10 Free Fire Youtubers worth watching!

 Free Fire is a phenomenon among Battle Royales that has gained a lot of strength in the last two years. Gaining quite a bit of popularity, many YouTubers and streamers have taken the step of creating content related to the game.

There are dozens of channels that have different approaches, with which we could make an endless list. We have focused on making a diverse list of YouTubers that are interesting for both beginners and experienced players.

In other words, if you're a Free Fire player looking to laugh and learn, check out these 10 YouTubers who deserve a shot!



We start with the one with the most subscribers on the list, and there is a good reason for that! TheDonato is a very funny YouTuber , who puts humor and fun above the thirst for victory. This is a good channel if you are looking for varied content, calm, and with several moments in which you learn while you laugh. You won't regret watching his videos!


This is one of the most creative and fun players, with good competitive blood. He usually goes all out in his games, trying his hardest to come out on top. For this reason, anyone who wants to rank up in Rankeds should watch BoomSniper videos.

Antronixx G

Antronixx G is a much more serious player compared to many other Free Fire YouTubers and streamersHe is not fooling around, but he makes an effort and, for this reason, many times we can learn from him. In various videos, he talks about the weapon and suit skins, how to get them, and their usefulness. A good YouTuber is worth it!

MrStiven Tc


MrStiven Tc is a YouTuber who fights to be the best, but without neglecting the fun part of playing Free FireHe interacts with his subscribers and his clan, as well as participates in in-game tournaments. You will be able to see a few games uploaded to his channel. Apart from all this, he likes to do some challenges and dares, both alone and in a group.

Bones JPLM

If you are looking for a YouTuber who really focuses on the Rankeds , all you have to do is enter his channel. Most of his videos are about Ranked matches in Free Fire, and from time to time he uploads a video that advises us on our way to Grand Master. If you want to be one of the best in this Battle Royale, watch Bones JPLM videos!


AleAlVa is a YouTuber who loves to do various live shows, sharing her Free Fire games through streaming and with different objectives. She usually records her wanderings in Ranked, trying to rank up. She does a Vlog from time to time, and it's worth paying attention: she often invites people to her rooms, with a chance to win prizes!

Focus 98

Focus 98 is another of the YouTubers who make varied content, from Ranked matches to comments on the latest game updates. You will also see many tournament videos, as well as funny occurrences that he experiences throughout his Free Fire games. A nice channel that is worth going through.



WATZAP is another Free Fire YouTuber that is gaining a reputation over the months. He is very humorous, so don't expect pure seriousness in his videos. He uploads games where all kinds of things happen, and he likes to challenge himself from time to time, trying to overcome them in every possible way. If you want to watch a casual channel, this is a great option.

A3 Sag

If you are looking for something different, A3 Sag takes a unique approach on their YouTube channel. He uploads games like the others on the list, but he also makes an effort to make good compilations of highlights. He constantly plays in Ranked, always with a good level of play. There are days that he chooses to upload reviews and opinions about the new Free Fire content, as well as advice videos. A very complete YouTuber !


To finish the list, we present Luuuislo, a Free Fire YouTuber who focuses on the curiosities of the game. He also creates content on how to get weapon and outfit skins, and there isn't a month that goes by that he doesn't spend a large sum of diamonds on Luck Royale. Of course, all with good touches of humor!

And those are the 10 Free Fire YouTubers that we present to you! Do not hesitate to go through their channels, learn, laugh, and, if they have made you have a good time, do not hesitate to give them those likes and subscribe!

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