Turkey detains over 150 Afghan migrants

Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan has resulted in an exodus of its citizens to other countries.

Taki has reportedly detained nearly 149 afghan migrants as part of an attempt to avert a repeat of the 2015 migrant crisis. One person was arrested on the suspicion of transporting migrants inside trucks. The migrants were later brought to the repatriation center located at the Country's border with Iran.

A modular concrete wall is being built on this long border to keep a check on the influx of migrants. The detentions come weeks after the united nations projected that around one million guns may seek shelter in neighboring countries such as Iran and Tajikistan, and warned about an impending economic collapse that could fuel further migration. Several countries in the European Union have been wary of the spillover from Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover Austria proposed to build a deportation center in countries neighboring Afghanistan, while Germany has said that there must be no repeat of the migrant crisis witnessed six years back.

French president emmanuel macro said that the responsibility cannot fall on Europe's shoulders alone. Greece has also refused to be the european entry point for the displaced Afghans.

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