United States: NSO, Candiru accused of selling hacking tools

  Israel's NSO group and condo have been blacklisted by the united states of America. The U.S. government said that these companies actually sold spyware to certain foreign governments, which was then subsequently used to target the American government officials as well journalists and others. The u. s commerce department has now issued a statement on blocking the NSO and the Candiru group at a sedentary courtyard.

These tools have enabled foreign governments to conduct translational repression, which is a practice of authoritarian governments, targeting dissidents, journalists, and activists outside of their sovereign borders. To try and silence descent Such practices threaten the rules-based international order. The positive technologies of Russia and computer security initiative.

Consultancy limited from Singapore has also been blacklisted. The department has said that they trafficked cyber tools that were used for unauthorized access to computer networks. The listing restricts exports to these entities from us count.

Counterparts in The measure make it far harder for the u.s security researchers as well to sell them information about computer vulnerabilities suppliers will need to apply for a license before selling any kind of software updates to these firms that have now been blacklisted in the past. The NSO group and also Candiru has been accused of selling hacking tools to certain what the Israeli firms Described as vetted governments, but the Americans are describing these as authoritarian regimes.

The NSOgroup has said that it only sells its products to law enforcement and to intelligence agencies of certain governments that it has vetted and this it does to take steps to curb abuse, no comments or statements have been issued by either representative of NSO or conduits. So far This year, the Barnard administration has imposed sanctions on positive technologies. That is a Russian cyber security firm for providing support to Russian security services.

The company, for its part, has denied any wrongdoing.

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