Discover the best cheats for Crusader Kings 2

 Crusader Kings 2 ( CK2 ) is the second title in a series of dynasty simulators. The game starts in the year 1066 and ends in 1453. Your goal will be to conquer land and defeat enemies, but sometimes we feel like doing tricks. We can always use our ingenuity and strategic mind, but the CK2 game provides us with codes that we can enter and make our task easier.

In order to use the cheats, you will need to enter them into the console. To open the console window, press ALT + 2 + 1 (try the NumPad too) or the " ` " button. After opening it, you just have to type the code and press the ENTER key. You are now ready to enjoy the trick!

Attention: Cheats do not work in Ironman mode.

Crusader Kings 2
With Crusader Kings 2, you will learn about medieval history in fun games

cheat list

Codetrick effect
cashYou earn 5,000 gold. You can also indicate a specific amount
pietyYou gain 5,000 mercy. You can also indicate a specific amount
prestigeYou gain 5000 prestige. You can also indicate a specific amount
age (character ID) +/- (number)Add or reduce the age of the indicated character
add_learning (character ID) +/- (number)Adds or reduces the learning attribute on the indicated character
add_martial (character ID) +/- (number)Adds or reduces the martial attribute of the indicated character
add_intrigue (character ID) +/- (number)Adds or reduces the indicated character intrigue attribute
add_stewardship (character ID) +/- (number)Adds or decreases the stewardship attribute of the indicated character
add_diplomacy (character ID) +/- (number)Adds or reduces diplomacy attribute on the indicated character
add_trait (trait name) (character ID)Add a trait to a specific character
observeYou become an observer and the AI ​​plays alone
culture (character ID) (culture name)Changes culture to the selected character
religion (character ID) (religion name)Modifies the character's religion
fow (OPTIONAL: ID of the province)Enable or disable fog of war on the entire map or province only
give_title (title) (character ID)Give a specific title to a character
pollinate (female ID) (male ID)The indicated woman becomes pregnant by the selected man
kill (character ID)Kill a specific character
marry_anyoneAllows you to marry anyone
allow_lawsIt allows you to change the law as you want
move (character ID) (target character ID)Move the indicated character to the court of the second
discover_plotsAll plots are discovered immediately
remove_trait (trait name) (character ID)Removes the indicated trait from the character
add_artifact (artifact name)Add the artifact to your character. You can also include the ID of another character
get_all_artifacts (OPCIONAL: ID del personaje)Your character or another specified character gets all artifacts
banish (character ID)Makes a character disappear
capital (province ID)Make a province your capital
enable_ambition (character ID)Allows you to select a new ambition for the target character
techpointsGives you 1000 technology points of each type
max_tech (OPTIONAL: province ID)Max out technologies in one or all provinces
secret_religion (character ID) (religion)Create a secret religion for the character
quickbuildBuilds end immediately
yesmanEveryone accepts your proposals
real_fathersShows the real parents in the family tree
morehumans (quantity)add more humans
outbreak (disease)Unleash a disease on a random province
revolt (province ID)Start a revolt in the indicated province
murder (killer ID) (victim ID)One character tries to kill another
add_lover (character ID) (2nd character ID)Transform one character into another's lover
add_friend (ID del personaje)Make the character your friend. You can generate the same effect between two characters.
add_rival (character ID)Turn the character into your rival. You can generate the same effect between two characters.
remove_friend (character ID)The character stops being your friend. You can generate the same effect between two characters.
remove_rival (character ID)The character is no longer your rival. You can generate the same effect between two characters.
province_religion (province ID) (religion)Determines which religion the province follows
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