All about Mobile Legends expressions and vocabulary

 smurf? KDA? feed? Off-tank? Those are some of the expressions you'll see when playing Mobile LegendsAs in other MOBAs, communication with your team in this game is essential to achieve victory in each match. For that reason, if you blurt out an expression that you don't understand, there can be a lot of disorganization and anger over misunderstandings.

Find out what each expression you need to know to play Mobile Legends means!

Expressions related to the map


It means path, line, or lane, and refers to the main paths by which players can advance to the enemy base. There are three possible lanes:

  • Top Lane: top lane.
  • Mid Lane – Middle lane.
  • Bot/Bottom Lane: bottom lane.

A common example at the time of organizing is this:

- You will go to top lane and I will go to mid.


It is the wooded area that exists between the paths of the map. This is where you can kill neutral monsters for money, experience, and temporary upgrades. The player who decides to start in this area of ​​the map is also called a "jungler".


These are the minions, the little soldiers that accompany the heroes and who always start from the base. They cannot be controlled, but they are an excellent support to push lines and gain money or experience.


They are the sets or groups of minions that leave the base periodically. That is, when the first batch of minions comes out, we are talking about the first wave.

Another example:

- Eliminate that wave in bot and return to base.

Mobile Legends - Waves and last hit

Vocabulary related to fighting


That is said when talking about pushing or advancing a line. In recent years, "pusher" has been adopted as a verb among Spanish-speaking players, to refer to the moment of advancing in a line, cleaning waves, and destroying towers.

An example:

- Push mid! (Push/Advance down the middle line!)


Gank and gank mean to ambush someone or to be ambushed, while staying in one of three lanes. It usually happens when the enemy jungler or another player from the opposing team appears where you are to eliminate you. It is common to see this expression:

- I've been ganked!


The meaning of this term is to divide or separate. It is often used more in combination with the word push as "split push". It says a lot when it comes to carrying out the multi-line push strategy.

A clear example is this:

- Stay on top, I'll do split push on bot.

Initiate or “do engage”

Players use these terms to talk about starting a fight. Said for the purpose of coordinating an attack, waiting for a player (usually a tank) to initiate or engage against the opposing team.


It is the opposite of initiating or engaging, that is, avoiding an initiation. It happens when one team gets as far away from the other as possible during a match, either due to strategy or being outmatched.


Dive literally means to dive, plunge, plummet. It is called that when a player chases an opponent and tries to eliminate them under an enemy tower. Risky, but sometimes very worthwhile.

A very obvious example of that is this:

- I take care of the enemy in mid. I dive him if necessary.


TF stands for "Team Fight", that is, a team fight that includes all or almost all the participants in the game. Whenever someone talks about TF, they probably mean that it's time to do battle against the opposing team.

Ace or Wipe

Both refer to the same thing: one of the two teams is totally eliminated after a match. When you see this expression on the screen, it's time to push lines or take important targets. If no one is doing anything, remind your team that the opponent is "aced" or "wiped out."


It stands for bait, and it is when your team mounts a strategy to lure one or more opponents towards you until they are in a disadvantageous position.


- I'm going to let them see me and bait them to the bush.

Mobile Legends - Bait

Last Hit

Last Hit means "last hit". It is called that when a player manages to eliminate a creature or opponent, thus receiving the money or the buff (more on that later!). It is a very important concept for the first minutes of the game.


In this case, it means harvesting, gathering. Anything to do with getting money and experience by killing enemies, minions, and neutral monsters is farming.

A perfect example:

- You are still very weak, go to the jungle to farm!


Feed means to feed... but with a negative connotation. If someone tells you that you are "feeding" or "feeding", it means that you are dying many times at the hands of your opponents. That only makes them stronger and harder to beat.


DPS stands for damage per second or damage per second. It is the most used damage measurement in the game, especially when we talk about Mobile Legends shooters. It is also a way to identify the role of a hero.

To clarify, a situation:

- Buy physical damage items so you have more DPS. You still don't do much damage!


It means explosion. It is the other measure of damage, not so continuous over time, but focused on taking a lot of life at once. Many assassins and mages are referred to as burst heroes.


KDA is also an acronym, which this time stands for kills, deaths, assistsIt's basically your personal score, a kind of score that indicates how you've performed in team fights.


- My KDA was 12/3/7 in this game. I played well as a mage in teamfights!

Expressions referring to heroes


It simply means choosing, specifically talking about choosing a character. Several times you will see something like:

- What is your pick for bot lane?

Goal pick and goal ban

Meta pick and meta ban are two important terms to talk about in the current metagame, especially for rankedThe first refers to those heroes that are almost mandatory to choose, being strong in the current patch. Instead, the second is related to the heroes that must be banned so that the opposing team cannot choose them.

frontline and backline

Frontline is those heroes who stand in front of the team in team fights. They are usually tanks or other tough heroes, like some fighters and supporters. On the other hand, the backline is made up of heroes who have to stay behind in the team, dealing ranged damage or waiting to make the perfect entry as a melee assassin.

