Uganda loses only international airport to China

 Meanwhile, Uganda has lost the only international airport that it had to china after it failed to repay its loan. Now Uganda is the latest African nation to fall into china's debt trap and has had to give up one of its key national assets to China because it was not able to repay the installments of the loan.

  In 2015, china's export-import bank had lent Uganda a sum of 207 million dollars. The loan had a maturity period of about 20 years, including a seven-year grace period, but African media outlets have reported that the loan had repayment conditions that allowed the Chinese lender to take possession of the nteba international airport, the only international airport in Uganda. Last week. Uganda's finance minister apologized to the parliament for mishandling the multi-million dollar Loan and, according to the African media, a delegation of the Ugandan officials visited China earlier this year in an attempt to renegotiate the clauses of the loan agreement with all of this in vain, the nteba International airport is Uganda's largest commercial and military airport and is best known as the location for the dramatic rescue operations that were Carried out by the Israeli special forces back in 1976, where about 100 people had been held hostage at the airport after their air France flight Was hijacked by the militant group of the PFLP and the revolutionary sales organization?

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