Discover the best character combinations in Free Fire

 It is possible to combine the skills of three different characters in Free FireDepending on your style of play, there are some combinations that will be more effective for you than others. Follow this little guide to combine different characters and create the best Free Fire survivor!

The best combinations for Solo mode

These combinations are best suited for players playing solo in this Battle RoyaleTherefore, they need every possible advantage to emerge victorious in each game, making the most of combat and survival skills.

A124, Antonio, and Miguel

Free Fire - Combination A124 Antonio Miguel

The most important word in Free Fire is to survive. If you don't stay alive, it's obvious that you won't win the game! This combination of characters gives you an initial health bonus thanks to Antonio. To take advantage of this combo, you will have to be a bit aggressive so as not to waste Miguel's ability. When you have EP or energy points, you can use A124's active ability and heal yourself!

Andrew, Paloma, and Maxim

Combination 1 Free Fire Solo mode

There is a word that perfectly describes this combination: balanceIf you use the abilities of these three characters, you will have increased protection from Andrew, more capacity to carry ammo, thanks to Paloma, and the faster healing that Maxim grants. It is not the most aggressive combination, but it is the safest.

Andrew, Miguel and Nikita / Caroline

Combination 2 Free Fire Solo mode

This combination is aimed at more aggressive players who love mid-range combat. If you love chasing down players and taking them out, Miguel will allow you to indirectly heal yourself. Both Caroline and Nikita will help you to have the combat in your favor, depending on the type of weapon you prefer to carry.

Ford, Maxim and Kelly/Misha

Match 3 Free Fire Solo Mode

If you are a more strategic player, this is your combination. You will be able to move more easily, either on foot if you choose Kelly, or by vehicle, if you choose Misha. If you know that there are times when it is safer to stay a little further outside the safe zone, Ford will reduce the damage received from the storm. And Maxim will help you quickly heal that lost life!

As some of us say: sometimes the best strategy is not to fight, but to move without stopping and be far from the reach of others.

The best combinations for Duo or Squad mode

Each combination will depend on the team to be effective. If you are used to playing with a friend or squad on a fixed basis, these options that we show you try to maximize the effectiveness of the team.

Laura, Raphael, and Kelly

Free Fire - Combination Laura Rafael Kelly

If you're playing a squad, it's helpful to have a player who can flank well. It's a combination dedicated to ambushing enemies from the sides or behind, while the rest of your team keeps them busy. Kelly will allow you to move quickly and escape with ease. Laura will give you more accuracy when you put your eye on the scope, and when you're ready to shoot, she activates Raphael's ability! Enemy squads won't know where the shots came from.

Dove, Olivia and Andrew

Combination 1 Free Fire Duo or Squad mode

If you like being the team doctor, choose this combination! Olivia allows you to heal her companions quite efficiently, so you can take care of them in combat. In addition, you will be able to have a lot of extra ammunition thanks to Paloma and a better bulletproof vest for Andrew, so you can take care of yourself.

Misha, Moco, and Andrew / Maxim

Combination 2 Free Fire Duo or Squad mode

If you are used to being the boss of the team, this combination has two very useful skills for leadership. For one thing, Moco's ability allows you to identify enemies for the rest of your team to see. On the other hand, Misha helps carry teammates from one place to another without wasting much time. Including Andrew or Maxim's ability is more of a survivability perk.

Nikita, Caroline, and Miguel / Hayato

Combination 3 Free Fire Duo or Squad mode

One of the most common tactics in team play is for one to be an aggressive playerThis combination brings a lot of offensive power, due to Miguel's EP recovery and Hayato's low-health armor penetration. Choosing Caroline or Nikita will depend on the type of weapon you prefer to use primarily. If you like to be at the front of the squad and take out enemies fearlessly, then choose this combo variant!

