12 games similar to The Sims: online or offline games

 The Sims is an incredibly good and very special series for the games industry. When it comes to life simulators, The Sims is the leading voice and has no rival. However, it is true that sometimes we feel like discovering something different but sharing some fundamentals.

To do this, we have created a list of 12 games that are similar to The Sims franchise. You will find titles that are well known for their social aspect, while others focus more on home design. There are also those that add role-playing and exploration elements. As clarification and extra information, we inform you on which platforms you can enjoy each game and if it is played offline or online. Find out now!

1. Second Life

Second Life

Platforms: PC.

Modality: online.

Second Life is considered as the online version of The Sims proposal, with permission of The Sims Online. Since it came out in 2003, it has grown a lot in content and continues to be quite active. Although you can't do everything that the reference saga offers, it does have many social possibilities that will make you never get bored.

You will be able to meet many other people who also play Second Life, participate in group activities, go shopping, etc. Perhaps what is most appealing about this game is its powerful figure and item creator. The reason there is so much content in the game is that players have been able to create thousands and thousands over the years. If you loved this facet in The Sims, here you can do it without limits!

And that's not all. In Second Life there are concerts, places that help romance blossom, and people who are making real money from their virtual businesses. Being a creator and a good contributor gives you benefits. On the other hand, you are free to buy an available piece of land and create the home of your dreams, as there are a good number of tools for it. It is immense!

2. Avakin Life

Avakin Life

Platforms: Android and iOS.

Modality: online.

Avakin Life is similar in some ways to Second Life, although it is more focused on the social and fashion side. In this sense, if what you love about The Sims is trying out different outfits and pieces of clothing, changing your hair, and sharing your tastes with other people from all over the world, Avakin Life is for you!

Likewise, Avakin Life also encourages players to put their touch on homes, as it includes quite a few interior design options. As you can see, this game really focuses on all things fashion. If you really like this sector, you will feel at home. If not, you can always chat and have a good time with the hundreds of thousands of players who connect daily.

3. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Platforms: iOS and Android.

Modality: online (you need to be connected).

In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, just like in The Sims, you interact more with NPCs than with other players. It does have a multiplayer facet, although direct interaction with others is almost nil. Instead, you get more busy caring for your land, completing commissioned tasks, and setting up activities/businesses for your neighbors.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a pretty cute game: you'll be surrounded by chattering animals! There are many things to do, clothes to wear and you can even take photos to remember. You will be able to fish, catch butterflies, take care of your flowers, participate in seasonal events and set up your restaurant. If you get bored, it won't be for lack of options!

4. Virtual Families 2

Virtual Families 2

Platforms: PC, iOS, and Android.

Modality: offline.

Virtual Families 2 is an offline simulator similar to The Sims that focuses much more on the family aspect. You start with one person and your goal is to find a partner and start a family that lasts from generation to generation. At the same time, you will be able to personalize the house and give it all the personal touches that you consider appropriate.

Compared to what The Sims franchise has to offer, Virtual Families 2 is a lot more straightforward. Even so, if what you like about this type of simulator is family management, this game is interesting. You can guide your character towards one personality type or another and get them to have a specific career path. And if you love modifying houses, you can easily expand and change!

5. Youtubers Life

Youtubers Life

Plataformas: PC, Android, iOS, PS4, Nintendo Switch y Xbox One.

Modality: offline.

Youtubers Life is, as the name suggests, the Sims of Youtubers. It doesn't have many of the options that the well-known franchise provides, but it does invite you to do everything possible to be the next successful YouTuber. The game presents you with the possibilities of being a gamer, musician, cook, or fashion maker.

It is a curious game in which you start small and build your reputation step by step. You must plan your day-to-day in the most effective way, in order to jump to fame as soon as possible, but with a good foundation. Meanwhile, you have to be attentive to relationships with friends, partners, family, and fans. You will feel like a real Youtuber, with all that that entails!

6. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley

Plataformas: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS y Android.

Modality: offline and online.

