World’s most popular leader : PM Modi ahead of Biden, Boris, Merkel

This is according to an American research firm that goes by the name morning, consult, and it has said that the Indian prime minister, Narendra Modi, has yet again emerged as the world's most popular leader amongst his followers. Now, following him very closely in his Footsteps, is the Mexican president, Manuel Lopez, Obrador, and third on the list? Is the Italian prime minister, Mario Draghi, and all of these leaders have, of course, eclipsed other popular democratic leaders such as president Biden of the united states, the German chancellor, angela Merkel, and also the British prime minister, Boris Johnson, a data intelligence firm. That goes by the name morning.

Consult is the one that has carried out a survey of all of these Leaders. This was a survey of about 13 different world leaders and India's prime minister Narendra Modi has got approval ratings that amount to almost about 70 percent. Amongst his followers just about 20 odd percent of the people disapproved of the Indian prime minister, the Mexican president, Manuel Lopez Obrador, follows him on the approval ratings, with a rating of nearly 66 percent, who Approve of his style of working and Mario Draghi who's been dealing With a lot of political and financial instability in his nation is on the third position, joe Biden on this list of 13 people is on the sixth position, two below two places below the outgoing german chancellor, angela Merkel, while Britain's prime minister Boris johnson rounds off the top ten list now India's prime minister has been Credited with several high-profile initiatives, both at home and also abroad.

These include the world's largest vaccination drive, leading the world's climate fight, a key role in the Afghan peace process, and keeping the world's focus on anti-terrorism hosting. The very first unsc meet on maritime security and also spearheading India's post-pandemic economic revival. Amongst many other issues.

Now, according To this American data research firm called morning, consult the Indian prime minister had received about 60 approval ratings ever since the company started collecting data in 2019. So this firm that collects this fascinating data in terms of how popular a leader is, has been in existence for the last two years and remember. It has been looking at the data very closely for different political leaders around the world, and it has of course said that it is the Indian prime minister who happens to be the world's most popular leader with the highest approval rating and one of the aspects.

The Indian prime minister has received such approval for his work because of the spectacular manner in which the vaccination drive was conducted, where more than a billion vaccines have in fact been delivered. The world health organization has also said that the landmark was, of course, a sign of India's strong leadership. Now India's indigenously developed coaxial has also now been approved by the who fondly and the global health body seeks to inoculate nearly about 40 of the world's population by the end of this year and leading the fight against climate change and also post-pandemic recovery and strong Pitches that were made by the Indian prime minister, the g20 summit, and also the climate summit, that is a cough 26 summit.

All of this is, of course, catapulted. The Indian prime minister is one of the most popular leaders in the world. The prime minister has also laid out some five steps for India's blueprint in tackling the ecological crisis at the cop 26 summits in Glasgow. India is nearly the lowest one of the lowest per capita carbon emissions among the world's major economies.

The prime minister has also claimed India accounts for only five percent of the world's carbon emissions, despite accounting for 17 of the world's population. So these are the parameters on basis of which this American data research firm called morning. Consult has, of course, concluded that the Indian Prime minister is indeed the most popular leader in the world with an approval rating of nearly about seventy percent.

Remember he's also eying for a third term in office in the elections that are slated to be held in 2024.

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