All survival skills

  • Kelly - Run faster than the other characters. Passive ability.
  • Kelly Reborn – After a few seconds of running, the first few shots deal slightly more damage. It is only a few seconds long. Passive ability.
  • Olivia – Companions revived by Olivia will receive more health. Passive ability.
  • Ford – Take less damage from the storm while being outside the safe zone. Passive ability.
  • Andrew – The bulletproof vest takes less damage, so it lasts longer. Passive ability.
  • Andrew Reborn - Bulletproof vests get even tougher. This effect can be stacked if more players on the team equip this ability. Passive ability.
  • Nikita - Submachine guns reload faster. Passive ability.
  • Misha - All vehicles are driven by Misha have increased speed and taken less damage. Misha also takes less damage and is harder to target. Passive skill.
  • Maxim – The time spent on eating and healing is less. Passive ability.
  • Kla: The melee damage is much higher than the rest of the characters. Passive ability.
  • Pigeon: allows you to carry an amount of extra ammunition for almost all weapons (except 40mm ammunition), without taking up space in your inventory. Passive ability.
  • Miguel – Earn EP points for each elimination. Passive ability.
  • Caroline - Carrying a shotgun will increase movement speed. Passive ability.
  • Antonio: starts the game with more life points. Passive ability.
  • Wukong - Turns into a bush. The transformation is removed from the attack, but the ability can be reset if Wukong kills an enemy. Active skill.
  • Mucus – Shooting an enemy will mark them for a short time, and your teammates will be able to see their location. Passive ability.
  • Ooze Reborn - Marks will last for an extra time if the enemy, after being marked, continues to move. Passive ability.
  • Hayato: The less life he has, the more damage his attacks will do.
  • Hayato Reborn - Reduces frontal damage by a percentage the less health Hayato has. Passive ability.
  • Laura – Increases accuracy when putting your eye on the crosshairs. Passive ability.
  • Raphael - silencing effect on sniper rifles and the like. Enemies downed by Raphael lose health faster. Passive ability.
  • A124: Convert 20 to 60 of your Energy Points (EP) into Life within a few seconds. Active skill.
  • Joseph - Run faster when sprinting and taking damage during combat. Passive ability.
  • Shani – Repairs the flak vest a bit with each kill, and the extra durability buffs the vest one level. Passive ability.
  • Alok – Creates a 5-meter aura that increases movement speed and heals slowly. Active skill.
  • Alvaro – Explosives have more damage and area of ​​effect. Passive ability.
  • Notora - When in a vehicle, both she and the other passengers slowly come back to life. Passive ability.
  • Steffie – Creates graffiti that temporarily increases defense against explosives and bullets. Active skill.
  • Jack – Recovers life points when you knock down an enemy or hit with shots. Passive ability.
  • Kapella – Healing abilities and item effects are increased by 10% and reduce life loss when knocked down by 20%. Cannot stack. Passive ability.
  • Wolfrahh – After each kill or spectator in your match, your headshot damage taken is reduced by 3% (up to 25%), and damage to enemies' limbs is increased by 3% (up to 25%). Passive ability.
  • Clu - Reveals the position of standing enemies within a 50-75 meter radius for a few seconds, depending on the level. Active skill.
  • Luqueta – With each kill, Luqueta increases his total health a bit up to a maximum of 50. Passive Ability.
  • Jai's Microchip - When knocking down an enemy, your character automatically reloads a small amount of ammo. It only works with weapons that use pistols, shotguns, AR, and SMG ammo. Passive ability.
  • K : PE (Energy Points) is increased by 50. When activating Jiu-jitsu Mode, allies within a 6m radius convert PE to Life faster. When activating Psychology Mode, K slowly recovers XP. Active skill.
  • Dasha : Reduces fall damage taken and fall recovery time by a percentage. It also reduces the cumulative recoil and maximum recoil of weapons by a percentage. Passive skill.
  • Chrono - For a few seconds, Chrono creates a force field that blocks 800 damage from enemy and allied attacks. Active skill.
  • Shirou (Cobra) : When an enemy attacks Shirou from less than 80 meters away, Shirou will mark him (only he can see the mark). The first shot at marked enemies will have increased armor penetration. Passive ability.
  • Skyler – Launches a sonic wave forward, damaging up to 5 Gloo Walls in front of him. For each gloo wall deployed, the health recovery is increased. Active skill.
  • Maro : The further away, the more damage his shots do. Maro will do more damage to marked enemies. Passive ability.
  • Xayne – Temporarily gains extra health and deals more damage to gloo walls and shields. Active skill.
  • D-Bee – Enjoy increased movement speed and accuracy when shooting while moving. Passive ability.
  • Thiva – Pick up downed allies more quickly and recover some health after successfully assisting an ally. Passive ability.
  • Dimitri – Creates a zone where he and his allies recover health for a set amount of time. Downed allies within the zone can pick themselves up. Active skill.
  • Leon : recovers life points at the end of a fight. Passive ability.
  • Otho – Eliminating an enemy reveals the position of enemies near the eliminated enemy. Information is shared with teammates. Passive ability.
  • Nairi – The gloo walls that Nairi throws recover a percentage of durability every second. Also, Nairi deals extra damage to gloo walls if he wields weapons with AR ammo. Passive ability.

Many of the characters are obtained only by paying real money. Therefore, it is difficult to form different combinations freely, due to the obligation to acquire characters to equip the skills. Not all of us are willing to spend money to have one skill or another, so take a good look at which characters you are going to use!

At the end of the day, combining characters will always depend on your style of playTry different variations, even those that we have not presented in this guide until you find the one that you like the most. Just remember that having four skills is insufficient to win. You will need to understand the weapons well and know the map to be the last survivor.

If you want to know which of all the Free Firefighters suits you best, find out which is your ideal character.

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