UK PM Boris Johnson’s personal ratings fall to -20% points in observer's poll

In the wake of his bossed-up attempt to scrap the Westminster standard system and save a tory mp from being suspended, UK prime minister, Boris johnson's personal approval ratings have slipped to their lowest. According to a fresh opinion poll by the observer, johnson's personal ratings have now fallen to -20.

It has surpassed johnson's previous lowest record of minus 18. . This indicates johnson's dwindling popularity In recent times.

This is the first opinion poll conducted after the resignation of conservative MPO, win Patterson as johnson went back on his words johnson had earlier backed the suspension of Paterson's punishment, but later withdrew his support to the issue and amid intense criticism. The very next day madison was faced with a suspension from the house of commons. Since he had breached lobbying rules.

Johnson's move was severely criticized By the conservatives. There is also a significant in who is regarded as the best prime minister,

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