All God of War Games Ranked From Best To Worst

 The God of War franchise began in 2005 with an impressive first installment and has since established itself as one of the best action sagas. Over time, God of War games has evolved and given us equal parts spectacular and memorable combat. The common factor is Kratos, a being full of fury but who hides much more under his angry face.

At League of Gamers, we have encouraged ourselves to make a list of the God of War games, ordered from best to worst. We also inform which platforms each title is available for, in case you dare to play them. One can prioritize some aspects of the game more than others, so the order can change, so this is just our humble contribution!

1. God of War (2018)

1 God of War 4 2018

Platforms : PlayStation 4.

Renewed or die. In fact, it was feared that the saga would end up dying over time, but by all the Greek and Norse gods it did not! The change of context was wonderful for the story of Kratos, as the Nordic setting aroused a new interest in both fans and players who had not approached the saga until then.

Kratos decides to take his new son Atreus on an adventure. The purpose of it is to throw the ashes of his second wife on the highest peak of the nine kingdoms, but the journey takes a few unexpected turns. In God of War 2018, we meet numerous divine creatures and characters from Norse mythology, and each new encounter is etched in the retina.

The premise of the game is carried out to perfection, with somewhat different but just as fierce gameplay. It is a much more narrative and adventurous title than the rest of the saga, and for that reason, it feels different. Even so, it does not lose the essence, because we see the usual Kratos, more mature and acting both as a father and as a mentor. An endearing, epic, and unforgettable delivery!

2. God of War II

2 God of War 2

Platforms : PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita.

The second part knew how to improve the proposal of the first God of War in everything. It pushed the capabilities of the PS2 to the limit with its incredible level of design, graphics, and action. The combats were much better compared to the first part, including the final bosses, although it is true that the differences between the weapons were not so significant.

If we focus on the audiovisual part, God of War II is truly impeccable! To this day it is still surprising how the PS2 was able to host a title of tremendous quality, with a well-detailed setting. The work on the music and voices to bring each of the characters to life is also commendable.

Finally, the story feels richer, better linked, and with clear motivations not only from Kratos but from other characters. It is true that God of War II is not epic at the level of III, for example, because this installment also works as a bridge. One thing is certain: if sequels were never good, this is the perfect exception to the rule!

3. God of War III

3 God of War 3

Platforms : PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4.

God of War III knows what he wants and does it perfectly. He isn't the best-built story-wise, because it focuses on Kratos' unleashed fury on the Greek gods. It does not have the best level design, as it takes you more into the action than not in puzzle and platform phases. And there is no need! The conclusion to the trilogy was meant to be wild, and God of War III delivers on that promise.

This third main installment showcases some of the best graphics and animation in PS3 games. Every boss fight looks and feels spectacular at all times. Moreover, the bosses of God of War III are the most memorable of the entire saga for the brutality shown, and it makes us feel that Kratos is truly furious!

For all combat lovers, God of War III was and is one of the best proposals of all time.

4. God of War (2005)

4 God of War 1 2005

Platforms : PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita.

The game that started it all! If it were for nostalgia, this installment would be in the first place without question. Even outside of that sentiment, one can appeal to its good level of design and balance in the platforming, puzzle, and combat phases. From the best of the hack & slash genre!

The first God of War has one of the best phases of the saga (Athens) and a good flow of the story between the narrative and the playable. It feels like a complete game, with its secrets and challenges for those who want to discover everything and defeat every last enemy. Being the beginning of the franchise, the gameplay is not as rich as in other cases, but it's still good!

5. God of War: Ghost of Sparta

5 God of War Ghost of Sparta

Platforms: PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3.

Ghost of Sparta is not only a great God of War and a worthy representative of the saga, but it is also one of the best games for PSP! And it is that the story about the search for Kratos' brother is epic and emotional in equal parts. Regarding Chains of Olympus, this installment improved in several aspects. It is a longer and better video game in terms of playability, as it is more refined and fluid.

The plot of God of War Ghost of Sparta catches from start to finish and is placed among the favorites in the saga. Unfortunately, his virtues fail to hide the fact that some phases are somewhat empty and lacking in personality. It also does not have a strong repertoire of final bosses and, in particular, the last one in the game is somewhat easy. Still, it's still a great game!

6. God of War: Chains of Olympus

6 God of War Chains of Olympus

Platforms: PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3.

The first God of War on PSP was an entertaining title, with good stages, setting, music, and boss fights. The main negative point? Chain of Olympus seems very short compared to other games in the saga. In addition, it also does not have outstanding gameplay over the rest of the franchise and, therefore, it falls behind.

Of course, one does not stop having a good time fighting and enjoying a good level of design. The weapons we get are pretty good; The Gauntlet of Zeus is one of the best and most fun! If the story was more fleshed out and had more interesting characters, we might have seen Chains of Olympus higher up the list.

7. God of War: Ascension

7 God of War Ascension

Platforms : PlayStation 3.

Ascension is by no means a bad game, but the general opinion of the game is that the plot and boss fights don't feel as epic as usual. It is the first God of War chronologically speaking and narrates how Kratos tries to redeem himself from his sins while hunting down the Furies. This journey is full of deception and bloody combat, which will end up forging the furious Kratos that we know so much.

One aspect that caught our attention was the inclusion of a multiplayer that was quite fun. We controlled different warriors aligned with one god or another, and we fought in five online modes. While it's not a God of War experience in every way, it was fun fighting warriors from all over the world, with the same wild gameplay as always.

8. God of War: Betrayal

8 God of War Betrayal

Platforms: mobile.

Already with the image, it can be intuited that Betrayal does not feel like a God of War to use. It wasn't as well known at the time either, since it could only be played on cell phones with Java ME support. Surprisingly, even with the jump to two dimensions, the game was able to maintain its essence with its frenetic action, platform phases, and puzzles.

It is not the best God of War of the entire saga, not by a long shot, but that does not mean that it is still a good game. Kratos is wrongly accused of Argos's murder and, in his desperation, he chooses to search for the real culprit. It contains very fun phases, full of bloody combat and with brief moments of respite for the puzzles. A curious title to say the least!

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