Discover the 30 best games for iPhone (iOS)

 There are many shooting, racing, RPG, or simulation games available to play on iPhone or iOS devices. Sometimes it's hard to know what's worth it or not, especially in paid games. For that reason, we have created an article that collects 30 of the best iPhone games. If you don't know what to play, try the games on this list!

1. Call of Duty: Mobile

1Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile landed on mobile in a big way, gaining 100 million users in record time. The truth is that it is one of the best games you can enjoy on your iPhone, not only because of the huge community. This Call of Duty has gameplay that has nothing to envy with the official games of the franchise and has numerous modes to play.

If you like the competitive, the quick rounds, the 5 against 5, you have it in Call of Duty: Mobile. For everyone who is passionate about Battle Royales, you will find it here. And if you just want to play the most varied temporary modes, you can also enjoy that! Come on, Call of Duty: Mobile is the most complete shooter for iPhone.

2. free fire

2 freefire

Free Fire is one of the best Battle Royale ever! He obtained (and has) a lot of strength in different parts of the world, due to his simplicity and charisma. The main attraction of him is that, within the genre, he is one of the few in which we can choose characters with unique abilities. This detail adds an extra dimension to each game, which also makes it easy to find your own style of play.

There are numerous weapons to use, both fire and melee. We must face 49 other players, either solo, duo, or in squads. Today there are three different maps, which are not too big. This causes quite a bit of action, which is more than great! And if one day you get bored, Free Fire also contains modes in rotation.

3. Fortnite

3 fortnite

Can one of the most famous Battle Royale of today be played on iPhone? Of course yes! You can enjoy Fortnite on iOS phones without any problem. All the fun, the charisma, the visual section, and the games as fun as they are competitive will be in your own hands.

In Fortnite, it is not only important to take weapons and know how to handle them in any situation. It is vital to collect different types of materials and to know how to build towers, stairs, and walls quickly. Your survival will depend on it, and not infrequently the fortifications will bail you out. Show off your shooting and architecture skills, and don't forget to dance non-stop!

4. Minecraft

4 minecraft

If we talk about adventure and survival games, Minecraft is one of the most entertaining that exists today. Don't be fooled by its simple cube appearance; lower that facet, the game hides a rich title. It's amazing to explore every corner of the world of Minecraft, and it's hard to get repetitive because there's always something new.

Get materials. Create houses and weapons. Fight against creatures and survive. Discover the secrets that are on the surface and below it. Whether you like exploring, finding new enemies to defeat, or looking to craft new items and upgrade them, Minecraft is an endless experience. The game is paid for, but it is very worth it!

5. Alto's Adventure

5 Alto's Adventure

Alto's Adventure is one of the most relaxing games you can have on your iPhone. You control Alto, who rides his snowboard through hills, forests, and ruins. It is a platform game in which you must dodge obstacles and take advantage of jumps to do tricks. Along the way, it is more than normal to be stunned looking at the scenarios, because it is a very beautiful game!

As you can see, it's a fairly simple game, but that doesn't mean it's a bad game. On the contrary, it is without a doubt one of the best for the iPhone. And if you want more of this, Alto's Odyssey is also available!

6. Pokémon GO

6 Pokémon GO

For everyone who loves the Pokémon series and games, getting Pokémon GO is a must if you own an iPhone. After all, it's free! You will be able to live a quite realistic experience of capturing the Pokémon scattered around your environment, fighting against other trainers, and taking control of a gym.

The game is kept very much alive not only by the community but by the developers. Every month there is a new event that brings us new tasks, which constantly extends the life of the game. It is impossible to get bored, especially if you are a fan of this franchise. And if your desire is to catch all the Pokémon, get ready for a long journey in Pokémon GO!

7. Mario Kart Tour

7 Mario Kart Tours

If you really like Mario and are passionate about racing games, Mario Kart Tour is the perfect game for you! In the beginning, you could only play against the AI, but now you can play against your friends and players from all over the world. There are dozens of characters, karts, and wings to unlock, each with its own strengths and abilities.

