All Fallout 4 cheats for PC, XBOX One and PS4

 Fallout 4 is an excellent RPG that has countless commands that are used to manipulate the game however you want. To activate cheats on PC, just open the console by pressing the " ' ", " @ " or " ~ " button. In the case of the XBOX One version, that will depend on the mod you have installed to use the console.

In this article, we have divided the cheats into sections like weapons, materials, or general commands. The bad news is that you can't use these commands on PS4. Anyway, at the end of the article, we share a few cheats that you can use for Fallout 4 on PS4. Find out how to do Fallout 4 cheats!

General Cheats and Commands

God modetgm
gain 1 levelplayer.advlevel
Choose character levelplayer.setlevel [level]
Enable no-clip (walk through walls)tcl
Buddha modeTim
Reveal all locations on the maptmm 1
Kill target NPCkill
Disable or enable NPC AItai
recover lifeplayer.resethealth
AI ignores youdetect
Choose the amount of weightplayer.modav carryweight [number]
Disable or enable combat AItcai
Resurrect target NPCresurrect
Resurrect the target entity anywhereresurrect [ID]
Kill the target entity anywherekill [ID]
Kill all NPCs and creatures in the areakillall
Complete the entire main storycaqs
Teleport to a room with all itemscook qasmoke
Teleport to the indicated cellcoc [cell ID]
See mate affinitygetav CA+affinity
Choose partner affinitygetav CA+affinity [number]
View the ID of an objecthelp [text]
Add an item to your inventoryplayer.additem [amount]
Equip inventory itemplayer.equipitem
View the ID of inventory itemsplayer.showinventory or player.inv
Change your character's sexsex-change
Increase a skill by one pointadvancepcskill [skill]
Define minimum jump heightsetgs fJumpHeightMin [number]
Define sprint speed multiplierplayer.setav speedmult [number]
Select target item sizesetScale
Show target item sizegetScale
Unlock any target closureunlock
Activate the object or buttonactivate
Delete what you're targetingzap
Become the owner of the target itemsetownership
Create a number of items in your positionplayer.placeatme [quantity] [item]
Define the speed of the time stepset timescale to [value]
Set game timeset gamehour to [hour]
Define the field of viewfov [number]
free cameratfc
Show current game timegetcurrenttime
Send console commands to the specified filescof [filename]
Execute a list of commands from a text filebat [file name]
clean the consolecls

weapon cheats

Machine gunplayer.additem 0001F669
fat manplayer.additem 000BD56F
Injectorplayer.additem 0014D09E
deathclaw clawplayer.additem 000D8576
Gauss cannonplayer.additem 000D1EB0
hunting rifleplayer.additem 0005BBA4
laser musketplayer.additem 0001DACF
Liberty Prime laserplayer.additem 00110414
gamma gunplayer.additem 000DDB7C
cryolatorplayer.additem 00171B2B
combat rifleplayer.additem 000DF42E
combat knifeplayer.additem 000913CA
Chinese officer's swordplayer.additem 00147BE4
Assault rifleplayer.additem 0000463F
alien blasterplayer.additem 000FF995
Ripperplayer.additem 000FA2F6
Walking stickplayer.additem 000FDC7D
combat shotgunplayer.additem 0014831C
submachine gunplayer.additem 0015B043
nail gunplayer.additem 000FE268
revolutionary swordplayer.additem 00143AB5
power fistplayer.additem 0011B336
Missile launcherplayer.additem 0003F6F8
laser machine gunplayer.additem 000E27BC
flamethrowerplayer.additem 000E5881

special weapon cheats

2076 world series baseball batplayer.additem E9A43Chance to throw enemy away
Ax of Grognakplayer.additem 183FCDCauses stunning and bleeding
Moorish skewerplayer.additem FA2FBa flaming katana
Delivery manplayer.additem DC8E7High damage silent pistol
cryolatorplayer.additem 198A16throw ice
junk jetplayer.additem E942BShoot random items
Kremvh toothplayer.additem 22576DHigh damage, bleeding and poisoning
Shem Drowne's Swordplayer.additem 238734Causes radiation damage
Ripperplayer.additem FA2F6small electric saw

