Yahoo pulls out of China, citing challenging business environment

 After two decades of a tumultuous journey tech company yahoo has pulled out of China. The withdrawal does not come as a surprise, because Beijing is infamously known for its digital censorship.

In fact, many of yahoo's services were blocked by xi. Jinping's government's recent crackdown on tech companies in china has complicated the matter further. In a recent statement, yahoo china said that, in recognition of The increasingly challenging business and legal environment in China, the yahoo suite of services will no longer be accessible from mainland China.

As of the 1st of November, it said we remain committed to the rights of our users and free and open internet. The pull-out comes at a crucial time. Washington and Beijing have been at loggerheads over technology and trade.

Us has put restrictions on telecom, Giant, Huawei, and many other Chinese tech companies. The white house has blatantly accused these companies of sharing data with the Chinese government and even its military in an expected move. Beijing has denied all these connections.

The country, in fact, has hit back at the united states for blocking china's technological rights just in the content space um, it's just uh. It's pretty clear that that the Chinese government is not going to allow um us companies to operate in that space without heavy censorship. and without heavy, you know heavy scrutiny of data, the kind of data they would be collecting, for example, and so there, therefore, those companies have most of them have decided to.

You know to scale back or pull out entirely um, because that space is that they don't see any hope, that's getting better in the near term Yeah I was the latest foreign tech company to exit china. Last month, the Microsoft person, a professional networking platform, LinkedIn said it would shutter its Chinese site, and google gave up many years ago. So why are companies pulling out of china now? How does Beijing create such a hostile environment? Well, tech giants argue that there is a huge potential market, but the government tries to control the market directly by Forcing firms to censor the content and removing anything even remotely political and xi Jinping's government is good at finding alternatives with western companies leaving the market. China has built its own version of the digital engines like in yahoo and google's case. The bayou search engine has already filled the void.

There's no Facebook and Instagram in China, WeChat and Weibo are the leading social media platforms in the Country.

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