'You kept Europe united', says Macron while raising final toast to Merkel

Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron, the big two of Europe for the last few years, have left Europe through multiple crises. So when it came to giving the german chancellor a farewell, it was a bit of an emotional moment for the French president, rather than a grand state dinner at the lse.

The presidential palace in Paris macro invited her to the medieval town of them born And her fair visit to France. As a chancellor of Germany, the two leaders shared an emotional hug, a sign of their strong cooperation macro and his wife Bridget welkin Merkel, and her husband, Joe Kim Sauer. The farewell was the 15th-century hospice debate, a former hospital which now houses an annual charity auction of Burgundy wines, macro presented Merkel with France's highest award.

The grand cross of the Legion of honor, the French president, also thanked Merkel for her patience with him and the lessons that she has taught him. The macron selection in 2017 was the beginning of a very close friendship that has seen a few rough patches. Both macro and Merkel are champions of European integration, and, even though They disagreed on a lot of issues, macro and Merkel have worked together very closely during the forever 19 crisis, with both leaders steering the block through the pandemic and Merkel's hug with macro symbolized in many Ways an end of an error in cooperation between France and Germany and in European politics.

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