All about Assault Rifles in Free Fire!

 Assault rifles are the most popular weapons in Free FireThey are lethal weapons that have a perfect balance between damage, range, accuracy, and rate of fire. Learn about the characteristics of these assault rifles and which ones are the best. We inform you about the pros and cons of each weapon, as well as the number of extras or accessories to add and their availability in loot or drops.

Note: we use the numbers provided by Garena itself. Apart from that, although the company lists the SKS and M60 in the list of assault rifles, we have not included them in the list, as we consider them a sniper rifle and a heavy machine gun, respectively.


PARAFAL Free Fire Assault Rifle

DamageScopePrecisionrate of fireChargerreload speed
  • Extras: all types except the silencer.
  • Weapon availability: in loot.
  • Optimum combat distance: medium (also short with the perks).

PARAFAL is an optimal assault rifle for combat at medium distance, whose performance in close combat is hampered by accuracy and rate of fire. Of course, if you add good extras, it becomes a good weapon for both types of situations. Having one of the lowest rates of fire on the list, PARAFAL is a weapon that requires a good pulse to not waste any bullets.


Free Fire: Rifle de asalto - AUG

DamageScopePrecisionrate of fireChargerreload speed
  • Extras: all types. Comes with a 2x scope pre-installed.
  • Weapon availability: in loot.
  • Optimum combat distance: short and medium.

The AUG is one of the latest assault rifles from Free FireAlthough it has the largest magazine of all, decent damage, and a good rate of fire, accuracy weighs down on the weapon's performance. Luckily, you can equip all kinds of accessories and even change the sight, so don't hesitate to keep it if you find it.


Free Fire: Rifle de asalto - AN94

DamageScopePrecisionrate of fireChargerreload speed
  • Extras: all types except silencers and mouth.
  • Weapon availability: in loot.
  • Optimum combat distance: medium.

The AN94 behaves like a kind of M4A1 but with worse characteristics, except for its damage. It's a good choice if you're going for medium-range combat, as you'll be able to deal good damage. Keep in mind that you can add all kinds of extras except silencers, so it will always be a loud weapon in your hands.

Use the AN94 if you can't find a more powerful assault rifle.


Free Fire: Rifle de asalto - M4A1

DamageScopePrecisionrate of fireChargerreload speed
  • Extras: all types. You can also add the exclusive Chip M4 accessory.
  • Weapon availability: in loot.
  • Optimum combat distance: medium or long.

The M4A1 is one of the most famous weapons in the game and one of the longest-range assault riflesIf we add to that its good damage and accuracy, it is not surprising that this weapon is the favorite of many players. In addition, it is usually easy to find during a game, especially in military locations.

Its great advantage is that we can add all kinds of extras, and it is perfect for both novices and experienced players.


Free Fire: Rifle de asalto - M14

DamageScopePrecisionrate of fireChargerreload speed
  • Extras: all types except the cylinder head. You can also add the exclusive M14 Core of Rage accessory.
  • Weapon availability: in loot.
  • Optimum Combat Distance – Medium, but also long if you handle it right.

Armed with the highest damage and range of an assault rifle, the M14 is a deadly weapon in the hands of skilled players. In range, it is two points ahead of the M4A1, making it useful at long range. It is true that it has the lowest rate of fire on the list, but it is possible to add all kinds of accessories to make the weapon more powerful.

It is a weapon focused on experienced players, and it has a smaller magazine compared to the rest.


Free Fire: Assault Rifle - AK

DamageScopePrecisionrate of fireChargerreload speed
  • Extras: all types.
  • Weapon availability: in loot.
  • Optimum combat distance: medium or long.

The AK is another of the best-known weapons not only in this game but also in the world of Battle Royales and shootersThe characteristics do justice to its fame, as it is one of the rifles that have more damage and range. The negative point is that it is one of the least precise on the list, although, luckily, it can be solved with extras.

If you are patient with the shots, with bursts of two or three bullets, you will be able to eliminate enemies quickly.


Free Fire: Rifle de asalto - SCAR

DamageScopePrecisionrate of fireChargerreload speed
  • Extras: all types except the cylinder head.
  • Weapon availability: in loot.
  • Optimum combat distance: short or medium.

The SCAR is also not the most accurate weapon in the game and is actually worse than the AN94 in several stats. It's plus point is that it is the assault rifle that fires the most rounds per second continuously, making it useful in close-range engagements. Fortunately, almost all possible accessories can be added to it, to compensate for other deficiencies.

If you think you are going to spend more time inside buildings or in other closed spaces, the SCAR is a good choice.


Free Fire: Rifle de asalto - GROZA

DamageScopePrecisionrate of fireChargerreload speed
  • Extras: all types.
  • Weapon availability: only in drops.
  • Optimum combat distance: medium or long.

The mix of damage and rate of fire, along with its long-range and decent accuracy, make GROZA one of the best assault rifles in Free FireIf it is already very good, the fact that we can add extras of all kinds makes your enemies tremble with fear. The negative point is that it is only available in drops, that is, in supply boxes.

Pay attention to these boxes because, if you see that one contains the GROZA weapon, take it immediately. You will not regret it!