Stardew Valley puts you in the shoes of a person who inherits his grandfather's farm and decides to take care of the land. With this premise, this game is a Sims game that leans more towards managing a farm and interacting with neighbors. The activities are usually related to farming, fishing, raising animals, and creating items, among other things.

If you have a friend who likes this type of game, Stardew Valley is very enjoyable in the company. There is much to explore, especially if you go beyond the limits of the terrain. There are numerous caves full of monsters and treasures! Together you can go on adventures and, in addition, you have the opportunity to marry and start a family with one of your neighbors in the game.


IMVU online

Platforms: PC (web browser), Android and iOS.

Modality: online.

In case you really liked creating your character and dressing it up in your own style in The Sims, you will have much more of that in IMVU. It doesn't really have many options beyond this, since it mainly serves as a virtual chat platform. Still, IMVU doesn't skimp on customization options, both character and household, and there are often plenty of social events.

If you're worried about customization possibilities, fear not: the game contains over 30 million items and counting! In this sense, it is perhaps the most complete game you will find, and more so for the fact that it has support for creation by the players themselves. You won't get bored trying new fashions!

8. My Time At Portia

My Time At Portia

Plataformas: PC, Switch, PlayStation 4 y Xbox One.

Modality :

My Time At Portia is another life simulation game that is also reminiscent of Stardew Valley. In fact, it takes as its context a quite similar premise. You will be in charge of a workshop and farm in Portia, and you will have to work to grow the business. It is very important to meet the other inhabitants and interact with them, in addition to attending different events.

All the social and romantic facet has their similarities with The Sims. Not only that, but My Time At Portia gives us the ability to decorate and modify our home just the way we want. It's also important to work on improving your skills, whether they're social, crafting, or combat. Yes, combat! Because another amazing detail is that you can fight against many monsters.

9. Dream House Days

Dream House Days

Platforms: iOS and Android.

Modality: offline and online.

Did you fall in love with the whole thing about creating homes, having people live in them, and influencing the lives of characters in The Sims? Well, Dream House Days focuses a lot on these aspects that also made that franchise great. You will play the role of an apartment owner and architect looking to attract new tenants.

At the same time, you will be able to influence those people who live in your apartments. It is necessary to manage everything related to the homes well, making sure that the neighbors can pay the rent and stay happy. You will see how their behaviors change depending on how you do each of the houses. Interesting to say the least!

10. Planet Zoo

Planet Zoo - Games like The Sims

Platforms: PC.

Modality: offline.

Planet Zoo is a Sims with animals. Many animals! You will be in charge of a zoo, with all that that implies. You will have to take care of the cute creatures, make sure they are well, and satisfy their needs. In addition, the handling of young animals is also important.

Of course, that also means that you must create your own zoo, with its parks, establishments and spaces enabled for people. In short, Planet Zoo is a good mix between what the Sims saga offers and others like Planet Coaster or Zoo Tycoon. Be the best zoo owner and make it the most successful in the whole world!

11. Home Street

Home Street

Platforms: iOS and Android.

Modality: online (necessary to play).

In Home Street, your goal is to create the house of your dreams. For this, the game has a development similar to The Sims. You must work in different areas and improve the skills of your character. You can paint pictures, do crafts, create music, among other things. With the money obtained, in a matter of a few days, you will have an incredible home.

In addition to all this, Home Street includes a mission system that extends the life of the game and gives you more options to earn money. As the hours go by, you will meet other neighbors and you can invite them to your house for all kinds of recreational activities. It's a nice game and good to hang out with for weeks.

12. Habbo


Plataformas: PC, Android e iOS.

Modality: online.

Previously known as Habbo Hotel, everything in this game is based on social interaction, chat, and leisure activities. In fact, it includes a system where you can create new games for you and your friends to have a fun time. The environment of interaction is hotels full of apartments and, of course, you are in one!

There is no shortage of character customization options, being able to change your clothing and appearance as you prefer. And if you love construction, you can act as an architect and design the most striking structures.

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