8 tips to win in the PES 2020 Master League

 The PES ( Pro Evolution Soccer ) franchise brings us back to the Master League mode, which is very similar to the FIFA Career Mode. In the PES 2020 edition, this model received a few changes that have revitalized it and now it is a much more complete experience.

If this is your first time starting this mode or you just want to get better at the basics, here are 8 tips for winning in Master League. Almost all of them have to do with knowing your team well and managing money in the best possible way. Find out now how to succeed in the PES 2020 Master League!

1. Set a suitable goal

Setting goals in PES 2020 Master League

The first choice you will make in Master League mode is to set the ultimate goal for your first year. It is very important to stop and think about what possibilities you have to meet certain objectives. We all want to reach the most difficult goal, thinking that there is nothing to lose. It is not like this!

Meeting the designated goal will give you an extra budget bonusThe more difficult it is to achieve that goal, the greater the bonus. For example, choosing to win a regional cup is not the same as winning the league as well. Aim high, but don't overdo it! Otherwise, you will receive a budget penalty for missing the target.

Our recommendation is:

  • Meet difficult objectives if you are going to lead a very good and consolidated team.
  • Fulfill the objective that they propose to you if you are going to be in charge of a regular team or one created by the game.
  • Accomplish a minor objective if you choose to train a weak team or one created by the game and on high difficulties.

Of course, the next goals you set will depend a lot on how you performed the first time. If you exceeded all expectations in your debut year, this is your perfect opportunity to get ambitious!

2. Know your players

Meet your players Master League PES 2020

Before playing the first game with your team, spend some time getting to know your players. You will not be able to improve strategy or tactics without a good understanding of how each part of the gear works. For this, we advise you to look at the complete list of players on the team.

One aspect that you should observe is the scores, not only the general ones but also the specific ones. That will give you an idea of ​​what each player can contribute on the pitch. Maybe you have three midfielders with the same overall rating, but some will be more durable, others will have more accurate long passes, etc. While you look at these details, think about the strategy you want to carry out.

Another section to take into account are the roles of each player. You can see this information in the player list itself, although it is interesting that you go to My team information > Team role listThere you can see all the roles and, better yet, who shares those roles! It will give you a better idea of ​​who to put and who not, to cover all possible functions.

Lastly, it's worth taking a look at the player's learned positions and skills. This will give you a better idea of ​​where on the field he performs best. Once you know his favorite positions and what he is capable of doing, you can choose to:

  • Keep the player in the same positions so that he gives his best version to the team.
  • Put it in a different but similar position. It will lower the player's spirit and performance but will have more room for improvement.

3. Define your team's strategy and tactics

Define team strategy and tactics in PES 2020 Master League

The last step to take before starting the season is to define the specific strategy and tactics. If you chose to train an already established team, it is very possible that you do not want to change anything. We encourage you to make some changes, be it in the type of line-up, the placement of the players, or the attitude of the team both in attack and defense.

To make these changes, go to Team Management > StrategyIn this menu, there are three sections that are useful: Preset Tactics, Lineup / Edit Position, and Player Options. Dedicate some time to each section and try to put as many talented players as you can. If you break the rules a bit, you will have more flexibility and more quality players!

If you started with a brand new computer, this step is importantAll team members will be like clay pots in the hands of a potter. For that reason, feel free to experiment with different tactics and put different players in the starting lineup. We have tried to change almost everything, giving opportunities to weak players, and the results are surprising for the better!

4. Optimize workouts

Optimize training Master League PES 2020

Although it helps a lot, the development of the players is not limited to participating in matches. If you want each member to be able to perform at their best in the Master League, try to change the focus of their training as needed.

It is important to take this step after establishing the team's strategy and tactics, to know what role each member will have. For a player who is on the offensive line, you will certainly want him to develop training with an offensive focus. If he plays in the central line, it will depend on whether you want to use him to set up plays, block the passage of opponents or enhance the counterattack. So with all players!

If you have an established team, it's a good idea to leave the training as it is, except if you've changed the position of playerIf you've started from scratch, roll up your sleeves and get ready; you will have almost all the players in "Balanced". Although it may seem like a good idea to leave it like that, it is not. Customize each workout based on their position and the role you want them to play. It will take a while, but it will be worth it!

Don't forget to take a look at the skill workoutsEvery time you see a player can learn a new skill, take advantage of it. In this way, your team will have more tools to function on the soccer field. More tools mean more chances to win!

5. Use headhunters

Use PES 2020 Master League scouts

As the season progresses, it's common to notice that your team can get even better. Even if you do not miss anyone in the starting eleven, it is normal to want better players in the reserve. In any case, we strongly recommend the use of the scouts in the PES 2020 Master League.

To fully exploit the potential of this functionality, our advice is to enable one general instruction and two specific instructions :

  • The general will help you to receive reports on different players that can be useful in your squad.
  • The specific ones will be your best tool to reinforce what you already know your team needs, but it will be more difficult to get results.

Of course, you don't have to immediately recruit every player that comes up on the scout. In fact, they will take a long time to disappear, so take some time to think about it and start negotiations only if you are going to use the player!

6. Always negotiate prices

Negotiate prices in PES 2020 Master League

Transfers, loans, and contract renewals are the most important part of team management. Over the weeks, offers will surface from other teams to buy or borrow your players. Also, thanks to headhunters, you will also have opportunities to hire others.

Our advice is not to carry out negotiations all the time. If you are constantly buying and selling players, there will be no way to establish a good base in your team, either with the starters or with the reserves. For that reason, consider breaking off negotiations most of the time.

However, if there is a player that you are not going to use in the short or long term, renegotiateIt is important that you do that, to get as much money as possible in the transfer. Never accept the first conditions! If they don't accept, wait for another offer. Of course, do not agree to sell players over and over again without buying. You want to stay between 21 and 28 players.

First of all, make sure you have enough money to keep your best players on the team. It is normal that you have to pay more salary after a while and if you can not afford it, the players will be dissatisfied and want to leave.

7. Give your players rest

Rest your players in PES 2020 Master League

You read that right: let your players rest! We are not just talking about substituting in the middle of the game, which is very wise if you do not want your team to end up exhausted. An important part of managing your starting eleven is seeing if your players are fit and well-rested. If they are not, they will underperform or even get injured.

For that reason, try to change the headlines from time to time. Give them time to gather their strength and give other players a chance to prove themselves. Only in this way will your team grow, stay in shape, and, therefore, they will be happy with you as a coach. Care is key in PES 2020 Master League!

8. Always be flexible and listen to your team

Always be flexible and listen to your team in PES 2020 Master League

In the last tip, we want to emphasize some details. On the one hand, the rest of the staff will give you advice regarding the negotiations in progress, telling you if it is advisable to stop or continue with itWe will be concise: they are usually right, even if they do not go according to your plans.

On the other hand, the players will make comments as the days go by. Some will talk about transfer rumors; others will earn a title or role bestowed by their teammates. It is common for a few to comment on how happy (or not) they are with the team. Pay attention to this, as it will give you clues about possible strategy and tactics modifications, and how to change the starting line-up.

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