bloom Cosmo SSA


cosmic defense

Life points

Hit Points +10%

DEF Dual Cosmo SSA

DEF Dual

Physical Defense

cosmic defense

Hit Points +10%

Seiya Cosmo SSA


Life points

Inflict Status Effect

Hit Points +10%

Cosmo SSA toughness


Physical Defense

Life points

Hit Points +10%

cosmo star

Cosmobasic attributesjoint effect

Cosmo SSA Healing Book

healing book

cosmic attack


Hit Points +10%

SSA Cosmo Card


Inflict Status Effect

RES Status

Hit Points +10%

New Moon Cosmo SSA

new Moon

Physical Defense


speed +20

Devotee Cosmo SSA


Physical Critical LevelHit Points +10%

Legendary Cosmo

Cosmobasic attributesspecial effect

Narciso Cosmo SSA


Life pointsIncreases physical attack by 1% for every 1% of health points lost.

Jacinto Cosmo SSA


Physical Defense

cosmic defense

On attack, reduces target's physical and cosmic attack by 10% for 2 rounds (stacks up to 5 times)

Giant King Cosmo SSA

Giant King

Life pointsIncreases damage by 60% against units with HP below 40%

Mandala Cosmo SSA


SpeedReduces damage taken by 15%

Rock Cosmo SSA


Life pointsHas a 50% chance to gain 1 extra energy point when attacking

How to improve your Cosmos

There are two ways to improve your Cosmos in Saint Seiya Awakening: Strengthening and Refining.

Strengthen Cosmos

Cosmos 2 - SSA

Strengthening Cosmos is one of two ways to increase the bonuses offered by Cosmos. To do that, you just have to enter the Cosmo you want, within the menu, and the option to "Fortify" will appear.

To strengthen a specific Cosmo, you will need the same Cosmos, since you will need to join those of the same type. The more Cosmos sacrificed, the higher the bonus to basic attributes. In addition to that, Empowered Cosmos has a small chance to generate an extra attribute. This addition is guaranteed whenever you level up a Cosmo to level 4 or 8.

Refine Cosmos

Cosmo 3 - SSA

Cosmo refining is another way to upgrade knights that unlocks at level 25. Refining does not increase bonuses or change the type, but slightly modifies the values ​​generated on the Cosmo. Every time you refine a Cosmo, you will have access to a few options and you can choose the one that is most useful to you.

Basically, refining is just a way to slightly control the randomness of the bonuses received, which can make a big difference later in the game. By refining, you can lock one attribute so that only the others change. A tool worth using!

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