All Red Dead Redemption 2 cheats for PS4, Xbox One and PC

 Red Dead Redemption 2 is very enjoyable from start to finish, but you always feel like doing a few tricks. There are more than thirty codes that you can apply in the game to have improvements and changes during the game. Of course, to do these tricks it is necessary to take into account a few details.

First, you need to pause the game and access the Settings menu. Once inside, you have to press the  (PS4), Y (Xbox One), and Shift (PC) buttons to access the secret cheat menu. With that done, you're ready to write and activate cheats. Be sure to enter the codes as they appear in this guide, with their capital letters, spaces, and punctuation marks. Don't include the asterisks!

Cheats marked with asterisks ( * ) indicate that they cannot be used from the start. To unlock these effects, you must first purchase certain newspapers. We show them below the tables. Finally, you will not have to type the codes more than once, but you will be able to select the unlocked cheats in the menu. Also, it will not be possible to save the game or get achievements. With that said, now you know all the Read Dead Redemption 2 cheats!

weapon cheats

Codetrick effect
Greed is American Virtue*Receive a set of heavy weapons
A simple life, a beautiful deathReceive a set of simple weapons
Death is silenceReceive a set of silent weapons
History is written by foolsReceive a set of gunslinger weapons
Abundance is the dullest desire*Infinite ammo for all weapons
  • Greed is American Virtue – You must buy the newspaper from Chapter 3, after completing the quest “Advertising: The New American Art”.
  • Abundance is the dullest desire: Buy the newspaper after completing Chapter 1.

Skill and Attribute Cheats

Codetrick effect
Guide me betterUnlock Level 1 Dead Eye
Make me betterUnlock Level 2 Dead Eye
I shall be betterUnlock Level 3 Dead Eye
I still seek moreUnlock Level 4 Dead Eye
I seek and I findUnlock level 5 Dead Eye
Be greedy only for foresightDead Eye infinito
You flourish before you dieRecover all health, stamina, and Dead Eye
You Seek More Than the World Offers*Restores and fortifies life, stamina, and Dead Eye
Seek all the bounty of this placeIncreases life, stamina and deadeye
The lucky be strong evermore*Infinite resistance for you and the horse
Virtue Unearned is not virtue*increase your honor
You revel in your disgrace, I seeReduce tu honor
Balance. All is balanceReset your honor, bringing it back to its neutral point
Greed is now a virtueYou receive $500
Better than my dogIt allows you to call your horse from wherever you want
My kingdom is a horseImprove bonds with your horses
A fool on commandThe character automatically gets drunk
  • You Seek More Than the World Offers – Purchase the newspaper in Chapter 6 after completing the “The King's Son” quest.
  • The lucky be strong evermore: Acquire the newspaper after completing Chapter 5.
  • Virtue Unearned is not Virtue - Purchase the newspaper during Chapter 4, when you've completed the "Urban Pleasures" quest.

horse and carriage tricks

Codetrick effect
Run! Run! Run!You receive a racehorse
You are a beast built for war*You receive a warhorse
You want more than you haveYou receive a higher class horse
You want something newYou receive a random horse
Keep your dreams simpleYou receive a cart with a horse
Keep your dreams lightYou receive a small cart with a horse
The best of the old waysYou receive a stagecoach (carriage)
Would you be happier as a clown?*You get a circus carriage
  • You are a beast built for war: Buy the newspaper after completing the Epilogue.
  • Would you be happier as a clown? : Buy the newspaper after completing the Epilogue.

Tricks of interaction with the world

Codetrick effect
You want punishmentIncrease wanted level
You want freedomReduce the wanted level
You want everyone to go awayYou are no longer in "Wanted", as it removes all the rewards and confinement areas
You Long for Sight but See Nothing*Reveals the entire game map
  • You Long for Sight but See Nothing – Acquire the newspaper in Chapter 3 after finishing the “Family Feuds Past and Present” quest.

unlock tricks

Codetrick effect
Vanity. All is vanityUnlock all suits
ShareUnlock all camp upgrades and activate them automatically
Eat of knowledgeUnlock all crafting recipes in the game
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