All cheats for Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne

 In Warcraft 3 there are a number of cheats, in the form of codes, that you can take advantage of to change the experience of the games. These codes are used in solo games or in Campaign mode, but it is not possible to activate the cheats in online games. If you are looking for cheats that work in both Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne, then you are in the right place!

In order to activate the cheats, you just have to open the chat window by pressing the Enter buttonIt works at any point in the game. Then you must write the corresponding code, press the button again and enjoy the trick. In some cases, you can disable the cheat by repeating the process.

Codetrick effect
keysersoze XGives you X amount of Gold. If you don't put a number, you receive 500
leafittome XGives you X amount of Wood. If you don't put a figure, you receive 500
greedisgood XGives you X amount of Gold and Wood. If you don't put a figure, you receive 500
thereisnospoonYou get infinite mana
pointbreakEliminate the food limit
warpedIncreases the creation speed of buildings and units
whosyourdaddyYour units become invincible
strengthandhonorYou can't lose, so you can continue playing even if you fall "defeated"
thedudeabidesRecharge all spells
synergyTurn off tech tree requirements
allyourbasearebelongtousinstant victory
somebodysetusupthebombinstant defeat
iseedeadpeopleRemoves the fog of war and reveals the entire map
iocainepowderFaster deaths and decomposition
whoisjohngaltspeed up research
sharpandshinyUnlock all upgrades
daylightsavings XIt changes to the time X of the indicated day. If you don't put a figure, it toggles between stop/resume time
riseandshineChange the time at dawn
lightsoutChange the time at dusk
motherland [raza] [nivel]Jump to the corresponding chapter of the indicated campaign. Races can be Human, Orc, Undead or Nightelf
itvexesmeprevents you from winning the game
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