Mobile Legends - Frontline and Backline


It refers to fighting back. A counter is that hero who works well to face another, that is, who has an advantage thanks to his style of play or type of skills. It is also called a counter to make abilities that counteract others, such as avoiding stuns or immediately healing a burst from another character.


- I think I'll choose Lancelot as a counter for his top.


Build means to build, equip. It's the name you use to refer to both the way you choose skills and the items you buy to upgrade your character during the game. A common example is this:

- I will make a build only of resistances and life to endure more as a tank.

Mobile Legends - Builds


OP is also an acronym and means o see powered, which is literally super powerful. He is the hero of the day who has a reputation for being too strong, even more so than other meta picks. The acronym is also used to refer to items and abilities that give the player too much of an advantage.


Off-tanks are hybrid characters that can withstand enemy attacks quite well, and deal good damage.


ADC are acronyms that identify the attack damage carry, the characters responsible for doing a lot of damage per second, or DPS. They are usually in charge of leading the team to victory with a good position, in the team's backline.


MVP stands for the most valuable playerYou will always see it at the end of each game, and it indicates who is the player of the team that has had the best performance. All the stats, kills, kills, assists, money earned, all of that goes into winning this prestigious title.

Expressions related to skills


Range means range. It is the distance at which ability or attack has an effect.


Flash is perhaps the most famous ability in many MOBAsIn the case of Mobile Legends, the Spanish version is called Flashing. It is a spell that all heroes can use, once we reach a certain level in the account, and that serves to move a distance instantly.

buffs and debuffs

Buff means to polish or shape. There are neutral monsters in the jungle that, when killed, grant a temporary buff to the player who killed them. There are also skills that increase the hero's characteristics for a few seconds. All this is called buff. Debuff is the opposite, i.e. making the target hero's stats worse.

Another way to use the term "buff" is when, in an update, the developers have greatly improved a character. What:

- Have you seen how many buffs Akai has received in this patch?


Stun means to stun. It's an effect caused by an opponent's ability that makes it impossible for you to do anything. You cannot move or attack for a short time.


- Make him stun so that we can eliminate him easily!


Refers to abilities with a silencing effect. If you're silenced, you won't be able to use abilities for a few seconds, but you can still move and deal damage with basic attacks.


If you are affected by a slow, you will notice that you will be slowed down. Any ability that reduces movement or attack speed is called a slow.


If you are thrown into the air or knocked down by an ability, you will have suffered a knockup. It is an effect similar to the stun but with greater visual impact since you will see your hero rising for a second. There are heroes that take advantage of this to do more damage.


CC is the acronym that describes the term crowd control, that is, control of crowds or masses. It is a concept that encompasses everything we have said about stuns, slows, silences, and knock-ups. Sometimes some characters can be described as CCs heroes, in case they have a lot of such abilities.

An example:

- They have a lot of CCs, let's not fight now!


All regular MOBA players understand utilities as the definitive abilities of each character, their ultimatesThey are the most powerful and usually the last to be unlocked during the game.

For example:

- Use Layla's ult!

Mobile Legends - Ulti

cool down

Cooldown is the recharge or cooldown time of an ability.

Vocabulary about players


Experienced players playing with new accounts are called smurfs. These play against players who are far below their level.


Trolls are players who negatively influence matches on purpose. Ways they do that is by not helping team fights, dying on purpose, or stealing buffs from teammates.


He is the player who is dedicated to being very toxic with the players in the game, hurling insults and complaining about everything. Please, never be a flamer; we are all better off without them.


KS stands for kill steal or kills stealerIf someone calls you that, you've probably stolen an elimination. Let's use an example:

- I've done all the damage against my opponent, only for you to come and KS me!

Other expressions and vocabulary


It means a good gameThere are several contexts in which that term is used. For example, you say that when it was really a good game, and both teams are happy with the performance. Others use it to annoy or as a synonym for "game over", to indicate that they want to give up.


- We have a lot of advantage, at this point this is already GG...


It is the Mobile Legends qualifying mode, where we can play games and climb the leagues until we are among the best in the game.


Nerf means to weaken. This word is used a lot with updates when the developers decide to make a neutral hero, ability, item, or monster worse than it was before.


- Looks like Minotaur's base stats have been nerfed in this patch.


AFK stands for away from the keyboardIf a player is absent during a match for any reason, we call it AFK. It should be clarified that it can be a reason for a report if the player is absent for a long time.

Izi or EZ

They are ways of saying easy or be easy. It's used a lot to taunt opponents, especially right at the end of the game.

Rage and Ragequit

Rage means anger. It's when a player loses his cool and starts letting out a lot of anger in the chat. Rage quit is to take it even more to the extreme, that is, the player gets angry and has so much stress that he ends up leaving the game.

A perfect example is:

- He died so many times in the beginning that he complained about the jungler and did rage quit...

Those are all expressions! Get used to using them, as they are quite international terms that people of all languages ​​use. Best wishes to you for Mobile Legends matches!

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