Tibet's spiritual leader The Dalai Lama prefers to stay in India


Tibet's spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, has said that he prefers to stay in India since relations between Taiwan and China are quite delicate, the spiritual leader has often expressed his gratitude, the Indian government for providing him and his follower's refuge in the Country was questioned during an online news conference. The Dalai Lama, a supremely important Figure in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, has been living a refugee living in India ever since he had to flee Tibet after the revolt of 1959.

This is the relation between men in china and Taiwan quite or delicate.  "I prefer remaining here in India peacefully. I do not want to involve some local political difficulties", Says Dalai Lama

China claims Taiwan has its own territory and says it should be taken by force if necessary. It has been applying pressure on Taiwan by sending a large number of ships which it claims to be our fishing vessels into the disputed south china sea. It has also staged several air missions over the Taiwan strait to impose military pressure on the island.

Taiwan resists saying that it is an independent country and will defend its freedoms and democracy during the online news conference. The Dalai lama also slammed Chinese leaders saying they don't understand the variety Of different cultures there and there is too much control by the main ethnic group. The 86 year old said he had no plans to meet china's leader, Xi Jinping, but said that he would like to visit china again to see his old friends.

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