US ends 20 months of travel restrictions, opens borders to foreign visitors

 Ending 20 months of travel restrictions, the united states of America has opened its land and air borders to foreign visitors who were fully vaccinated against covid 19.

The united states closed its borders after march 2020 to travelers from most parts of the world, including the European Union. Britain, China, India, Brazil, overland visitors from Mexico and Canada were also banned. Strict restrictions by the united states had Separated families for months hobbled tourism strained diplomatic ties.

The ban was imposed by the former u. s president Donald Trump. In early 2020, it was upheld by his successor, Joe Biden. Lifting the travel ban will be affecting more than 30 countries, but entry to the united states will not be totally unregulated. Authorities are closely monitoring the traveler's vaccination status. Travelers will be required to present a negative covid-19 Report.

All vaccines approved by u.s. food and drug administration and the world health organization would be accepted by the entry for entry by air and at airports in Europe. Passengers queued excitedly to board planes bound for the united states and to be reunited with their family and friends, especially for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. It's about getting families back together.

It's about making sure that when you haven't seen friends for years That you're able to uh to go out and do that and that's particularly important with thanksgiving and with Christmas coming up and that's on top of the massive economic benefit that there is from having the United States and Great Britain, these great friends and allies, countries that have so much in common back in regular contact with each other yeah we're going to see um, say my nephew, my mum's first grandson we haven't met him, he's just had one. So We're really excited. Haven't seen my brother and sister-in-law for two years, so yeah we're really looking forward to seeing them before carved happened, and obviously, it's been delayed this long.

So it's really exciting to finally be able to go yet at London's Heathrow airport two planes from arrival airlines, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic heading to new york Took off at the same time, from parallel runways to mark the occasion. Long queues, mass people, cars, and motorhomes were seen before dawn at the border with Mexico and Canada too, along u. s border Mexico border.

Many cities have faced economic struggles due to the anti-Covid restrictions. The pandemic did affect everybody and we're just waiting for people. Our people to come And visit us too, you know it's going to help both el Paso and juarez businesses and uh in the economy, and for more on this, our correspondent, Susan Tehrani, has sent us this report from new york.

Let's listen to it after 20 months, u. s, air, and land border reopened to international visitors of 33 countries, those who have proof of vaccination and a recent negative coronavirus test, reuniting many families and Loved ones just in time for the holiday season. The travel restrictions are among the most severe in u.s history kept families apart from spouses to grandchildren and grandparents, aunts and uncles, who many will be meeting their newborn, nieces, and nephews for the first time, perhaps as toddlers now that the borders are open. But aside from families and loved ones, reuniting the reopening is also key to the economic recovery of Many u. s cities like new york city, where I am right now, which relies heavily on foreign tourists, bringing in an enormous amount of revenue each year.

In fact, hotels in the city have said that they have already started to see an influx of tourists.

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