7 important tips to progress in Saint Seiya Awakening

 Saint Seiya Awakening is an action and strategy game with turn-based combat, based on the famous Knights of the Zodiac series. It features a lot of content, great graphics, and fun mechanics to learn, though it can be confusing for new players! For that reason, we have put together 7 important tips to understand and progress well in Saint Seiya Awakening.

Improve your basic knowledge of the game and turn your team into the best legion of knights!

1. Advance in Story mode

Saint Seiya Awakening has an online PvP (player versus player) mode that is quite fun and competitive. That's why some players leave the story mode aside, a mistake you shouldn't make.

For one thing, the game's Story mode is totally based on the original anime, which is perfect if you're a fan. On the other hand, progressing through this mode is a great way to gain experience, gold, and other items needed to upgrade your knights. As you progress through the plot, new features will also be unlocked in the game. And believe us, there are many!

2. Know how to form a good team

Form a good team in Saint Seiya Awakening

One of the first things you will discover in Saint Seiya Awakening is that the knights are divided into ranks S, A, B, etc. That's an indicator of the character's strength. It is obvious that the best thing is to be able to form a team composed only of golden knights, that is, rank S, but it is not always possible!

Your team in Saint Seiya Awakening can have up to 6 knightsInitially, you can only have 4, but you will unlock more slots at levels 13 and 18. Each one has its own characteristics and attributes that make them better or worse depending on the situation. Some are useful as support; others are single or multiple target damage. The most important thing is to understand how each character contributes to your team.

Another interesting point is the synergy mechanic. Through it, some characters get bonuses when they are together in the formation. An example is Seiya and Shiryu for a normal combo attack. To discover these synergies, go to the menu Develop > Enhance > Link.

A good strategy is to get a gold knight first, then build a team with him as a base. This will make it easier for you to choose the rest of the characters to complement the skills in the best way. It goes without saying that it will take a few tries to find the right combination, but it's a good start!

3. Learn the combat mechanics

Learn combat mechanics Saint Seiya Awakening

Saint Seiya Awakening fights to take place in turns. Each character has his turn to attack, and the order depends on the speed of each one. Knights also have unique abilities, but to use them, you must spend a specific value of equipment energy.

With that in mind, it's crucial to look at the knights' attack order, abilities, and costs. Managing team energy is important, as you never want your best knight to run out of energy. Otherwise, you won't be able to use his ability! To avoid that, just basic attack the other knights.

Fortunately, team energy resets every time all of your knights have spent their turn.

Automatic mode and manual mode

Saint Seiya Awakening has an automatic combat mode, in which the knights choose for themselves what they are going to do. Don't use this function, plain and simple. In addition to not managing energy in the best way, there will be no way to choose attacks or abilities.

4. Upgrade your knights

Upgrade Knights Saint Seiya Awakening

One of the most important aspects of Saint Seiya Awakening is the development of your knights. Although the game is fairly easy at first, the fights will become considerably more difficult as you progress through the story. Sooner or later the need to improve your character will arise.

In the "Development" menu, you can find all the ways to evolve each knight:

  • Level up
  • Renaissance
  • Seventh sense
  • Skill
  • Link

You will level up using the knight EXP potions you receive in Story Mode or Epic Ruins. When you first reach level 20 with a character, the development will stall but the Rebirth option will unlock.

In order to be reborn, you will need to sacrifice other knights that have the same star level and pay a specific amount of goldWhenever a knight is reborn, the attributes and maximum level will increase. Therefore, whenever you can, reborn your knight!

The Seventh Sense option is used to unlock an extra skillBefore you achieve that, you will need to open six slots by spending gold, 7th Sense Stones, and Awakening Stones. These two types of stones are only obtained by overcoming phases in Dimension, or by buying them in the Legion Market. Once you open all six slots, you will finally unlock the ability.

Finally, in the Skill section, you can improve all the skills of your knights. For this, you will need identical copies of the character and it can be evolved up to a maximum of 5 times. Each upgrade will require an additional copy to complete. Therefore, every time you get a repeat knight, take advantage of it to maximize your skills!

5. Participate in Events and complete daily quests

Participate in events and complete missions Saint Seiya Awakening

One of the great advantages of Saint Seiya Awakening is that you don't need to spend real money, although you will obviously advance faster if you pay. Most of the great rewards in the game can be collected in the Daily menu. Inside you will see Test of Athena, Treasure of the Great Patriarch, among others, each one juicy prize that you can accumulate up to a certain daily limit.

Pay special attention to the Training Camp. In addition to recovering Vigor, the resource you use to play almost any mode in Saint Seiya Awakening, this activity allows you to raise the daily limit that we mentioned earlier.

Apart from these activities, the game also has temporary events that you can access in the Event menu, located at the top right of the main menu. You will receive countless rewards by participating in these events and completing them.

6. Form and participate in Legion

In Saint Seiya Awakening you can be part of a Legion, which is basically a clan or club. You will be in a group of players that you can team up with to play modes and complete missions. Playing in Legion modes will guarantee you unique and very valuable rewards. Plus, it's always better in the company!

Another great advantage of interacting with other players is sending and receiving VigorThat's definitely very important, especially if you know you're not going to be playing much on a given day. And don't worry if you don't have friends or acquaintances in the game. A menu of its own will be unlocked where you can join the ranks of an already created Legion. Just select the one you prefer, and you will be one of the Legion!

7. Save diamonds to summon knights

Save diamonds to summon knights Saint Seiya Awakening

One of the activities that will capture your attention the most in the game is the summoning of knights. It is located in the Summon menu and, in it, you can unlock new characters. For that, you will need to use different types of diamonds.

There are four ways to summon new knights:

  • Normal
  • Advanced
  • AR
  • theme invocation

Always save your diamonds for Advanced and Theme Summon modes, as both will give you better chances of getting A or S rank knights. To ensure you succeed, keep an eye on the bottom left corner.

Depending on the day, you will see that one of three phrases will be written in red: Lucky, Luckiest and Luckiest. That will define the luck of getting stronger knights. For that reason, our advice is to wait for The Luckiest to play, then spend your diamonds. Never any other time!

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