Call of Duty Mobile: 11 tips and tricks to be the best

Call of Duty Mobile ( CoD Mobile ) has been a massive downloader and is now played by millions of people. Many compete to be the best, so the road to success in this game can be long and difficult. That is the reason why we have made this article, where you will find 11 tips that will help you improve in Call of Duty MobileGet to know the basic mechanics of the game well and become the best!

1. Take advantage of your first games

First games in CoD Mobile

This is a tip and a revelation to it: until level 7, you will mostly play with and against bots. We're telling you so you don't have false expectations about Call of Duty MobileAlthough you do not play against people and it sounds boring to win so easily, it is the perfect opportunity to learn. Change weapons, explore the maps, familiarize yourself with the basic mechanics and practice calmly.

From level 8 to 9, you will start to meet more real players, although you will continue to compete with and against bots. Starting at level 10, matches will almost always be filled with players. You will notice it when there is a quite noticeable change in difficulty. Therefore, we recommend that you take advantage of these first levels to understand CoD Mobile better than anyone else. The true path begins at level 10!

2. Pay attention to the basic mechanics of the game

Being a game produced by Tencent, Call of Duty Mobile shares similarities with PUBG MobileHowever, if you switched from one game to another, you might be surprised by some differences in gameplay.

The first change is that, in CoD Mobile, you will be able to heal yourself on the go. You won't need to stop putting on a bandage or use a first aid kit, since you can do it while running. Of course, that makes moving very important. If you get used to climbing walls, sliding and changing directions quickly, you will be able to heal yourself in the middle of a firefight!

Another big difference from PUBG Mobile is that you will be able to use weapons even in water. Such simple mechanics open up unique possibilities for you in Call of Duty Mobile's Battle Royale mode. So don't be afraid to get in the water if you need to hide for a few seconds. You will be able to surprise the enemy at the least expected moment!

Lastly, in CoD Mobile there is no fall damage. The reason for this is that the character will always open the wingsuit to glide to avoid a long fall. Take advantage of this mechanic to move more freely and without fear of dying from a silly fall.

3. Switch between 1st and 3rd person perspectives

First and third person perspective COD Mobile

Surprisingly, in Call of Duty Mobile, it is possible to switch between 1st and 3rd person perspectives with ease. To do this, press the button on the lower left side so that in Battle Royale games you can take advantage of the best of both perspectives.

On the one hand, perspective is one of the most important details in shooting games, since in 3rd person you have more visibility. With it, you will be able to see behind walls and around corners without revealing yourself to the enemy.

On the other hand, if you are an unconditional fan of the first person, our advice is the following: change to 3rd in closed environments or with many obstacles. So you can control the camera and get useful information about your environment. When you know for sure what's around you, go back to your favorite perspective!

4. Practice your moves

Call of Duty Mobile is a game with a fairly fast pace in terms of movements. The level of mobility of the characters, along with possibilities such as healing yourself while running, makes moving as important as aiming well.

That is why we encourage you to practice the movements, to improve the mechanics to move with speed. An example: avoid running in a straight line. Get used to going diagonally, varying the direction a bit to be a harder target to hit. And speaking of aim, you can also learn to shoot by moving and jumping!

Another essential gameplay aspect to move is sliding. You can do this by pressing the crouch button while running. Doing so will briefly move you faster and make you harder to kill. Although it has its advantages, we recommend doing this to reach the coverage.

5. Learn how to defeat the zombie boss Cerberus

Zombie Boss in COD Mobile Battle Royale

This is a pretty simple trick that can go unnoticed in Battle Royale matches. There is a very easy way to defeat Cerberus, the hellhound that gives you high-quality loot in Call of Duty MobileYou will be able to take down the monster easily, even if you are poorly equipped.

To defeat him without breaking a sweat, just shoot him and stand behind the fence that we show you in the photo. The boss won't be able to chase you past that line, so he'll come back once he gets to that fence. At that moment, he takes aim again and shoots him. He repeats the process over and over until he is defeated. Enjoy a good loot!

6. Know all the maps well

We already mentioned it before, but we will repeat it again. In Call of Duty Mobile, knowing your surroundings is extremely important. Know where every corner is, every obstacle, every window, etc. There will come a point where you already know by heart where everything important is, and you can move without having to look around you much.

To get more used to the maps, choose the option to practice against the AI. Take time to play on each map, taking a good look at the entrances and exits of the buildings. It's good that you think of ways to ambush or escape because one thing is certain: among the best, who knows the environment best has the greatest advantage!

7. Find out what your favorite weapons are

In CoD Mobile, there are many weapons that you can choose from to play in Multiplayer or Battle Royale modes. There are different types of pistols, machine guns, shotguns, etc, and it will always happen that you will be more comfortable with some than with others.

For that reason, we advise you to always try as many weapons as you can, even when you already know your favorite. In modes like Battle Royale, it's in your best interest to discover the weaponry you like best, so you know what to take and what not to take. In another sense, you don't always want to carry a sniper rifle if the rest of your team is also carrying one.

When you unlock or see a new type of weapon, take the opportunity to try it out. Do this as many times as you need until you have at least 3 favorite weapons, so you can be more versatile in Call of Duty Mobile gamesThe one who adapts better wins more!

Find out what are the best weapons in Call of Duty Mobile!

8. Enable advanced mode

Watch in Advanced Mode - COD Mobile

In the game settings, in the "Controls" section, you will see that there are two modes of aiming and shooting: simple and advanced. Avoid simple mode at all costs, as it will cause you to shoot automatically when you lock your sights on an enemy. That will waste your bullets and reveal your position!

Apart from that, the shots will always be "from the hip", that is, you will shoot without putting your eye on the crosshairs. In that mode you will lose accuracy, so even if you started the game in simple mode, switch to advanced as soon as possible!

Advanced mode lets you keep your eye on the sights and shoot fast. That's the way to play closest to the older versions of the Call of Duty series . Although it is true that it is more difficult to control and requires practice, it is the best way to hit distant enemies. Having control of shots and aiming will be very important in any mode, to decide for yourself when to attack and when to wait.

9. Customize your controls

Customize Controls in COD Mobile

Just like in PUBG Mobile, in Call of Duty Mobile you can also customize absolutely all the controls. In the settings, you will be able to move the location of each button across the screen, as well as its transparency and size. In this way, you can modify what is most annoying to you, and highlight what matters most to you.

In the options you can also change the sensitivity of the sight in different situations. This is very important, as it will mark the speed at which the camera will move when you slide your finger on the screen. Spend several games trying different sensitivities, and once you have the right settings, avoid changing it!

10. Use headphones and the dialing system

Dial in COD Mobile

Just like in most multiplayer shooting games, sound in Call of Duty Mobile is one of the most essential factors. It is important that you play with headphones to make sure where each sound, noise, footstep, shot, etc. is coming from. There is another advantage to this, and that is that you can look at the minimap. Sometimes it will mark you the origin of the sound!

Then there is another crucial issue: always share the information you have with your team. The game has a marking system, under the minimap, with which you can mark the position of enemies, loot, etc. If you don't want to talk on the microphone, at least use this system!

11. Experiment with the gyroscope

Call of Duty Mobile's gyroscope system is considered to be one of the most accurate for mobile games. Enable it and experiment with it! The function adds more dynamism to the game and can give you a feeling of virtual reality.

The gyroscope can be enabled in the game options, under "Basic" and "Sensitivity". There you can configure how much the character's crosshairs will move, as you move your device. Also, if someone is attacking you behind your back, you can turn around and the character will do the same. It will be much more fun!

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