Free Fire: Rifle de asalto - XM8

DamageScopePrecisionrate of fireChargerreload speed
  • Extras: all types except the shaft and sight, since it has an integrated one.
  • Weapon availability: in loot.
  • Optimum combat distance: medium.

XM8 is another assault rifle that was added months after the game's release. It's a middle-of-the-road weapon on all specs and doesn't really stand out apart from being the most accurate rifle on the list. We have to take into account that it has a 2x sight integrated, so we can add all kinds of accessories except an improved sight.

If you find this weapon, don't throw it away, as it can get you out of trouble.


Free Fire: Rifle de asalto - FAMAS

DamageScopePrecisionrate of fireChargerreload speed
  • Extras: all types.
  • Weapon availability: in loot.
  • Optimum combat distance: short, but also medium or long if you manage it well.

The FAMAS is one of the best assault rifles in this Battle Royale, but also the most difficult to handle well. Bullets are always fired in bursts, so it's crucial to aim well so you don't waste them. It has a long-range, along with decent damage and accuracy, making this the deadliest weapon at close range.

We recommend the FAMAS for those who are more experienced and know how to handle its recoil due to bursts.


KingFisher rifle de asalto Free Fire

DamageScopePrecisionrate of fireChargerreload speed
  • Extras: all types except the charger.
  • Weapon availability: in loot.
  • Optimal combat distance: medium and long-distance.

Kingfisher is a very stable and reliable assault rifle for both medium and long-range combat. Without being the most damaging weapon of this type, with the Kingfisher, you will be able to land continuous shots more easily than with other weapons. If you also use accessories, you will have in your hands a weapon that can take down enemies from afar.

There is no official data on Kingfisher statistics. For this reason, we will not include this weapon in the comparisons in the following sections.

The best assault rifles by features

As players of this Battle Royale, we not only like to know the weapons but also to know which ones are the best according to their characteristics. Some people care more about harm; to others, accuracy or range. We have designed three listings to better show comparisons between all assault rifles.


The official page of the game does not provide us with data on the DPS (Damage Per Second) of all weapons. Therefore, what we have done here is a sum between the damage and the rate of fire of each assault rifle. The sum is made from the numbers shown in the tables above.

This is the order from highest to lowest DPS:

  1. FAMAS and M14: 120.
  2. AMENDMENT: 119.
  3. AN94: 118.
  4. PARAFAL, AUG, XM8 and AK : 117.
  5. SCAR: 114.
  6. M4A1: 109.

As you can see, the FAMAS, the quintessential burst weapon, and the M14 are the winners of this feature. Although it is difficult to ensure that all the bullets hit our target, if we handle them well (especially the FAMAS), they are undoubtedly the most damaging assault rifles in Free Fire.

The next weapons on the list are GROZA and AN94. They have a good balance between damage and fire rate and, in that sense, they are practically the same as the FAMAS and M14. After GROZA and AN94, there is nothing more and nothing less than a quadruple draw!

by scope

Assault rifles are known for their long-range, although they obviously don't quite reach the numbers of sniper rifles. In this case, the representatives of this list of weapons are similar to each other, but even so, there are clear winners that stand out from the rest. Take a look at what they are:

  1. M14M4A1, and GROZA: 77.
  2. AK: 73.
  3. FAMAS: 70.
  4. SCAR: 60.
  5. XM8 and PARAFAL: 58.
  6. AUG: 56.
  7. AN94: 55.

The M14, M4A1, and GROZA are the kings of this feature, but AK comes close. The rest already lose quite a bit in comparison, so we can say that these four rifles are the big standouts in range. For practical purposes, the difference between the best four weapons is not that appreciable, so we could say that they are on the same level.

by precision

As you will see below, accuracy is the characteristic in which there is the most difference between assault rifles. For this reason, it is the number that has the most weight on the final rating of the weapon. If you want to know which are the most accurate rifles, check out this list:

  1. XM8: 58.
  2. M14: 57.
  3. M4A1 y FAMAS: 54.
  4. AMENDMENT: 52.
  5. AN94: 48.
  6. SCAR: 42.
  7. AK: 41.
  8. PARAFAL : 40.
  9. AUG: 35.

The XM8 and M14 are hands down the big winners, more accurate than any other assault rifle. After these two, they are followed by two identical weapons: M4A1 and FAMAS. Therefore, for lovers of precision, any of these four weapons that make up the TOP 3 can be useful.

The definitive TOP!

Finally, why not see what the best Free Fire Assault Rifles really are? Well, that's what we're going to find out! We've added up the numbers for damage, range, accuracy, and rate of fire. With this, we have designed a table of scores and final positions, to discover which weapons are in the first positions.


Numbers don't lie! The three deadliest assault rifles are the M14GROZA, and FAMASHowever, it should be noted that the M14 and FAMAS are somewhat difficult to handle, compared to other weapons such as GROZA, M4A1, or AK. Remember you can also add attachments to most assault rifles, so you can upgrade any weapon you pick from this list.

It is up to you to choose one or the other rifle, depending on your style of play and preference in terms of weapons. If you want to know more about snipers, shotguns, or pistols, get to know all the Free Fire weapons and which ones are the best.

Also discover how to customize the sight in Free Fire and improve your aimIf you find it difficult to play on mobile, learn how to play Free Fire on a PC with an Android emulator.

Find out more about Free Fire:

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