XFINITY OUTAGE: Xfinity outage grows to more than 50,000 customers

We have a major cable outage in the bay area. It started last night cable started being restored and about four.

This morning we just saw another huge spike in outages. Of course, that's the people that were up to report. It's at four in the morning, but we're talking about 54 000 customers of Chromecast Xfinity and we're talking cable as well as phone and internet services.

So we don't know exactly what happened. Comcast is not yet responding to us, but again there was an outage. Things were starting to get back to normal and then another huge spike in outages.

This is affecting the north, southeast bay, and peninsula, and there it is uh the uh look at the  Chromecast website. We uh just took it away for, but it had those two spikes on it for you.

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