armor cheats

army helmetplayer.additem 00023432
engineer's armorplayer.additem 000DEDE7
Field Scribe Armorplayer.additem 000E370E
Bomber Jacketplayer.additem 000E1AF6
Flight Helmetplayer.additem 000E1AF8
BOS uniformplayer.additem 000DEDEB
BOS hoodplayer.additem 000E1A39
BOS Officer Uniformplayer.additem 00134294
Combat Armor: Left Armplayer.additem 0011D3C7
Combat Armor: Right Armplayer.additem 0011D3C6
combat armor: helmetplayer.additem 0011E2C8
Combat Armor: Left Legplayer.additem 0011D3C5
Combat Armor: Right Legplayer.additem 0011D3C4
Combat Armor: Chestplayer.additem 0011D3C3
gas mask with glassesplayer.additem 001184C1
hard hatplayer.additem 000F6D86
hazmat suitplayer.additem 000CEAC4
Leather: left armplayer.additem 0007B9C7
Leather: right armplayer.additem 0007B9C3
Leather: left legplayer.additem 0007B9C4
Leather: right legplayer.additem 0007B9C5
leather: chestplayer.additem 0007B9C6
Road Leathersplayer.additem 0004A53B
metal: left armplayer.additem 0004B933
metal: right armplayer.additem 000536C1
metal: hullplayer.additem 000787D3
metal: left legplayer.additem 000536C2
metal: right legplayer.additem 000536C3
metal: chestplayer.additem 000536C4
Raider Power: Left Armplayer.additem 00140C52
Raider Power: Right Armplayer.additem 00140C53
Power Raider: Helmetplayer.additem 00140C54
Raider Power: Left Legplayer.additem 00140C55
Raider Power: Right Legplayer.additem 00140C56
Power Raider: Chestplayer.additem 00140C57
X-01: left armplayer.additem 00154AC3
X-01: right armplayer.additem 00154AC4
X-01: helmetplayer.additem 00154AC5
X-01: left legplayer.additem 00154AC6
X-01: right legplayer.additem 00154AC7
X-01: chestplayer.additem 00154AC8
long johnsplayer.additem 00019568
Railroad Armored Coat Mk Vplayer.additem 001BBCB9
Winter Jacket and Jeansplayer.additem 00117EB7
Synth: left armplayer.additem 0018796C
Synth: right armplayer.additem 0018796E
Synthfield: helmetplayer.additem 0018796A
synth: helmetplayer.additem 00187976
Synth: left legplayer.additem 00187972
Synth: right legplayer.additem 00187970
synth: chestplayer.additem 00187974
Vault 111 Jumpsuit - Newplayer.additem 000976B7
Vault 81 Jumpsuitplayer.additem 001103A4
Covenant Security Armorplayer.additem 00156C0D
Institute Lab Coatplayer.additem 0011E7B9
Black Institute Lab Coatplayer.additem 001B350D
Blue Institute Lab Coatplayer.additem 001A5CFD
Hooded Cleanroom Suitplayer.additem 00115AEB
surgeon's maskplayer.additem 000787DA
lifeguard hatplayer.additem 000F6D87

Special armor cheats

Flying ship captain hatplayer.additem 0013AEF5
BOS Officer Uniformplayer.additem 00134294
Corsetplayer.additem 001921D6
feather dressplayer.additem 001B5F1B
MacCready's Dusterplayer.additem 000D415A
Minutemen General Hatplayer.additem 001C2216
Minutemen General Uniformplayer.additem 001C2214
ushanka hatplayer.additem 000F6D83
Father's Lab Suitplayer.additem 0014FBD0

ammo commands

38player.additem 0004CE87
.44player.additem 0009221C
Four. Fiveplayer.additem 0001F66A
.fiftyplayer.additem 0001F279
5mmplayer.additem 0001F66C
5.56player.additem 0001F278
10mmplayer.additem 0001F276
Shotgun cartridgeplayer.additem 0001F673
track spikeplayer.additem 000FE269
2mm electromagnetic cartridgeplayer.additem 0018ABDF
plasma cartridgeplayer.additem 0001DBB7
cryogenic cellplayer.additem 0018ABE2
fusion cellplayer.additem 000C1897
Flamethrower fuelplayer.additem 000CAC78
Alien blaster ammoplayer.additem 001025AA
gamma ammunitionplayer.additem 000DF279
cannon ballplayer.additem 000FD11C
Missileplayer.additem 000CABA3
mini atomic bombplayer.additem 000E6B2E

