3 ways to get the Free Fire magic cube

 The magic cube is, without a doubt, one of the most precious items for Free Fire players. We are all looking for ways to get this item, as it will allow us to exchange them for exclusive skins in this Battle RoyaleDiscover the 3 ways to get the magic cube in Free Fire!

1st way: Luck Royale

Luck Royale is the name of one of the Free Fire reward systems. This system is quite similar to the loot boxes of other well-known games. You can be a person with enough luck and win the magic cube. Of course, keep in mind that this method is not free!

To try your luck, you will need to use tickets that can be obtained by completing various challenges in the game. If you want to speed up this process, you will have to pay and buy each ticket.

Luck Royale is divided into 4 categories, and the magic cube can appear in all of them. These are the categories:

  • diamond royale
  • Gold Royale
  • Weapon Royale
  • incubator
  • Legacy Returns

You can currently get the Magic Cube or Magic Cube Fragments in Diamond Royale and Legacy Returns. To get them, it is common to have to pay several attempts, so you will have to buy enough diamonds for this process.

2nd way: Elite Pass

The Elite Pass usually gives you amazingly wonderful rewards in Free FireFor the 16th edition of the pass, Garena decided to include the magic cube and fragments as other prizes. That will involve going up quite a few levels until you reach the level necessary to obtain the said item, but the gesture is appreciated!

The big challenge is that the Elite Pass needs to be purchased with real money. Once you have it, not only will you have to climb levels until you reach the end, but you will have to cross your fingers to get the magic cube in the exclusive chest of the pass.

It is not the best of all methods, but it does guarantee you to accumulate 10 magic cube fragments. It is true that, as the seasons go by, Garena may be encouraged to continue including the magic cube. You may have more chances to win the item!

3rd way: magic cube events

Garena is also trying to keep players interested with specific and temporary events throughout the year. Two of them included the magic cube as a prize, and it is possible that they will continue to launch other events during 2020.

In one of the past events, magic cubes were given away at the end of the games. It is to be hoped that, in the near future, Garena will do a similar event again or another in which she invites us to complete missions and challenges. So be sure to keep an eye out for the new events, as sooner or later they will include magic cubes!

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