Iranian state media warns Israel with airstrikes for any 'wrong move'

In Vienna right now, world powers are scrambling to save the Iran nuclear deal. This time a new regime is negotiating in the talks, but the signs in Vienna are like Deja VU.

The United States wants off crippling sanctions, Iran drags out the talks and enriches uranium, Israel threatens war, the Europeans plead and negotiate. And the Arabs watch from the sidelines in the latest and the UN nuclear watchdog reached an agreement with Iran. This is on replacing its surveillance cameras at a centrifuge bots workshop.

These cameras were removed after the anti-pattern attack. While this may have eased a growing standoff, both the u.s. and Israel are preparing for alternatives, a contingency plan. If the agreement cannot be restored according to the U.S. secretary of state Anthony Blinken, the U.S is actively engaging with allies and partners on alternatives, asphalt, Israel. They have urged a hard line against Iran. In fact, Israel is even preparing itself for a possible military alternative, but this has not gone down well with Iran. Iran has warned Israel in a new article by the state media. The article was titled quote-on-quote a wrong move and it is a serious warning.

It was meant to be a reminder of Iran's apparent defense capabilities. It mentioned how quickly Iran would ready would be ready to strike Israel and how all major cities here could be targeted. Interestingly, while the west bank is included in the target list, Gaza is missing from the map.

That's the headline that the tear on times featuring a map of Iranian targets in Israel, I'm standing at one of those targets right now, a marina that is usually bustling with locals and tourists. During peak times, the Israeli government doesn't appear to have responded directly to the list of targets with commentators crediting the list to a simple Google search, rather than any high-level Iranian intelligence. They note that the list includes sites in the west bank, but not Gaza illustrating the ties between tarot group hummus and that backers interferon.

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