US aviation regulator warns of potential interference from 5G spectrum plan

 And the spec expansion of 5g spectrum and services globally has now spooked aviation regulators latest is federal aviation administration, faa of u. s that has issued a special information bulletin, altering manufacturers, operators, and pilots.

That action may be needed to address potential interference with sensitive aircraft electronics. That is caused by the use of 5g tech. Faa has been in discussions with the federal Communication commission about its air safety concerns over the plan to begin using some additional spectrum for 5g wireless networks starting the fifth of next month.

Faa said operators should be prepared for the possibility that interference from 5g, transmitters, and another tech could cause certain safety equipment to malfunction requiring them to take mitigating action that could affect flight operators. The bulletin said, there have not yet been Proven reports of harmful interference due to wireless broadband operators internationally. It also recommends pilots and reminding them that all portable electronic devices equipped with 5G, which turned off or switched to airplane mode during flight, the faa wand of the potential of degradation onto the capabilities of safety systems and other equipment that depend on radio altimeters, particularly during low Altitude operations the faa said that Equipment manufacturers should also continue their testing to determine the susceptibility of specific radio altimeters to 5g interference and should explore design changes that could mitigate effects of interference.

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