All cheats for Age of Empires 3

 Know with this guide what are all the tricks of Age of Empire 3 . You can earn gold, food, summon various types of units or win a game automatically. It is very easy to use them: just press Enter to open the chat window, write the code, and press Enter again. They will activate immediately, and you can do so at any point in the game!

In the end, we include a few cheats for The Asian Dynasties expansion, and please note that the codes are for single players.

Codetrick effect
Give me liberty or give me the coin+10000 Gold
Medium Rare Please+10000 Food
< censored >+10000 Wood. Note: make sure to write it without spaces
Nova & Orion+10000 Experience
speed always winsIncrease construction, research, delivery, and gathering speed by 100 times for all players
a recent study indicated that 100% of herdables are obeseFatten all the animals on the map, thus generating more food
X marks the spotReveals the entire map, but fog of war remains
sooo goodMakes funny texts appear when a unit kills another or destroys a building
tuck tuck tuckSummons a vehicle The Tommynator
where's the axe?Summon a George Crushington
ya gotta make do with what ya gotSummons a Mediocre Bombard an artillery unit that shoots Capybara
don't kick the pitbullSummon a Learicorn
o Canada 2005Summons a Lazerbear
we <3 fluffy!1!Invoca un Fluffy
wuv woo vol.2Invoca un Flying Purple Tapir
wee ooh wee oohSummons a BigAndy vehicle
this is too hardYou immediately win a game in single player mode

Cheats for The Asian Dynasties' expansion

Codetrick effect
trade plz+10000 Export
a whole lot of love+10000 of each resource
ding ding dingSummons a Monster Ice Cream Truck vehicle
mustard relish and burning oilInvoca un vehículo Flaming Hot Dog Cart
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