Call of Duty Mobile Zombies Mode: 5 Tips to Successfully Survive

 The expected Zombies Mode ( Zombies Mode ) came to Call of Duty Mobile and this has returned a greater interest in the game. This modality contains its own rules and new mechanics to which you will need time to learn and get used to. The new features are incredible, and it feels like the Zombie Modes from other games in the franchise.

If you want to start well with this mode and know what you need to know to survive successfully, we share 5 essential tips that you must take into account. Become the best survivor in Call of Duty Mobile Zombie Mode!

1. Know the general rules of Zombies Mode

Modo Zombi - Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile's Zombies Mode places you on a map known as Shi No Numa, where you'll have to survive hordes of zombies. Before playing a game, it gives you the option to play three different modes that vary the difficulty of Zombies Mode.

These are the three modes you can choose from:

  • Normal Assault: It consists of eliminating 8 waves of zombies and a final boss.
  • Extreme Assault - Similar to the above, but with 12 waves.
  • Survival: There is no round limit. Therefore, the mode will only end when you die.

In all these modalities you will get rewards according to your performance in the game. The longer you survive the zombies, the better the prize. Naturally, the rewards in Extreme Assault are much better than in the normal version.

Zombies Mode can be a solo player or with a platoon. In the latter case, you can choose to check the "Fill Platoon" button to play with random people, but you can also invite friends to team up with them.

2. Customize your loadout before you play

Armamento - Call of Duty Mobile - Zombi

In Zombies Mode, you will always start with a gun and a knife. All other weapons will have to be purchased over the course of the game. You will see the weapons on the wall, where you can know the name and price of each weapon. Also, to get more ammunition you will have to buy the same weapon again.

Many players think that the weapons available for purchase are defined in the game itself, but this is not the case! Some types of weapons or others will come out depending on your Armament / Loadout. For that reason, it is extremely important that you set this up well before the match, to ensure that you can get your favorite weapons.

3. Understand the point system

Puntos - Call of Duty Mobile - Zombi

Zombies Mode features a point system that works like a currency. Everything you do is used to earn or spend points. Killing zombies, surviving hordes, landing headshots, fixing windows, or taking out enemies with the knife are all ways to earn these points.

These points can be used in different ways to better survive in the mode. With this coin, you can:

  • buy weapons;
  • reload ammunition;
  • open doors to unlock new areas;
  • acquire perks, skills, and upgrades; and
  • activate traps, among other things.

Managing these points well is an important factor in staying alive in Zombies Mode. Don't get distracted!

4. Acquire perks, skills, upgrades, and bonuses

You will be able to purchase various upgrades in each game of Zombies Mode. There are a total of 4 types: perks, skills, upgrades, and bonuses. Next, we explain what you need to know about each of these.

How to buy benefits

Ventajas - Call of Duty Mobile - Zombi

The advantages in this mode of Call of Duty Mobile are exactly the same as those that exist in the rest of the modes. The big difference is that you can have up to 7 perks activated at the same time. You can buy them for different prices in the Advantage Machine-soda, represented on the minimap as soda bottles.

How to buy skills

Skills - Call of Duty Mobile - Zombies

Skills are upgrades exclusive to Zombies Mode. They are acquired through the Coin Dispensers for an initial price of 500 points. This value increases the more times you use the machine in the same wave. The good news is that the price will reset when moving on to the next horde of zombies.

The skills are as follows:

  • Invisible – You will become invisible to all zombies for 10 seconds.
  • Anywhere Except Here: You teleport to a random location on the map, as long as it's unlocked.
  • Seismic Wave – Stuns all enemies within 2 meters of it.
  • Fast Movement - Increases movement speed for 20 seconds.
  • Pull – Forces all zombies to chase you for 10 seconds. Does not work against the Abomination.
  • Paralysis - Paralyzes all zombies for 5 seconds. Does not work against the Abomination.
  • Terror Eye - Zombies near you will be paralyzed for 1 minute. Does not work against the Abomination.
  • Sleepwalker - All zombies' movement speed is decreased by 50%. Does not work against the Abomination.

Note that you can only have one active ability at a time.

How to buy upgrades

Mejoras - Call of Duty Mobile - Zombi

The improvements are very interesting improvements for this mode. They can be purchased from the Upgrade Shop for 200 points each. These earned bonuses can be upgraded on the same machine, but each upgrade will always cost twice as much.

There are 6 upgrades available to purchase. In the first minutes of the game, you will be able to equip 3 at the same time. If you want to unlock the fourth slot, you will need to level up the other 3 upgrades to level 5.

These improvements are:

  • Fast Reload – Reload speed is increased by 10%. After reloading, gain +10% headshot damage.
  • Attack Weaknesses: Increases damage dealt by 10%.
  • Higher Up – Increases damage dealt by 6% for 3 seconds after killing a zombie. It stacks up to 3 times.
  • Wobbly – Upon receiving an attack, stuns all enemies within 3 meters for 0.5 seconds. Has a 45-second cooldown.
  • Escapist – Upon receiving an attack, increase movement speed by 1% for 1 second. Has a 20-second cooldown.
  • Advance – Increases the player's life points by 10%.

How to get bonuses

Bonuses - Call of Duty Mobile - Zombie

Bonuses are random buffs that zombies drop when they get killed. You will not be able to choose which ones will be available, and each one has its own rules. Among them are 2x points multiplier, full ammo reload, automatic elimination of all zombies, very strong temporary weapons, etc.

Obviously, never stop taking these bonuses!

5. Use the traps in the best possible way

Call of Duty Mobile - Trap - Zombies
The electric trap and the spinning trap are the upgrades for Zombie Mode.

As you play Zombie Mode, you'll notice that there are some traps in Shi No Numa that you can use to your advantage. By paying the activation cost, the trap will work for a set amount of time and then deactivate again. To activate it again, you will have to wait a recharge time and pay again.

Avoid spending points on traps in Raid modes. Prioritize perks and upgrades! Already in Survival mode, it is inevitable that you will use various traps to get out of sticky situations.

Follow these tips:

  • Traps can also kill you, so don't walk through them while they're active.
  • Learn to accumulate the maximum number of zombies before attracting them and activating the traps. Just circle the zombie horde until it's big enough.
  • The electric trap and the spinning trap are the only ones that really matter for this mode.
  • You can duck to go under the spinning trap. Therefore, you can stay there while the zombies try to reach you.

Call of Duty Mobile - Trap - Zombie Mode

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