10 advanced tips to be a Heroic in Free Fire

 Free Fire is a Battle Royale that has a very simple objective: to survive. Does that mean it's easy? Not even remotely! It is necessary to practice a lot and persist in improving. There are a large number of weapons to handle, maps to know, places to loot, and a multitude of other details to take into account.

If you have already started in this game and have managed to get several victories, now is the time to improve your skills and climb the rankings to the Heroic league. Meet our guide and discover the tips that will help you achieve it!

1. Combine characters

Free Fire - Advanced Tips: Combining Skills

Later in the ladder, it's very rare to see a player who doesn't have a character set up with different abilities. Each character has a different special ability that can be more or less useful to you. It all depends on your style of play and if you want to be the best, you should combine skills.

For example, aggressive players prefer to combine Andrew's ability with those of Paloma and Miguel. In this way, you will have a more durable bulletproof vest and you will be able to carry more AR ammo, apart from gaining EP with each elimination. Other more strategic players choose Ford and Kelly, to run more and take less damage from the storm gas. The possibilities are enormous!

2. Prepare well!

Free Fire - Advanced tips: survival and basic items

Before entering a Free Fire match, you can take some special items with you. They are divided between survival items and basic items. Do not enter any ranked match without equipping at least one of these items.

survival items

  • Campfire – Regenerate your life bar.
  • Airdrop: call a plane that brings you a box with equipment, near your position.
  • Treasure Map - Used on the plane and reveals to you the position of a treasure chest.
  • Treasure Token – Used on the plane and you need to eliminate an enemy to collect the reward.

Basic items

  • Armor Box – You start the game with random protection.
  • Supply Box – Upon landing on the battlefield, you will have a medkit or ammo.
  • Pocket – Increases the capacity of your inventory.
  • Scanner – Reveals how many enemies are left on the plane and who landed near your position.

3. Land in the best places

Free Fire - Advanced tips: choose the landing place well

If you want to know what is the advice that is repeated in absolutely all Battle Royales, this is it! And with good reason, because where you land will affect your entire gameIf you are already playing ranked, you will know which are the corners of the map where you can find good equipment or the areas with the highest number of players.

a neel

Your style of play will determine the decision to land in one place or another. Still, if you're playing to climb the ranks, it's best to start safely, without surrounding yourself with too many enemies. Head towards towns with good loot but isolated from the rest of the opponents. It is more important to be one of the last survivors than to eliminate 10 players at the beginning of the game. Survival is everything!

4. Know the weaponry and sight

Free Fire - Advanced tips: knowing weapons and sights

You'll never know for sure what you're going to find as you explore the map, or what other players will leave behind. For that reason, it is important that you know how to play with all the weapons in the game. This way you will be able to master the tools that Free Fire gives you to survive until you get better weapons.

Although it is true that it depends on your style, try to have a long-distance weapon and another medium or short. There are players who love to use assault rifles and shotguns; others prefer snipers with submachine guns. The gun is not essential, but any weapon will do in an emergency! And, of course, do not be disgusted by a good machete or frying pan, lest you be left with punches and without ammunition.

Find your own balance of best weapons and stick with it. Forget what others do: what matters here is that you play your way. You can carry up to three firearms, so you just have to decide what type of weapons you prefer to use. If you want better control over your sights, try toggling " Precise On Sight " or " Full Control " within the game controls. If you continue with the default option, you won't be able to do headshots!

5. Be calm when looting

Free Fire - Advanced tips: looting well and calmly

What are you going to do in Free Fire without equipment? Nothing! That's why all players are constantly looking for loot to get the best possible weaponry. Also, having supplies like medical kits, spare ammo, and protection is crucial if you want to be victorious. You have to be careful because if you enter an area with loot, it is very sure that there is another enemy nearby.

The recommendation is to go quickly to collect equipment when you start the game. After that, it is best to always go easy, crouch down and walk little by little. If you make noise, you will alert other nearby players and they will take the opportunity to eliminate you and take your things. Also keep in mind that, after 10 minutes, it is very likely that all the new places you explore will have been looted.

If you play in Duo or Squad, try to share equipment with them. It's no use having the best weaponry and protection if your teammates barely have a level 1 pistol and vest. In other words, don't be selfish if you play with allies. If not, in the end, you will all lose!

6. Use vehicles well

Free Fire - Advanced Tips: Use Vehicles Well

If you decide to start in an isolated place and at the edge of the map, try to find a vehicle immediately. This will allow you to move faster across the battlefield. You will also be able to use the vehicle to reach other more advantageous places or, why not, get ahead of unsuspecting enemies.

We know it's tempting, but it's not recommended to stay in a vehicle in the last minutes of the game. The circle becomes too small and all the remaining players will hear you. You will be a very obvious target for the rest, so they will blow up your vehicle in a few seconds. What is there to do then? Come out and fight on your feet! Don't try to win the game behind a steering wheel or handlebars.

7. Check the minimap constantly

Free Fire - Advanced tips: look at the minimap

Usually ignored, the minimap is one of the most useful tools in Free FireIn addition to orienting you in the game, it reveals an enemy's position when he shoots. It also warns where a vehicle is approaching, indicates where the drone is passing, what the danger zone is and how far the safe zone will be closed.

Use the minimap and take a look whenever you can. This way you will get to other places safely and you will be able to more easily avoid the dangers that flood each game of this Battle Royale.

8. Take advantage of the gas zone

Free Fire - Advanced Tips: take advantage of the gas zone

It is good to learn to anticipate where the safe zone will close. This way you can better plan your movements more effectively. At the beginning of the game, when the circle is still very large and takes time to close, you have a lot of freedom of movement and the gas does not reduce your life much.

However, and this is important to understand, the final circles will close fasterIt is common to see enemies that have been left behind trying to get out of the gas. For that reason, when you get to the safe zone, look for a good position that allows you to see the gas but still covers your back. You will almost certainly find an opponent running for his life. What a pity that he is going to meet you!

9. It is not illegal to be a camper

Free Fire - Advanced Tips: Being a Campero

And we mean it! If you don't know what a camper is, it's called the player who stays in one position for most of the game. Free Fire is not a game in do

where you can hide well outside, so it is common for players to stay inside buildings to take shelter.

You don't need to be so careful in the first few minutes of the game, but be careful later on. When you see a building, try to explore a little from the outside and enter through a window. Quickly observe your blind spots, as it is normal for enemies to wait in a corner. If no one is there and the house is within the safe zone, stay and wait! There will be players who fall under your nets.

10. Be alert from the beginning to the end of the game

Free Fire - Advanced tips: be on alert until the end

Never assume that you are alone. Just don't do it. There might be a camper with a sniper rifle, or turning that corner might be a player with heavy weapons. Constantly move from obstacle to obstacle until you find a good hiding place. Avoid exposing yourself too much if you know someone is nearby, as it is preferable to see your enemy before he sees you.

Likewise, don't start firefights that you can't finish. If you are going to attack someone, do it knowing that you will eliminate them quickly. If you are effective and consistent in hunting down enemies, it will be easier to get eliminations, achieve one more victory and climb the league to the top of the rankMay all your shots be accurate!

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