Mario Kart Tour is not at all a worse version than the main saga. It contains numerous circuits and events that help catch you race after race. The desire to unlock everything and get the highest score of your group of friends will keep you hooked and busy for days. If you are looking for a car game, don't wait and try this one.

8. Candy Crush Saga

8 Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is one of the most played games and there is only one reason to say it: it is addictive. In a good way! The game offers us the simple challenge of combining candies to get the highest number of points, in the shortest possible time. To make these combinations, you must match candies that are the same color and type.

There is also no shortage of special candies. They help us to make much better combinations and thus obtain much more points. Once you get agile with Candy Crush Saga, you'll want to keep going until you break records day and night!

9. PUBG Mobile

9 PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is the battle royale experience par excellence. It was the game that made the genre famous and, although the PC version was not without its flaws, the PUBG Mobile version is quite solid. Being able to experience such an immense Battle Royale on an iPhone is unparalleled.

As you can imagine in a game of this caliber, your objective is to survive dozens of other players until you are the last one standing. There are many weapons, armor, and vehicles that will help you achieve this goal. The maps are huge, so you need to move quickly! Likewise, you can also team up with your friends to survive together. After all, unity is strength.

10. The Sims Mobile

10 The Sims Mobile

A The Sims for iPhone, yes! Although it is not as complete as the older versions, The Sims Mobile is a pleasant experience with good content. You will be able to create your own Sims, decorate your house, and see how the characters grow until they meet their personal goals.

In case you don't know, The Sims is a saga of social and life simulation. You must take into account the needs of each Sim and take care of them so that they achieve emotional and professional success. Creating houses is another pretty fun part, and if you like to bring out your inner designer, you're sure to spend hours with The Sims Mobile!

11. Sky: Children of the Light

11 Sky Children of the Light

Sky: The Children of the Light is an adventure game to be enjoyed together. There are seven worlds to explore, all incredibly beautiful but hiding dark places. This game greatly reinforces the cooperation and interaction between each other, looking for ways to free spirits.

In addition, from time to time there will be events with new content and places to explore. Of all that there is for iPhone, this game is one of the most pleasant to spend time playing on your cell phone. In short, Sky: The Children of the Light is a beautiful game that you won't regret trying.

12. Subway Surfers

12 Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is a game in which we help Jake, Tricky and Fresh to get from one point to another, dodging trains and avoiding obstacles. Along the way, there are boxes to break and coins to collect. Depending on your performance, you will get a higher or lower score. And so level after level!

The graphics and the visual section are very colorful and nice. And not only will you run around the stages, but you can also surf on hoverboards and even use a jetpack powered by paint. Subway Surfers is a great game to pass the time, whether you want to relax for a few minutes or spend hours perfecting each route.

13. Lara Croft GO

13 Lara Croft GO

If you love exploring and solving puzzles, in Lara Croft GO you explore a good handful of ruins and environments that challenge you at every turn. It has a turn-based development and from time to time you have to face enemies that stand in your way. Each level and chapter is well thought out and integrates more than 100 puzzles to solve. More than 100!

If you are a fan of Tomb Raider and puzzle games, jump in with Lara Croft GO. It is paid, but you will not regret it at all if you dare with this game!

14. Dream League Soccer

14 Dream League Soccer

There are several soccer games available for iPhone cell phones, each one with its advantages. Of all of them, Dream League Soccer stands out as one of the most popular, and for good reason! Not only can you change the colors and design of the uniforms to your liking, but you can also place designs made by others. That includes actual club kits!

Another point in favor is the freedom to form your own team, set up your formation, and train each player as you want. It's rewarding to see your team grow over the seasons, and as an added bonus, you can customize your very own stadium! Both Dream League Soccer 2019 and 2020 are free to play so feel free to play them.

15. Stardew Valley

15 Stardew Valley

Running a farm is much more exciting than it may sound at first. You can discover that with Stardew Valley! You will be in charge of restoring glory to the land left by the character's grandfather. You will be able to learn to cultivate, take care of animals and fish. As you grow in the trade, you will also be able to interact with many other characters, which is vitally important!

Stardew Valley also hides treasures and dangerous creatures in caves. Therefore, the game invites you to explore and discover everything in the town and its surroundings. Little by little you will be able to forge friendships with NPCs, and you can even start a family! If you know of other friends who have bought this game, take the opportunity and join their adventures.

