All Terraria NPCs and how to unlock them

 Terraria NPCs offer us very important services. Among other functionalities, they usually sell us items that we will hardly obtain by other means. Here you will know how to unlock the NPCs and take advantage of each and every one of their features. It pays to have as many allies as possible!

We have divided the article into four parts:

  • NPCs del Modo Normal
  • Hardmode NPCs
  • Normal mode NPCs that don't move to your house
  • Brief details about the NPCs

As you can see, at the end we will comment on some aspects that will help you better understand everything related to the Terraria NPCs. Know everything about them now!

NPCs del Modo Normal


Requirements for its appearance

character function

Loot on death

Weapon carried by the NPC

Terraria NPC Guide


Create a new world.

It gives you different tips, a general guide on how to get other NPCs. It can also teach you all possible recipes for the item you show it.

Green hat

In Normal mode, he has a wooden bow and arrows.

In Hard mode, he wields a fiery wooden bow and arrows.

Mercader NPC Terraria


Accumulate 50 silver coins in your inventory.

Sells basic tools and supplies.


Throwing knife

Nurse NPC Terraria


One of the players has more than 100 life points in total.

Heal players and remove negative effects in exchange for coins.


Healing and poison syringes

Demoledor NPC Terraria

Demolition Man

A player has an explosive in his inventory.

He sells you explosive items.



Dye Merchant NPC Terraria

dye merchant

Obtain a dye or a dye crafting item. In addition, you must also have defeated a boss or obtained a rare plant.

Sell ​​a dye manufacturing station. He also trades rare dyes for strange plants.

Exotic Scimitar (12.5% ​​chance)

exotic scimitar

Dry Terrestrial NPC


Defeat Eye of Cthulhu, Skeletron, Eater of Worlds, or Brain of Cthulhu.

Sells nature, corruption, and crimson items, and reports to you on the state of the world.


Blessing of the Dryad

Tabernero NPC Terraria


Defeat Eater of Worlds or Mastermind of Cthulhu and wake up the Innkeeper to talk to him.

He sells different items that summon and help fight the Army of the Ancients. Depending on what you want to buy, you will need Common Coins or Defender Medals.

Beer Launcher (12.5% ​​chance)


NPC Terraria Arms Dealer

arms dealer

A player has bullets in their inventory or a gun that fires bullets.

Sell ​​different types of weapons and ammunition.


In Normal mode he has a flintlock pistol.

In Hard mode he has a Mini Shark

Estilista NPC Terraria


You have to find her and talk to her in the Spider Caves.

It allows you to change your hair style and sells hair dyes.

Stylish Scissors (12.5% ​​chance)

stylish scissors

Pintor NPC Terraria


You must first unlock 8 other NPCs, including the Elder and the Traveling Merchant. Then it will appear.

Sells paints, frames and painting tools.

Paint Gun (10% chance)

Paint gun

Fisherman NPC Terraria


Find him near an ocean and talk to him.

It gives you fishing missions and prizes for completing them.


Frost Daggerfish

Duende chapucero NPC Terraria

sloppy goblin

You must defeat the Goblin Army and then find it in the caverns.

Sell ​​various items and strengthen your weapons and accessories.


spiked balls

Witch Doctor NPC Terraria

witch doctor

Defeat the Queen Bee.

Sells the Blowgun, the machine for imbuing weapons, summoner equipment, and supplies.



Buhonero NPC Terraria


Defeat the Skeletron.

Sells some basic items related to clothing.

Red Hat

book of skulls

Mechanical NPC Terraria


After defeating the Skeletron, you can rescue and talk to her in the Dungeon.

He sells the Wrench, wires and other items related to his profession.



Party Girl NPC Terraria

party girl

Unlock 14 NPCs, including the Elder and the Traveling Merchant. Has a 1/40 chance to spawn and respawn (if killed).

Sell ​​different items that create different visual effects.

Happy Grenade (30-60 units, 25% chance)

happy pomegranate

Hardmode NPCs


Requirements for its appearance

character function

Loot on death

Weapon carried by the NPC

Mago NPC Terraria


Find him and talk to him in the caverns.

Sell ​​magical items.


Flower of fire

Tax Collector NPC Terraria

Tax collector

You must find a tortured soul in the Underworld and cast Purification Powder on it.

Collect 50 copper coins for each NPC that stays in your houses. You can collect these taxes.

Classy Staff (12.5% ​​chance)

classy cane

Trufa NPC Terraria


Build a house on the surface, on top of a mushroom biome.

Sells the Autohammer, Mushroom Spear, and other mushroom-related items.


truffle spore

Pirata NPC Terraria


Defeat a pirate invasion.

Sell ​​the Cannon and other pirate-themed items.


Pirate gun and cannon

Steampunker NPC Terraria


Defeat a mechanical boss.

Sells Teleporter, Jetpack, and other steampunk-themed items.


precision assault rifle

Ciborg NPC Terraria


Derrota and Plantera.

Sell ​​weapons such as mines or rockets.



Papá Noel NPC Terraria

Santa Claus

Defeat the Frost Legion on Christmas.

It sells the Santa suit, Christmas lights, trees and other items related to the season.


Light bulbs

Normal mode NPCs that don't move to your house


Requirements for its appearance

character function

Loot on death

Weapon carried by the NPC

Walking merchant NPC Terraria

traveling merchant

Unlock 2 NPCs. Every day there is a 22.12% probability that it will appear. He will march at the end of the day.

Sells a unique selection of items each time it appears.

peddler hat

In Normal mode he has a Revolver.

On Hard mode he has a Pulse Arc.

Anciano NPC Terraria

Old man

Create a new world. It is located at the entrance of the Dungeon.

The only thing he will do when talking to him is summon the Skeletron. Upon defeating him, the Elder will move into your house as a Pedlar.


Terrestrial NPC Skeleton Merchant

Skeletal Merchant

Found randomly in caves.

It sells Weights, Magic Lanterns and other objects that will change according to the lunar cycle.



Brief details about the NPCs

Having NPCs in your homes is one of the best aspects of Terraria, as the characters will help you perform in the game. To avoid surprises, it is convenient to know some information related to them:

  • Having NPCs in a house will reduce the spawn level of enemies in the area. If you have three or more NPCs fairly close to each other, no more enemies will spawn except in special events.
  • For an NPC to move to one of your houses, there must be at least one room of at least 10x6 dimensions, with light, a bed, a flat piece of furniture, another comfort piece, and a door. The walls, ceiling, and floor must not be made of earth.
  • If an NPC dies, to make it respawn you must continue to meet the requirements. Until then, the NPC will not revive.
  • In case something happens in the houses or rooms where the NPCs live, they will leave until you repair the homes or create new houses for them.
  • You can't attack NPCs unless you use Rotten Eggs, get them to fall into lava, or drown them in water. They regenerate health over time and can be targeted by an enemy.
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