When will Palestinian Abbas meet Israeli Abbas? | Mahmoud Abbas vs Mansour Abbas

When will Palestinian Abbas meet Israeli Abbas? | Mahmoud Abbas vs Mansour Abbas

According to reports, the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas has been trying for several months to meet with the leader of the Islamist party, Mansour Abbas, who's the leader of the Israeli Islamist party. They may share a name, but perhaps not the same outlook at the present moment.

Apart from having the same surname, the two abbas also share a historic experience, but it appears that not much Else in recent years has been shared between these two individuals. President of the state of Palestine, Mahmoud abbas, has reportedly been trying to meet with the party head abbas for months. So what has happened over the past year that has led to this situation after a heater of nearly about 25 years?

That is since Egypt and Jordan made peace with Israel. In 2020, the Abraham Accords opened the gates for four, more Arab and Muslim majority nations to normalize their ties with the state of Israel at the behest of the individual you're. Looking at your screens Donald trump, and it is expected that more countries could of course follow suit, provided they are nudged in that direction.

At the same time, Israel's government has stagnated, and the country has seen a stream of elections That ended in gridlock. That is until Mansur's Abbas decided that it was actually time for his Arab constituents within Israel to normalize tariffs with the Israeli government, and he joined the coalition becoming the first Arab Israeli party chief to join an Israeli coalition in several decades. This enabled the Naftali government to form the most diverse government in Israel's history spanning the extreme Right-wing, the centuries, the left-wing, the secular, the Jewish, and also the parties.

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