syringe commands

Berserkplayer.additem 00058AE9
bleed-outplayer.additem 00058AEB
bloatfly larvaplayer.additem 000375BB
Endangerolplayer.additem 00058AF2
Lock Jointplayer.additem 00058AF4
Mind Cloudplayer.additem 00058AF5
peopleplayer.additem 00058AF7
Radscorpion Venomplayer.additem 00058B0C
Yellow Bellyplayer.additem 00058B0E

food tricks

multifruitplayer.additem 33102
Carrotplayer.additem F742E
Cornplayer.additem 330F8
Pumpkinplayer.additem EF24D
Cantaloupeplayer.additem FAFEB
sharp grainplayer.additem E0043
multipotatoplayer.additem 9DCC4

General Item Cheats

bottle capplayer.additem 0000000F
Stimpakplayer.additem 00023736
rad awayplayer.additem 00023742
fusion coreplayer.additem 00075FE4
Nuka-Cola Quantumplayer.additem 0004835F

Cheats for materials

Acidplayer.additem 001bf72d
Antisepticplayer.additem 001bf72f
Asbestosplayer.additem 000aec5c
Ceramicsplayer.additem 000aec5e
Concreteplayer.additem 00106d99
Clothplayer.additem 000aec5f
Adhesiveplayer.additem 001bf72e
Aluminumplayer.additem 0006907a
Circuitryplayer.additem 0006907b
Copperplayer.additem 0006907c
Corkplayer.additem 000aec60
Crystalplayer.additem 0006907d
Optical fiberplayer.additem 00069087
Fiberglassplayer.additem 000aec61
Gearplayer.additem 0006907e
Glassplayer.additem 00069085
Goldplayer.additem 000aec62
nuclear materialplayer.additem 00069086
Oilplayer.additem 001bf732
Plasticplayer.additem 0006907f
Rubberplayer.additem 00106d98
Screwplayer.additem 00069081
Silverplayer.additem 000aec66
Springplayer.additem 00069082
Leatherplayer.additem 000aec64
Leadplayer.additem 000aec63
Woodplayer.additem 000731a3
Steelplayer.additem 000731a4

DLC Item Cheats

You will need to replace the "xx" values ​​in each command with "01" or "02".

Assaultron Swordxx008B8E
Mr Handy Buzzsawxx0020F8
Salvaged Assaultron Headxx0100B7
Tesla Riflexx003E07
Assaultron Helmetxx00864A
Carco Eyebotxx00864C
mechanic armorxx008BC1
mechanic helmetxx008BC3
robot: chestxx00863F
robot: right legxx008646
robot: left legxx008648
Robot: right armxx008642
Robot: left armxx008644
Sturdy robot: chestxx00863F
Sturdy robot: right legxx008646
Sturdy robot: left legxx008648
Sturdy robot: right armxx008642
Sturdy robot: left armxx008644
Heavy robot: chestxx00863F
Heavy robot: right legxx008646
Heavy robot: left legxx008648
Heavy robot: right armxx008642
Heavy robot: left armxx008644
Sentry Botxx00864E

Fallout 4 Cheats for Playstation 4

Even though commands don't work on the PS4 version, there are some Fallout 4 cheats you can use. Next, we share with you what are the tricks that you can do, which also work for PC and XBOX One.

How to duplicate items

To duplicate an item, throw it in front of Dogmeat, your faithful dog. Stay close and when you see him lower his head to take the item, pick it up yourself at the same time. If you did it at the right time, the item will be added to your inventory and your dog will drop a copy.

unlimited experience

After entering the Brotherhood of Steel and completing the "Route of Service" quest, talk to Quinlan to activate the "Learning Curve" quest. He immediately decreases the difficulty of the game to the minimum and kills the partner. You'll fail the quest, but by talking to Quinlan again, you'll gain some experience and get a chance to repeat. Do it as many times as you want!

Infinite Fusion Cores

After completing "Route of Duty", also take the opportunity to rob the crew of the Prydwen ship. Quite a few of them have infinite Fusion Cores, but we recommend stealing them when they're alone.

How to exceed the item limit

To cheat the inventory limit, just drop items and ask your partner to take it. You can always have more items in your inventory, even if it is technically "full".

How to survive very big falls

There's a pretty funny trick to surviving deadly falls. If you ever accidentally jump and know you're going to die from the fall, save the game just before you hit the ground. You will still die, but you will continue the game from the same place.

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