Worlds most valuable item on display | Mona Lisa Of Stamps | $8 Million

If you belong to the generation that used to write letters and then send them via post, then you would have purchased a post-it stump, but can you imagine how much could a post-it stamp actually could cost you? Well, this is a stamp that is being described, is the Mona Lisa among stamps, and it's worth is going to be to make you very very Surprised, take a look. 

Worlds most valuable item on display |  Mona Lisa Of Stamps | $8 Million

This tiny piece of history carries the distinction of being the world's most valuable stamp.

This is the one-cent magenta from British Guiana. Such is the rarity of the stamp that it is being called the mona list of stamps, and now members of the public can own parts of it through what is known as fractional ownership. 

The stamp dates back to the year 1856 And has returned to the united kingdom for the first time in 143 years, it was bought earlier this year by rare stamps merchant Stanley gibbons for a jaw-dropping 8.3 million dollars.

 The unique stamp is now on display at the Stanley gibbons flagship store in London. So how will the public buy parts of this rare collective item? Well, figuratively, the stamp is being split into 80,000 pieces.

What makes it so rare is that only one Has survived so normally uh back in the day you would um you'd have uh small print random stamps lots of local printings like this, but over time multiples would be found. You'd get two three four five come up uh. This is the only straight postage stamp in the commonwealth, where only one has ever surfaced.

So it's thought they were produced for local newspapers because of the one-cent rate um, which means that a lot would have Been destroyed immediately after use, and it was only a short print run to tide uh, the colony over until more stamps arrive. So it's a very short print run, very low survival rate, and only one's turned up ever so it's absolutely unique. The stamp is unique, which possibly explains the enormous price tag attached to it.

The stamp is tiny, to say the least. It measures 29 by 26 millimeters and features a three-masted sailing ship under the fractional ownership scheme. Members of the public can buy tiny parts of this already tiny stamp, with 80 000 figurative pieces available for sale on the website.

It's just one-twentieth of a gram that makes it gram for gram the most valuable item in the world.

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