All cheats for Empire Earth and how to activate them

 Empire Earth is one of the best strategy games that exist among the classics of the genre. It's easy to spend hours playing each game in different ways, especially if you can try tricks! There are a number of codes to activate cheats in Empire Earth, either to ease your path to success or to complicate it.

To use cheats in Empire Earth, enter a solo game and press EnterThe chat window will open. Next, type the corresponding code with lowercase or uppercase letters and press Enter / Enter again. If you typed the cheat correctly, it will activate immediately. Think about it well, because some tricks are irreversible.

Without further instructions, now you know all the Empire Earth cheats!

Codetrick effect
display cheatShows a list of all available cheats.
display cheatsSame effect as above, for the Spanish version.
ATMYou earn 1,000 gold.
boston food sucksYou earn 1,000 food.
creatineYou gain 1,000 iron.
rock&rollYou gain 1,000 stones.
you said woodYou gain 1,000 wood.
all your base are belong to usYou gain 100,000 of all resources.
boston rentRemove all gold.
slimfastEliminate all food.
girly-manIt removes all the iron.
mine your own businessRemove all the stones.
uh, smoke?Remove all the wood.
the big digDelete all resources.
brainstormBuildings, repairs, and tech research are instant.
coffee trainRepair buildings and heal units.
asus driversReveals the entire map.
my name is methodsReveals the entire map, removes the fog of war, gives you 100,000 of all resources, and upgrades your units.
columbusReveals animals and fish, but only on the main view (not on the minimap).
headshotRemove all objects and resources from the map.
foregroundThe same effect as above, for the Spanish version.
the quotable patellaUpgrade all your units except citizens.
friendly skiesCompletely refuel the planes.
i have the powerRecovers all energy for units with special attacks.
bam #Where # can be a number between 2 and 14. Automatically advances to the Age indicated by the number. You can only move forward, not backward.
ahh coolYou lose the game immediately.
someone set up us the bombYou win the game immediately.
someone set off a bomb on usThe same effect as above, for the Spanish version.
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