US braces for a surge of vaccinated international travellers

And after lifting travel restrictions for much of the world's population first imposed in early last year to address the spread of Covid-19 u. s is expecting a flood of global visitors crossing its borders by air and by land.

Today, u. s is expecting an overall heavy rush. Airlines are also saying there would be 50 more total global rebounds in passengers today, compared to last Monday, when it Had about 20 000 people delta air CEO has already warned.

Travelers should be prepared for initial long lines. Delta said in the six weeks since u. s reopening was announced, it has seen a 450 percent increase in the global point of sale bookings versus six weeks prior to the announcement.

The byron administration has held multiple calls with u. s airlines to prepare for the influx of additional travelers. That will begin arriving at USAID ports and has warned Travellers crossing from Canada and Mexico by land or ferry to be prepared for a long wait.

Starting today, trade group, u. s travel said countries accounted for 53 percent of all overseas visitors to us in 2019 and border communities were hit hard by the loss of tourists crossing from Mexico and Canada. The group estimates a decline in global visitors.

It resulted in over 300 billion dollars loss in export income. Since march Of last year,

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