16. Asphalt 9: Legends

16 Asphalt 9 Legends

Maybe you are looking for a racing game with real cars and not karts like Mario Kart Tour. Well Asphalt 9: Legends gives you the same, with the most dizzying and frenetic races. It's important to drive carefully... not to crash into everything or get smashed! There is no room for mercy, but the fastest and fiercest wins.

You can win dozens of cars and modify them to your liking. There are different ways to enjoy the benefits of each vehicle and, if you know more Asphalt 9 players, you can even start your own club.

17. The Room Saga

17 The Room Saga

In terms of puzzle games and puzzle-solving, the entire saga of The Room is impeccable. Each game is paid, but they will give you enough hours of fun to last for weeks. They are not really simple games, but at times they will test your intelligence and creativity. But don't lose hope, there is always a way out!

Apart from the challenging puzzles, the game has a pretty good artistic section that encourages you to pay attention to every detail. The exploration and gameplay in general are very simple since you only need to use one finger.

18. Monument Valley

18 Monument Valley

We continue with another puzzle game, although this time it is about optical illusions. You will take control of a princess who seeks to find the exit of each level. To do this, it is necessary to interact with the environment and figure out how paths and objects are interconnected. We assure you that there are somewhat complicated phases!

Even so, do not think that it is one of the most difficult games. Monument Valley is more intended to be a beautiful and fun experience from start to finish, with its challenges well adjusted in difficulty. Although we are not told what to do directly, the environment, the ravens, and the colors give us some subtle clues. It is a game that is quite good, suitable for everyone.

19. Clash Royale

19 Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a card game where you climb a ranking as you play matches against other players. You get units based on the cards you have in your deck, some stronger and more expensive than others. The formation of your deck is vital to establish a specific strategy and defeat your opponent using your strengths while exploiting their weaknesses.

Each game lasts quite a short time, at most four or five minutes in total. Therefore, think fast and don't skimp on resources, but always send units at the right times! At first, it will cost you, but little by little you will get the hang of it with Clash Royale. Once you do, it will cost you to unhook. Glory to your kingdom!

20. Roblox

20 roblox

With Roblox, we are cheating a bit. It is not a game in the strictest sense, but a platform of mini-games and creations made by the community players themselves. For the same reason, Roblox is a highly recommended iPhone app for providing you with endless hours of fun.

Create your own character and embark on the adventures of other players. You can live all kinds of experiences thanks to the creativity of people. And if you yourself are a person who has an unlimited imagination, go ahead and create content for Roblox!

21. Florence

21 florence

Let's be direct: Florence is not the longest game you can play on your iPhone. What's more, it doesn't last even an hour! Another point is that it is more of an interactive story, without much impact on the gameplay. With this in mind, it is more than possible that you will not feel like spending money on a game like this, but surprisingly, it is worth it.

We see the life of Florence Yeoh, a girl who is stuck in a boring routine. Upon meeting a cellist, her life takes a 180º turn and the game captures it in such a tender way that you stay glued to the screen until the end. Being so short, it's best not to spoil anything else about Florence. Give it a try, even if it's on sale.

22. Heartstone

22 heartstone

Blizzard was encouraged to make the leap into the card game genre with Hearthstone and managed to capture a large community. Although it has gone through some slips, it is a good game where it matters a lot to create the best possible deck. The strategy and ability to adapt are essential elements to achieving victory in this title.

Each player can choose one of more than 10 heroes, divided into different classes. Each one has its own special ability, which will influence the way you play the game. Your decks, divided into cards of different importance, must be well prepared, thinking in advance of possible tactics to follow to defeat the opponent. Only the one who makes the best use of his cards wins!

23. Fallout Shelter

23 Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter, unlike other games in the saga like Fallout 3 or Fallout 4, puts us in charge of a community that wants to survive. We will be the Overseer, the leader, and the coordinator of the shelter. In order to move forward, it is necessary to take into account the needs of each person, such as energy or water.

As the leader of this shelter, you have to coordinate the people to do the corresponding tasks. You must also anticipate and properly equip the inhabitants to explore the outskirts of the shelter and defend it from enemy attacks. In truth, Fallout Shelter feels a bit like a post-apocalyptic The Sims. A very good one, everything is said!

24. Crashlands

24 Crashlands

Crashlands is another paid game that you will undoubtedly enjoy in a big way. Imagine a survival RPG with hints of Minecraft crafting and construction, with some elements from the Pokémon games. You can have all this on your iPhone!

In Crashlands you will be stuck on an alien planet. You will have to explore and find a way out, but it is not an easy task. In addition to building bases and creating new items, the game invites you to fight dangerous enemies and discover a world domination plot. To deal with the threat, you will grow your character like in any RPG and meet interesting allies during your journey.

25. The Elder Scrolls: Blades

25 The Elder Scrolls Blades

The Elder Scrolls: Blades is not an open-world game like the other installments, but it focuses a lot on combat and the reconstruction of a town. It has three game modes that are quite varied and fun. The first of them is the Abyss, a roguelike mode where we explore an infinite dungeon. It is ideal to improve your character!

The second mode is Town. In it, we must rebuild a village by taking and fulfilling missions commissioned by NPCs. See how the town returns to its glory is priceless. Finally, Arena is the competitive mode par excellence, as we face other players. That's where you can show how strong your character has become. And if you fail, then continue with the other modes!

26. Temple Run 2

26 Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 is a game quite similar to Subway Surfers. We explore many ruins and environments while running, so we have to move the character to the sides or jump to avoid obstacles and wild creatures. It's a game that gets harder and harder, maybe a bit infuriating for some.

If you love the whole theme of ancient temples, trap-filled ruins, and treasure hunting, Temple Run 2 is a good choice. As you progress through the game, you will unlock upgrades and powers that will help you get the highest score possible. Temple Run 2 invites you to try again and again! As a last advantage, the game is free, so nothing will hurt your pocket.

27. Shadowgun Legends

27 Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends is one of the most complete shooters that you can play on an iPhone. It is unparalleled! In addition to having a fairly polished control for mobile phones, the game has a very good visual section, one of the best you can see in the entire repertoire of mobile games.

And what about the game modes! Whether you like to play solo, cooperatively, or competitively online, Shadowgun Legends has about eight different modes. In addition to proving that you are the best player, you can also complete a good number of missions or survive numerous hordes. If you love the genre, don't hesitate for a second: play Shadowgun Legends!

28. Marvel Battle of Champions

28 Marvel Battle of Champions

Do you like Marvel? Well, Battle of Superheroes is one of the most recommended titles for iPhone. It is mainly a fighting game, where each hero and villain measures his power in incredible combat. You can explore a bit and upgrade your characters to defeat stronger enemies.

Marvel Contest of Champions emphasizes building a strong team of combatants. Not only do superheroes matter individually, but it is important that they complement each other to obtain extra bonuses. If you fear a small squad, rest assured that there are a good number of characters in this game. Marvel in its purest form!

29. Helix Jump

29 Helix Jump

Helix Jump is the simplest game on the entire list: you have to take the ball to the bottom, bouncing on the platforms as few times as possible. That's it! What makes this game great is that, with such a simple proposal, it will keep you glued to your iPhone through hundreds and thousands of levels. Yes, you read correctly.

Each phase has a different arrangement of platforms, which means that you must learn them well to successfully lower the ball. The more bounces, the less score you will have, and that's not good! Helix Jump is based on the premise of repeating until you are a master, and it is one of the games that best executes this idea.

30. Hitman GO

30 Hitman GO

Hitman GO is an atypical game in the saga. We are used to playing Hitman in real-time, hiding and waiting for the right moment to eliminate our target. In this case, everything works in turns. You must think about each movement with a plan in mind and anticipate the enemies. You cannot take steps lightly, or you will surely fail the mission!

The graphic section of the game is also quite striking. Everything looks like models in your living room or bedroom, and this detail attracts. It also serves as a point in favor of visual clarity, which makes it easy to see the position of the enemies and the layout of the stage. Hitman GO feels different, but it's still an enjoyable experience.

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